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Journey from Brio to Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by talkraghu, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. talkraghu

    talkraghu Timido

    Namaste to every one... I am about to own the first car in my family (in generations :) ). I am excited about it:steering. I am one of the software engineer's that you find oftenly at Bangalore:rolleyes:. My younger brother's marriage is on 26th Jan, 2012 and I wanted a car before it. As a beginner as the first step, I enrolled to a driving school nearby my house at R.T Nagar. This was during September. Got some confidence at the end of training and got my DL too:p. However, I need to use my new car and start learning freshly.

    My search for hatchback cars started. Since I did not have practical experience, I browsed through many reviews of every car to understand the pros and cons. This is where TBHP and FIAT forums bring in so much information. Hats off to informational/internet age.

    My budget was limited to 5.5 L.

    Initially I preferred Petrol cars. Below are a few cars that I looked into

    Swift VXI - Liked it. But I did not proceed further as it was priced around 5.7L. No discounts:chair:. Strikes at Maruti were consistent and quality of products was questioned. The problem with brakes at lower models of swift was concerning too.

    i10 – It is a good car for city drive. My family did not like it as we would use the car for long drives as well to my hometown - Hospet (400 kms from Bangalore)

    Honda Brio - The car was launched at this time and I fell in love:D. It is an excellent car with good mileage and quality interiors. The beige interiors was upto my liking. I liked everything about this car (SMT model) and I booked it on 11th Oct at Whitefield Honda. It costs 5.26L on road and it had all the needed accessories in it. The RED color car is so eye catching:p. The dealer promised me to deliver the car in 45 days time. I was patiently waiting for this car. he TD car had also arrived then. After test driving, I started to like the car more and more. After a month of booking, I approached the dealer for updates. Dealer said that car cannot be delivered before November (as requested). This was due to floods at Thailand and production was almost halted due to it. They said that they can deliver the car during Feb/Mar 2012. Since the car cannot be delivered before brother's marriage, I out rightly cancelled the booking. Felt depressed that I was unwilling to start the hunt again :thumbs down

    I was not at all interested at other petrol cars as either were costly (Fabia, Polo, Micra) OR the mileage was poor. I cannot spend 6-7 rs per km. Then the thought of lower priced diesel cars came to my mind.

    One of my close friend owned Figo diesel. He was insisting me to go to Diesel car since beginning. The running cost cannot go above 3 rs per Km and one can drive it wherever and whenever you want and not worry about fuel price. The hunt for Diesel cars began :)

    Ford Figo - The same car was owned by my friend. I had liked the interiors since he owned it. He offered me to test drive it and i found it to be smooth like a petrol car. I kept the car on hold and went to check a few more.

    Nissan Micra - Went to Shahwar Nissan with the same Friend to check the diesel car. They have two versions of them. One starting at 7L and other at 7.5L. we test drove it and my friend was wah wah on it. I did not like the rear seats as they did not offer any thigh and head support. The interior color (light grey) was not not upto my liking. Somehow I was not keen on proceeding further.

    Fiat Punto - I work at an office in Manyata park. There is a new Tata-Fiat showroom opened near by Lumbini garden. I took my friend to check on punto there. Wow... Seeing the car, I fell in love:). They have put the Red Emotion and White Active car on display. Exterior look is amazing. I was fond of looks of Jazz and looks of punto are as good as Jazz. We checked on the car and found it to our liking. However, Interiors did not impress me at all. Music system was making jarring noise at high volumes. The sales man took out 90 BHP car for test drive. I and my friend test drove it. We were comfortable with the pickup and noise levels. Sales man was smiling the way we drove it and he took over and demonstrated the drive. He drove it like a sports car on ring road. Hmmm... he could be the next Schumacher in India :). I was convinced with the car. I then started to read reviews about Punto 1.3 75 BHP. After convincing my brother and wife, I was ready to book the same. Color was RED.

    I was in dilemma to decide the model (Active / Emotion). Emotion offered ABS, Demister, Rear wiper, Fog lamps, Central locking, Rear power windows, Music system with speakers. Extra cost was 90K compared to Active. After I found that Central locking can be installed by Fiat on Active, I was convinced to buy Active. I could use extra money to install the required Music system, seat covers to improve interiors.

