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Joining the Grande Punto Family

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by kannan.suraj, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    By seeing all these inputs from the Fiatians, i am sure taht the dealer is playing with you, rather wait for this month and tale the delivery by April as only 15 days left on this month, You will be happy to have the fresh new color of your choice, Even I prefer Ocean Blue above he Tucsan Wine...
  2. Hi guys i dont think calling FIAT customer care is of no use . they just telling awkward reasons, Can any one have some higher official contacts is FIAt let me know i want to escalate this issue coz i really love oceanic blue. The dealer is saying no stock from Fiat 76HP emotion in oceanic blue and i dont have the budget to go for 90 HP ryt now , Confusing....
  3. so atlast finalised TUSCAN WINE after lot of confusions and fighting, FIAT cleared the confusion, no OB allocation ,Any ways i dont mind the color now just awaiting the italian beauty on 29th ...

    Thanks to Asif for his follow up with Mohandas Motors..

    Thank u again guys for u r valuable feedbacks
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  4. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    Hi suraj
    Congrats for booking, I also own a Tuscon Wine but 1.4. A new member to fiat family
  5. Thanks Nithin , Where did u get the delivery from Kulathunkal or Mohandas?? and which is one is good for after sales ?
  6. Yesterday The italian beauty arrived in Trivandrum Kulathunkal yard with 8 more Total 9 with 8 emotions and one active all booked , 2 tuscan wine 6 Bosanova white and Ob active , Saw my beauty checked the dial saw H with 9 km , The tyres are Good year , im not happy with it , i was willing for Apollo , Mr Ratheesh was with me all the time , The PDI will happen on 27th and delivery on 28th , Thanks for the PDI list in the forum , Done a Small PDI before the PDI :p, its good the tyres are perfect with hairs on it , So ill post the pics after the delivery , Thanks again for the forum and the great ownership reviews in the Forum and Team BHP to choose Fiat Grande Punto, Happy motoring cheers
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  7. Congrats Kannan .. And welcome on board ..

    There are numerous senior guys over here from tvm who can surely help you with your after sales queries ..

    These are very hard and long days .. :) .. The days from you see it to own it ..

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  8. ty CUTY RED surely ill be in touch with experts here in the forum to take things forward :) regarding the after sales and tips

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