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Joining Linea Fan Club & TFI

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by vivekanandrb, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. vivekanandrb

    vivekanandrb Timido

    Hello All…Joined the Fiat Owners Club & this forum just recently. First of all - a big Thanks TFI :up- for your help in ensuring this happened!
    A long post follows - but just my way of saying Thanks!

    Became a proud owner of Linea MJD E+ - Sunbeam Beige – on Oct 23, 20 days after booking it at Prerana Motors, Sarjapur Rd, Bangalore. Owning a Swift VXI for 3 years now, & have done ~30K kms in it.

    Booking experience – For me, it was a case of love at first sight - just by reading about its intended launch in a mag sometime in 2009.Have followed its trials & tribulations over the past couple of years, but no other new launch tugged at my heart strings as this beauty did (my better half still complains about it!) It also helped that it’s almost a lakh cheaper than equivalent variants of Verna/Vento. I also have to thank the many users on this forum who have shared their experiences, and helped build my confidence in trusting Fiat India with my hard earned Rs 10L!
    Went for a TD of the MJD on Oct 2nd, liked what I experienced & booked it. Did not TD the other diesels – Verna or Vento - which I just researched for ownership experiences & vicarious . Didn’t find anything really convincing to move away from my first love in affordable (for me) cars. My wallet though did not allow me to even consider TDing the T-Jet or New Fiesta – lest I regret not buying them a couple of years down the line. Also needed the car in a hurry – so couldn’t really wait for the launch of 1.6 MJD. I hope Fiat offers a goodwill upgrade of the engine at reasonable cost later on :D
    Delivery – I had gone for a PDI couple of days before taking delivery, & to clear the last of the margin payments. As promised, the car was delivered on the 24th. The Sales Exec took me through the entire documents list in a pretty detailed manner; followed by a really exhaustive walk through of the features of the car. Was pretty happy with the delivery process – in terms of the time & effort spent, and explanation & clarification of all doubts. In the case of Swift, the delivery was just that – “Swift”!! . Half an hour of signing papers, bouquet handed over along with the keys & Bye! Not that there were as many features to be explained – but for a first car buyer, a bit of briefing on what to do in emergencies etc. – eg. Where the jack points on the chassis are - would definitely have helped.
    Initial Experience –Have completed ~750 kms in 2 weeks, touched 3K on the Tacho & ~110 on the Odo a couple of times on the highway. Otherwise, have tried very hard to limit myself to 2.5Krpm/80 kmph. I may not be technically accurate in describing my experiences below, but a layman’s perspective –

    Superb ride of the car – just glides over the potholes & small speed bumps – where I used to slow down earlier.
    Stability – Didn’t feel like I was travelling at 100 kmph – I used to gently bob in my seat in my Swift at those speeds, in the Linea – I was sitting almost still except for major undulations on the road.
    3rd gear onwards – Quite addictive to drive. The boost just pastes a stupid grin on my face when I’ve cross the 2K mark on the tacho.
    Features – Blue&Me seems to be pretty comprehensive – haven’t had the time to experiment or go through the manual in detail. The stock ICE system is average – for the moment, am satisfied with it – as I prefer low-medium volumes. 3M Sunfilm & car cover were offered as freebies, along with standard mats & flaps. Got rear parking sensors installed for Rs 4.5K & found them to be really useful; neckrests & door sills were other accessories I asked for. Extended warranty for 2 years cost additional Rs 5.5K. Will go in for leather seats after a year or so – if the current ones get dirty. ICE upgrade – if I really feel the need for it. Another option – to be explored after 5-10K on the odo would be a good racing chip – one that hopefully improves drivability in the first 2 gears.
    Looks – Just beautiful! I also luckily got the color that I wanted – SBB was only recently launched in Diesel variants - & was also the one that both missus & I voted for unanimously. The other option I was considering was Bronzo Scurro – but had not seen any on the road to be able to make an informed choice.
    Seating – Comfortable seats – both in the front & rear. Mum who was over for Diwali too loved the rear seat – especially the support to the lower back, as well as the rear AC vents.
    1st & 2nd gear – After the Swift, the Linea doesn’t seem to move at all in the first 2 gears. I find it difficult to drive up the ramp in my complex in the 2nd gear at a reasonable speed of 20 kmph. Could be because of my slowing down for a speedbreaker at the base of the ramp. I guess I’m yet to get a handle on how to drive a diesel , a turbo & a Linea MJD. But it does look to be more of a marathon runner than a sprinter! :D
    Steering – Lovely steering wheel feel & design. However, have developed a slight soreness in my right bicep. Not sure if all Lineas take this much amount of heavy lifting to steer? While the control seems accurate, it feels much heavier/tighter compared to my Swift. The amount of twitching of the steering wheel on rough roads had me google “steering feedback” – to figure out what exactly was it! Am yet to figure whether I like this or the Swift’s steering! The feeling of the steering column against my toes when turning, however, is very annoying.
    Gear changes – I found the Swift gearbox to be much smoother to change – as I have a tendency to change very quickly. While upshifting in Linea is not much of a problem, I’ve found it difficult to notch into lower gears. The throws are also longer than the Swift, and clutch travel takes a bit of getting used to.
    Driving position – Am yet to find my comfortable driving position. The arm rest is hardly of use in the city as it obstructs parking brake & gear changes – it would have felt good in the lousy traffic jams that Bangalore suffers from. The footwell is a bit cramped for my liking, and can hardly ever use the dead pedal. Am unable to slide my shoe between the clutch & console smoothly. I also used to drive with my heel resting around a single point most of the time in Swift (i.e. sliding the upper half of my foot over the clutch), but here need to move my heel quite a bit to engage the clutch.
    Ground clearance – Have been careful over bumps, but have still scraped the bottom on a couple of occasions. Again, guess it’s just a question of getting used to the car.
    Noise – The diesel clatter does seep through. Haven’t revved my car much, but I loved the growl of the engine in the TD car above 2.5K rpm.