    I then visited Prerana Motors on Lalbagh road and got the quotation. Sales Man by Name Mr.Sunil is interacting with me. He is cool...but slow guy :). I remember him by his words.. "Aaram aagi iri saar... car sigutte" :). We test drove the 1.3 75 BHP car to the get the right feel. I told him about my story with Brio and told him that I wasted lots of days and wanted the car early. He said he can can get me the car in 15-20 days. I booked the Active 1.3 MJD car on 11/11/11 :). I had clearly told him that I wanted a fresh car. Costed 6.04 L (after discounts) with few free accessories:cool.

    Well.. the tension came down and anxiety started:). At the end of Nov, I asked for the status. The car had come to their stockyard. I then inquired the VIN number of the the car. The car was of July 2011. I was not happy that FIAT has dispatched 5 month old car. God only knows how the car would have been during the past 5 months. For sure it would be lying in a open space with dust covered under hot sun. This could have led to tyres being malformed, battery going weak, Plastics and color fading etc. I then got in touch with Mr Karthik (Manager) at Prerana Motors. I asked him to get a newly made car. 1 to 3 month old car is fine with me. He refused to do so. He was saying that Fiat has stopped producing diesel cars for 2011. He also mentioned that dealer has no control to take the fresh/old cars. Well... Their answers are not convincing me... I even wrote to FIAT India by e-mail and after 2 days they responded saying "regret the inconvenience caused to you" and dealter will contact me and try the best. I have asked for a PDI of the existing car and check throughly. Will surely bargain for extra accessories. Lets see how it goes.. Will keep you all posted.

    Pls let me know if there is anything to be checked in specific for 5 month old car during pre registration inspection. Can someone expain me the "H" feature on the odometer. Is it that the "H" on odometer appears upon starting the car only when the car is driven less than 200 kms? Does "H" disappear after driving "200" kms OR reseting the odometer? What if odometer is disconnected and run? I listen to so many guys saying that dealers bring new punto cars for test drive by disconnecting odometer:confused1.
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  2. samurai84

    samurai84 Amatore

    @raghu:- Welcome to the FIAT family... you will have happy miles for sure. I stay in Kammanahalli and often I come to R.T.Nagar since my in-law house in there. Regarding the "H", it will disappear automatically after reaching 200 KM. Even I took my PUNTO from PRERANA... you will have good experience with PRERANA service also. so no worries :) While doing PDI check the Tyres properly and make sure that rubber nails are present.
  3. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    I bought my vehicle from Prerana, Lal Bagh Road. I dealt with a sales guy called Arun. His manager, Mr. Vijay was quite helpful, as there was some problem with the delivery date and so on. You can check if vijay is still around and check with him about the July made car.

    Download the PDI list from the forum and do a good check up.

    All best and Congrats for your new vehicle.

    By the way, i also work in Manyata tech park, there are quite a few Fiat vehicles here, we should meet up once and do a Fiat parade in the park :D
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  4. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Welcome to the family.
    Make sure you do a proper PDI, take a printout of the PDI check list and use it to do the PDI.
    If the H is not present, and if you feel the tyres are not new enough (missing of the small rubber whiskers), reject the car outright.
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard and you're making a good choice in the Punto Active Multijet.

    5 month old manufacture means it'll be at the dealer for around 3-4 months. Not bad.

    Stretch the dealer for a hefty discount. Do a thorough PDI and you'll be fine. ;)

    Have a read of this thread to get the PDI checklist.
  6. raghu ,
    Welcome to the FIAT family and yeah red is is really exotic . :)

    And regarding 5 month old car .. It is not a issue at all . Only thing is you should do a complete PDI . Spend 1 -2 hrs for the PDI and check for dents / scratches etc . ANd yeah we do have a very good PDI check list and get it from the link gurjinder paaji has provided .

    And regarding tyres , you can check the manufacturing week of the tyre which will be a 4 digit number . If that is also as old as your car then there is no issues .

    And as the sales person said , they dont have any control of getting the new car . They will place the order and it will be dispatched from factory in the same order .

    All the best ..

  7. talkraghu

    talkraghu Timido

    Thanks everyone.. I and my friend had been for PDI today evening.

    Salesman had asked me in the after noon whether I wanted the car to be washed and I said yes. Once we reached showroom, sales man showed us the car. Well.. the car was not washed and was in dirt.. Tires were too dirty. Its like first impression is everlasting impression:).

