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It's Fiat ! It's Punto ! It's 90hp sport ! It's BNW!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by naveen0808, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Thanks Kiran, Arnab, Raj

    Sunfilms - the sun scorches once we leave bangalore. Is there any sunfilm which is approved by cops or fully transperant, so that it is not illegal.

    Ah, I dont switch on the fog lights- Thanks Raj. let me see how the visiblity improves or will upgrade after a month or two as Arnab suggested.
  2. When I press the break pedal, even slightli without applying the brake there is air sound " isssss issss" . Is this normal?
  3. Sunith

    Sunith Amatore

    If the sound is coming when you press the brakes when the vehicle is in Off power mode, then it is completely normal.. :)
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  4. Thanks Sunith.

    My beauty has done 2300 kms now and this is what I have observed

    1) After 1500 or so kms I experienced significant change in the smoothness. It is just like a petrol now and handling is too easy.

    2) Most of the times, espiclaly 3rd gear onwards , I need not drive it, it drives itself on its own. :rage

    3) Now I show Tata, Byebye to all the Swift & i20 guys in the highways easily.

    4) No niggles so far. Touchwood

    5) The handling and stability is amazing. Once while travelling in the night, spotted a speed breaker closely in the outer rind road, my mistake. I was doing 80ish. My wife closed her eyes. But Punto just went past the hugh speed breaker without much fuss.:wow

    Wife" "this is nice , you can do it again?.
    Me " Thats not good for punto's health"

    5) Only negative so far observed has been the gap between the pedals. If you have a little bigger , slipper or shoes it badly intrudes. :A

    6) Also have added Nomad car mats,paint sealent, CR70 sunfilms for all windows (cant bear the sun once out of Bangalore) .Costed 31k total at 3M, Marthahalli.
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  5. Naveen,

    Does cops can't make out whether you have sun film or not? can you post some pics of it in bright sun light.
  6. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Kiran, i too didn't get the decals, instead they reduced 14,500/- from the quote that were made during the booking :) ... But got the absolute edition decal for free when i had been for minor repairs / issue last week to Concorde Motors ..
  7. girish.kn

    girish.kn Amatore

    Kasaragod | Udupi
    Hi naveen, The 4 black dots in back are reverse sensors? Is this useful?
    I have booked a 2012 punto sport 90hp at kvr kannur. Dealer claimed to give reverse sensor, wanted to know if its worth it!
    Also, did you get any special discount for 2012 model of car? He had initially told he'll give Dec12 model with 16K discount(and accessories worth 10K). But now he has Sep12 model. He is yet to reply to my question on this. How much should I expect the discount to be for Sep12 model in Feb13?
  8. NishanthNag

    NishanthNag Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Girish, Reverse parking are useful, the one i recieved from the dealer are not RVM mounted, its mounted to the windshield corner (Passenger side) - Brand name RedSoul (with voice assistance). Ask for more cash discounts and try to get Spoilers, Absolute Mud Flaps & Extended warranty free, since 90hp sport comes fully loaded, there is nothing much you can demand accessories wise. With my experience i suggest is get it in written what ever he agrees to give you for free + cash discounts. Make sure you get the VIN number in advance. Happy Buying :)
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  9. girish.kn

    girish.kn Amatore

    Kasaragod | Udupi
    Ok, got it. Thanks for the details! Here is the details of price list
    For 2013 90HP punto:
    Ex-showroom: 746898
    Freight: around 5000
    Road tax: 59752
    incidental charges: 2500
    ext warranty: 5100
    on-road: 819250
    Accessories offer: 10K worth accessories free, which include
    Reverse sensor
    Under body coating,
    Teflon coating
    mat & flaps

    For 2012 90HP sport variant (this is the one I'm going to buy, have the VIN noted already), he told he will give additional 16K cash back as compared to 2013 model, which will be:
    819250 - 16000 = 803250

    Dealer had confirmed that for 2013 90HP model, they have removed 4 of the 7 new features present in 2012 sport which are:
    Sporty metallic pedals
    Door sil
    Sporty decals
    Chrome exhaust tip

    My decision of 2012 sports is because I'll get 16K discount for full fledged sports model (including the 4 features listed above)

    When enquired about corporate offer he told its available, but for the company im working, he is not able to find it (its a software firm in Udupi, karnataka). If anyone knows how can I know if my company is supported or no for corp offer, pls let me know.
    And when asked about exchange bonus by giving only the photocopy, he told it was possible earlier, but now since they have authorized pre-owned shop there, there will be routine inspection of exchange vehicle.
    I have asked him to mail me the final price list after all discounts, which he agreed to send today, waiting for it. Also he told we have surprise to make you happy on delivery (which I only expect to be minor).
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  10. Reverse parking sensors are useful. Mine is also Redsoul but placed on Rearview mirror and it works cool. It costed Rs.5000, there are many models, find the one which suits you. Mine is Redsoul JVED 4/6.

    The price quote you got, looks a good one for 2012 sports.

    As Nishanth pointed out , get the price promise by the dealer written in a paper somewhere.
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