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Jay Vijay Fiat_New FASS in Pune_Near PMC

Discussion in 'Service Center Reviews' started by Dhruv_Sappers, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. saptarshi.goswami

    saptarshi.goswami Novizio

    Mangesh, please go to Sky Fiat in Pimpri which I feel better than JV
  2. Tornado

    Tornado Superiore

    Sahyadri ranges.
    Western Maharashtra
    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Bro, yes WA /WB is required only at 15Kkm as per FCA manual , it can be done in between only if problem is faced by the owner such as pulling or equal or excessive tyre wear.
    If you want to get it done outside you can visit any reputed tyre store eg Bridgestone select, Darshan tyres etc...
    But if you don't face any problem mentioned above, WA /WB is not required.

    As far as the brand name recognisation concerned, TJT, MJD, QJD, DDIS are all nicknames for turbo charged or common rail technology, so not only RTO but also FCA mentions fuel type on their documents eg. bills, insurance, RC.

    @saptarshi.goswami, there is a separate thread on TFI on how WA /WB issue of car of fellow TFI an @Taurus7 was handled by SKY MOTO Pimpari people.
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  3. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    @Tornado agreed that as per FCA manual its written that WA/ WB is needed only at 15K/ 1 year interval but everyone knows that this interval is too long for our driving conditions. Also there is no point in doing this after you see uneven tyre wear coz by then tyre is already waste. Also I understand nicknames for technologies but still i dont expect a FIAT personnel to not know these names. Had been visiting Maruti SC for my Alto but never heard any of SA over there asking a VDi/ LDi/ ZDi Swift owner whether car is petrol or diesel.
  4. nikhil0405

    nikhil0405 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Going to JV is choosing lesser of the 2 evils. I might me exaggerating but you get my thoughts. I had been to sky for an issue only once but looking at their attitude drove away and did not go there since. There is one SA at JV who has joined from Pandit. He is good and patient. I don't recollect his name. Others that I have interacted with are waste.
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  5. Dhruv_Sappers

    Dhruv_Sappers Amatore

    @mangeshtendulkar : You can get your Wheel Alignment and Balancing done at the Prabhat Tyres center bang opposite the PMC. It is on left hand side of the approach road to Jay Vijay if you are coming from Bal Gandharva. He is good and has great experience. There is another outlet by Prabhat Tyres in the lane right next to Club Delhi restaraunt in Karishma Society Kothrud. The Anna with Syed Kirmani type beard is the go to man!!! He is simply good at his work!
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  6. car_champ

    car_champ Timido

    @mangeshtendulkar : buddy Sky is also same. I recently completed 3K KM trip to Rajasthan in my punto. Before that I wanted to get WB and WA done as car was pulling towards left. Since Pandit is closed so for 2 weeks I contacted SKY for the same and I was informed that WA/WB is not working as person who used to do it has left. I was shocked. Its a SHAME (I told the same to them) that for WA/WB they rely on just 1 person and if he has left then for weeks they don't have anyone. We are in soup after Pandit is closed.

    Just to update I am in touch with Anil (Pandit guy who got golden hands award). Pandit is support Fiat cars in terms of service from there TATA service outlet in Pimpri (near materials gate of TATA motors). I have visited there once. Facility is basic and not as good as what they had Bavdhan but then you have talent available. Anil with his team. The only thing is its not recognized by Fiat hence folks like us with cars in warranty can't use there services. Though he told me that people after getting fed up by authorized centers are reaching out them and getting things fixed from there own pocked including high cost in warranty repairs like EGR valves.

    My fingers are also crossed as third service(30K service) of my car is due now and I don't know where to go.
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    BTW, I got the WA/WB done outside after above experience. Its near to our place i.e. Wakad. From Kalewadi Phata towards Pimple Saudagar, there is bridgestone shop. He did the decent job and issue was fixed.
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  7. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    Thanks @car_champ. Even I was thinking of getting it done from Bridgestone store. Recently had got new tires for my Alto and they did a good job on WA/ WB for Alto. Will check if they have settings for New Linea and update here.
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  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Man, you Pune guys sure have been spoilt by Pandit Auto! Wow.