    Some initial questions – Would really appreciate inputs from experts & users on the forum around the following:
    Gear knob movement – One of my biggest irritant at the moment: the knob seems to move slightly – when the clutch is released. Also vibrates quite a bit. It’s almost as if the gearbox is loosely fitted. Have any others experienced it? Is it a problem? Didn’t get this feeling in the TD car.
    Steering – Is this really so heavy/tight compared to other cars in the class? I’ve only driven my Swift & dad’s Alto before (in India) – so can’t really compare with others. Will this change with usage & time?

    Thanks again TFI for your helping in my decision!!
  2. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Welcome to TFI vivekanandrb.

    Regarding your 2 of your questions
    1. 1st & 2nd gears: It takes some time to adjust from Maruti to Fiat. I drive a TJet (after 800 & Esteem) and I have learnt that I must not be in a hurry to shift from 1st to second as soon as the car starts moving. Shift into the second gear at a higher speed as this gear is not meant to be used at near zero speeds (unlike Marutis). Maybe when going up the ramp, remaining in 1st gear till maybe upto 5-7kmph be a better idea. In marutis, 1st gear is hardly used.
    2. Armrest: Armrest position is actually a strong point in the Linea. I drive and change gears with my left hand resting on the armrest rather than the gear knob. It is so comfortable. Maybe your armrest was raised and now has not been locked down in its position, and is therefore is in an uncomfortable slightly raised position? If so, pull the plastic latch / handle on the front side of the armrest (when lowered) and push the armrest lower to lock it in position. If you are successful, then you will not be able to raise the armrest unless you pull the latch again.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Thnks abk ..The above point was very informative

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    Vivek... Congrats for owning the italian beauty .. And welcome to the family. Unfortunately I am not able to see any of the attachments . Not sure about others ...

  4. vivekanandrb

    vivekanandrb Timido

    Thanks ABK1980 - will definitely try out your suggestions.

    Thanks CutyRed/Ajit - Congrats on your ride as well! Drive safe. Guess made some noob mistakes while uploading - giving it a shot again. Hope it works this time.

    Linea 1.jpg

    Linea 2.jpg

    Linea 3.jpg

    Linea 4.jpg

    Linea 5.jpg
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    CongRATS welcome to TFI, Nice caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar with beautiful color
  6. Your car looks awsome .. Good color .. Congrats again mate ... And enjoy your beauty...
  7. vivekanandrb

    vivekanandrb Timido

    4.5K Experience Update
    Hi all…Just an update on my experience so far. Have completed 4500 kms in the 3.5 months that I owned my MJD. Experience has been a mixed bag so far.
    • Great at smoothening out rough patches on the road, but poor at ground clearance. Have scraped the bottom several times in the towering speedbreakers & pothole ridden Bangalore roads. The number of scrapes are reducing with increased familiarity – but when it does, does cause heartaches.
    • I enjoy the steering feel, but turning in tight corners becomes a task.
    • I love the surge & ease when going up flyovers in the 3rd or 4th gears. However, was shocked that I was unable to move up a steep gradient from the basement in a mall, even in 1st gear ! (for those who know - Shopper Stop’s basement in Koramangala). It stalled twice; I had to engage handbrake, rev upto 2K rpm & then release the clutch to be able to move – with the accompanying wheelspin. I actually had to engage 1st on several occasions when climbing Nandi hills (at the very top) as well. These were actually the biggest disappointments in all the past few months – am not sure what should I be changing in my driving style.
    • I love the solid feel of the car; but hate that the entire dashboard rattles when going over rough road as if it has come loose & that there’s a persistent rattle from the passenger door side (unable to pinpoint it – but sounds as if a speaker is crackling there or a paper is fluttering in there. Doesn’t stop however when the speaker volume is at 0 – so guess it’s not the speaker) – probably the blame lies with the wonderful “off-roads” in Bangalore city.
    • I love the surge above 2K rpm; but I still love driving the easy acceleration in my Swift petrol.
    • I love the fact that it is not so ubiquitous on the roads (sorry Fiat, that it’s at your cost!!!) & that I am still smitten with its gorgeous looks!
    • I absolutely love my current average of 15 kmpl in city @Rs 47 per litre!! But again, the lack of outright acceleration from stop is a slight dampener.

    All said & done however, it’s a wonderful car – love the time spent in it & at this price range, would go for it all over again!!

    TFI gurus – Your advice on handling some of the above issues more than welcome! Also, will be going in for the 1st 5K service soon – kindly suggest & advice on what all should be checked. Thanks.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2012
  8. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare


    Vivekanand, hahaha even i had the same bad experience. I had posted it in some of my posts. She is more than a year old now. My Tuscan wine beauty. Yup it is a fact. Even first gear seem to be useless...and it is frustrating. But i didnt have any problems on Nandi Hill hair pins. Some steep ones i covered even in 3rd n 4th. But then I wud say you need some experience to drive on winding hilly roads....:) The color is nice. Looks gorgeous.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2012
  9. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    Great Colour and Great Car...:p
  10. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Beautiful colour and a beautiful car.Regarding the rattle in the dashboard check the glovebox it might be slightly loose. I faced the same problem in the Punto. I felt it was coming from the passenger door but it was actually the glove box which needed to be fit properly.
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