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Jetta 1.4 TSI vs Tjet a quick comparison

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by sungoa2010, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Parantap Chatterjee

    Parantap Chatterjee Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Now see , this what I don't get :(. It took you a second explicit post from me to get convinced that I was originally exaggerating ?

    BTW , for a second I thought that you took it to heart because you were/are a student of theoretical physics (your handle being "relativity")and hence don't take to jokes on time warps and Hawking too kindly :p
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  2. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Yes Enki Sir, sorry Sir :)
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  3. ENKI,

    People who are buying less than 10 lahk are looking for car with in that budget and they are also concerned about the maintenance part of the car, that makes them sell the car at end of three to four years irrespective kilometers on the ODO and go for new car.They may stretch their budget a bit to chose products like Duster or XUV 5OO as they market success and sure they will get good money when they sell it.
    Due this factor they always tend of be in follow the herd mentality so that their choice of car can get them good resale value.
    But people who are buying above 15 lakh are little bit more informed about the quality and what they want in the car,you will see very less Honda/Hyundai/Nissaan/Renault and (No) Suzuki but even a Merc A class will get 400 bookings in 10 days.

    Where FIAT fails is it is giving a car which feels like and does have capability match or exceed cars 1-2 segments above,but from brand image perspective it still looses out to Cheap japanese/korean cars so also resale value.

    Target customers for FIAT are not all first time car buyers, they would have experienced single day service and spare replacement for cars they owned in the past,when some one tells them FIAT is good they want to look at it and may be test drive it.Product pricing also factor here a 10.5 lakh Duster seems to be more VFM than a 90HP Punto. Same way XUV5OO/Vento/Verna is viewed as VFM compared to a Linea.
    They also know the ASS is expensive for these cars but for them.They are not planning to keep the car when it is due for maintenance.

    They do notice practical but not so bling bling interiors, FIAT needs to do soul searching in how to give what customers want to see in their cars But hearing the stories of waiting for minimum a week to few months to get spares, makes them to turn them away from FIAT.

    Problem for FIAT is unless they have few thousand cars selling in India, they may not try to improve on spares availability or new product launches.For some reason only known to them their marketing budget and skills seem to found less than adequate.

    Sorry for the off topic post but just wanted to to pour down the thoughts in the forum.
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    We don't have conditions here to understand the point of cars like Jetta/Cruze/Tjet which are just econo-boxes elsewhere. Set a min. speed limit of 80 km/hr with heavy penalty on the spot & see all those F-alto-o's, Nono's going over the ceilings. If one is driving at speed lesser than 80 km/hr, An i20 looks hell more logical than a Ferrari, Ferrari becomes a joke. At low speeds all the cars more or less similar.

    If it were good roads everywhere with min. speed limit like we have on few expressways, a perfect nightmare for nono's/faltoo's & people will get the point of these cars, sooner than later otherwise it will be one painful end of the life. If someone still tries to be in Nono & F-Altoo on such roads, better have cyanide capsule along-with so that he can embrace death without any physical suffering:up.

    I was reading an article where it was endlessly emphasized how German cars are becoming more & more popular in India. They took eg. of Audi & BMW whose combined sales rose 300% in one year. When i looked at their combined annual figure just below the article, it was something 4K odd:irked(means some 100-200 cars per month for each brand).

    I want to kick that **** journalist between his two legs, What the hell this article suppose to mean, This is hopeless situation!!
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