    Have still to hear on TFi what is so weak/poor about JV.....apart from the crowded parking and the busy-ness. They sound no better or worse, so far, than the norm here across brands in Dilli NCR: i find it difficult to believe, for example, that all the JV technicians are no better than 'wastes' except for just one ex-Pandit guy. Sorry, but this is rather loose talk.

    Keep expecting nostalgic-for-Pandit standards and i guess disappointments are guaranteed EVEN if the actual technical work at JV is ok, which Tornado says it is. What is this talk of going to the Pandit Tata ass centre, rather than to the JV Fass, just-like-that, a priori, decided prejudicially-in-advance? Why the hell?

    Despairing chest beating about after-sales is an old and too-common symptom (the bimaari: Paranoia Fiaticus Indica!:)) of way-over-reaction, imo, when it comes to tata and fiat ass: over many years, from my personal experiences over years with many different ass-centres. Except with Pandit, it seems. Why not seek to build some longer-term 'relationships' with technicians and managers at JV, instead, if possible?

    e.g., Torque motors in gurgaon is at best 'not at all great', if that, but they've never messed up anything with several regular servicings of either my or my dad's cars, so/but: for accident repair or major-work we go to DRS gurgaon instead which is 'great' from my and my dad's several-experiences though i know at least one fiat owner in gurgaon who thinks they're awful (based on one experience)....

    Open minds, guys, see, test, chance and objectively (rather than fussily) experience before panning/dismissing a new service centre in a public forum, please! Let's accumulate some non-impressionistic non-subjective evidence on TFi across owners before we condemn (or indeed praise) in this sweeping judgmental manner (worse or better than awful sky moto! technicians are nothing but 'wastes', don't like their 'attitude' etc).

    Over- and exaggerated- rather than objective statements are not healthy for owners, the brand or the ass centre's future quality-of-work, after all. What purpose is served by being so sweepingly dismissive?

    sorry, greatly, for the rant :(, without first-hand info, but have heard this sort of 'pronouncing hanging-judgments' too much, usually very unfairly, for too many years about FASS and earlier TASS. Pandit may've been superlative but that hardly means JV is necessarily so un-bankable, now, does it?

    Or does it?;):)
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  9. Dhruv_Sappers

    Dhruv_Sappers Amatore

    @prabhjot, you described it in the best way possible. Also the CRM Manager over at Jay Vijay needs to be contacted in case of any dissatisfaction or misleading information. She is always eager to help.
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  10. Prabhat Sinha

    Prabhat Sinha Timido

    Hi- yesterday I got my car serviced at JV in Pune ( 3rd service @ 30K). I stay in Kharghar (Navi Mumbai) so planned a trip to Pune to visit family and decided to get my car also serviced there. I had been to Panvel new FASS which never gave any confidence.

    Infrastructure and overall experience I must say was the best in last one year i have received ( @ Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai).

    Appointment- called a day before and swiftly got the appointment

    pre service check- i was explained the work to be done and estimate given

    Warranty issue- my lower arm got damaged because of ignorance of FASS ( filter nozzle was missed outting back and leakage of oil damaged the bush and other parts)- Got the parts replaced under warranty

    Delivery- work completed in the same day and got my car back by 6 PM , i had given the car @ 12 PM

    Overall gesture- found staff very cooperative and willing to help- good lounge to sit and considering the vehicle is serviced on 1st and 2nd floor ground floor is clean and used for washing only.

    I drove back to Mumbai after dinner and 24 Km/L post service in MID while I reached Mumbai @ 1 PM added to my overall experience of the day.

    Thanks to Team Jay Vijay- wish we get something similar in Mumbai near Kharghar or I will not mind driving to Pune for scheduled service

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