    First check from my side was whether the display showed "H" upon starting the car. Well "H" did not come and the meter read 17 kms. We started to question the sales man. Was the odometer reset? Was the odometer disconnected? How come it is reading 17 kms when the stock yard of prerana is almost 25 kms away from show room? Sales man did not have any clue but bow his head:(. I started looking for rubber nails on the tires and found a few.

    We checked the other things and did not find any major issues. The dust was seen inside the car and asked him to clean well::pP.

    We then met the manager, Karthik and asked him to explain the "H" thing. He too does not know the history of the car. We then asked them to show the booking/dispatch order. It was dispatched from Pune on 14th Nov. He was saying that production of punto has stopped and existing cars are being sent from there. He was saying that Tuscan wine color is moving fast now and not the Red one:confused:.

    Somehow things are not going well between me and Prerana motors :(. Things did not go well with Brio too. I then tried to pacify myself and proceed with whatever that has been put on plate:-?. Other option was to cancel the existing booking and ask for another one.. It would take more time with reduced discounts.

    I then bargained for more accessories. Got a 50% cash deal to put 3M sunfilm coating on windows and rear glass. I did not want the Garware one:-D.

    Attached are some photos… Quality is not good. There is little space at the show room yard for cars:shocked.

    I have asked them to get the car delivered tomorrow and put in all the requested accessories:D.

    Picture 024.jpg Picture 025.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg Picture 029.jpg

    Picture 028.jpg

    Picture 030.jpg

    Picture 026.jpg
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  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Your red Grande will be shinning on the Delivery day and will be exited more, Do fix the music system at the earliest, I had asked the dealer to fix it them self so they dont have any excuse that your warranty is void....
    Do post us the pictures of the car on the delivery day as the Red color looks great when its fresh new....
  9. sungoa2010


    Here is some suggestions to keep red shining.
    1.wax the car atleast once in 3-4 months.
    2. keep the tyre clean.
    3. Do not go for very dark sun control film for red.
    4. Avoid frequent use of shampoo.
    5. Use good quality dashboard cleaner and clean the interior atleast once in every month.
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  10. talkraghu

    talkraghu Timido

    Hello Everyone..

    I met another beautiful day in my life. We got the PUNTYA delivered.

    As you said, the car had a brand new look on the delivery day :). I and my family and my cousin brother went to drive it home. It was around 6:00 pm. Sales person was waiting for me. They courteously welcomed us with nice smile on their chins:).

    A person explained every manual of the car and other letters. He explained calmly and took signatures on the needed ones. I have opted for extended warranty. They gifted me few chocolates and pooja items :). My brother distributed doodh pedha's (one of my fav sweet) to all the ppl in the showroom.

    We then moved to car yard behind showroom. It was nicely sharing the dais with 2012 NANO. It was like Father-in-law(Punto from Fiat) and daughter(Nano from Tata) sharing dias :). Was happy seeing it. We then moved to accessories dept and paid the bill for the accessories (Central locking, Extended warranty, 3M sunfilm (50%), Door sills). Reverse parking was free of cost.

    Sales person explained very bit of details in the starting from readings at MID to seat belts. Will have to read the entire manual to soak each thing though :). My cousin brother asked a few more things like how to operate child lock and other things. I was on moon and not much was going in my head :).

    We gifted him a nice Deo and he left for the day. We did a pooja of the car and then drove back to home. I miss my parents here... They are no more. They should have been there to see this day. Drove the car to my in-laws house to get their blessings. My brother-in-laws too joined. We did grand pooja and prayed for a safe and long lasting relation with Puntya.

    Attached are few snaps.. Have started to drive the car nearby. Once confidence is good, I will drive it to office.

    I want to get the ICE setup done. Need your inputs here.

    I visted two shops

    1. Auto Grid @ CBI road, RT Nagar
    Pioneer HU
    JBL GT 6 component series for front doors
    JBL GT6 Rear door speakers
    Cost: 12.5 K

    2. Evo car accessories, Cambridge layout
    Kenwood HU with SD card support
    Cerwin vega component series for front doors
    Cerwin vega speakers for rear doors
    Cost: 17.5 K

    Kenwood HU with SD card support
    Rockford fosgate component series for front doors
    Rockford fosgate speakers for rear doors
    Cost: 16.5 K

    What do you say. I listen to light music and clarity should be good.

    Attaching few snaps..








    This is my brother-in-law's cute Daughter.. She was grudging while taking her our out of car :).

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