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It's Fiat ! It's Punto ! It's 90hp sport ! It's BNW!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by naveen0808, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    The highlighted part(chrome strips) is wrong. Am not sure about the steering, I maybe wrong.
  2. Hmmm Friends, reading all your replies i got too much confused, why sport decals and abarth pedals were not fixed in factory? This is the last thing I wanted.

    Called the SA of KHT today and asked him why sport decals and abarth pedals were not fixed in factory? He said FIAT has stopped (sport decals, abarth pedals, chrome exhaust tip) for the sports model from Jan delivered vehicles and if the dealer has he can fix them. The SA said that since he had a kit left with him, he is fixng all those for me. Mmm, More confusion?

    Called FIAT tollfree @18002095556 and asked them to check my model, telling the chassis number. Their systems are down, they ask to call tomorrow. I ask them if sport model is discontinued? They say yes and I ask them can we get 90hp in all colours now? They say yes too.

    Now I try to cross verify with other dealers in Bangalore. Got the Concorde SA, easily on line. He says sport model is discontinued in the sense, there will be no more (abarth pedals, chrome exhaust tip, sporty decals and Punto door sils), from Jan, 2013. If the dealer has, he can fix them. Also he says only the same colours (red, BNQ, HH Black) are available with contrast OVRM's but the 4 additional parts mentioned above wont be present. I ask him aboutt the on road price in bangalore now, it is 9.1L and after discounts 8.76 L (Free insurance, Free RSA, 6k corp discount).

    What I understand from all this? First thing I remember the delivery of my car was delayed by a week because of non availablity of (abarth pedals, chrome exhaust tip, sporty decals and Punto door sils) and FIAT trying to fetch it from Italy. Perhaps, they did not get the stock and discontinued the sports model. Terrible, half job FIAT, really terrible. Second thing, customer not informed by FIAT or the dealer, before asking. It is all Find It Yourself, then they respond. Thanks to all of you here for helping me find this. He also said,as far as the price after Jan it should look like 8.84 on road for the sports model in bangalore after Free RSA,Free Insurance, 6k corp discount. The concorde guy said 8.76 , so according to me they have reduced 8K for the above items (abarth pedals, chrome exhaust tip, sporty decals and Punto door sils). Pals, correct me if I am wrong?

    What it means for me? I have got all things in my punto like

    Black dash with chrome lines
    Chrome in the AC vent air flow adjusters (thanks Patchboy)
    Chrome inside door open handles
    Red stitching in the gear boot and gear
    Red stiching in seat covers
    no red stiching in steering (Nobody has got it)
    Punto doorsils
    Red OVRM
    Chrome exhaust tip
    Sport decals ( half job - rear no sports written but additional FIAT sticker). I am ok with it.

    Abarth pedals to be fixed tomorrow. ( The SA asked me to come next day of my delivery, 11th Jan but I didnt get the time to go)

    Apologies friends, will post the interior pictures by the weekend once the abarth pedals are also fixed and wheel balancing done tomorrow.

    Looking forward to your comments and more info.
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  3. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    The two statements in bold in your post contradict each other. However, do not worry too much. Get those sport pedals fixed and enjoy your ride.
    Mechanically, both the 90 HP sport and non-sport are the same and offer the same levels of performance and pleasure. Have fun with you ride and do not let these minor doubts spoil the fun for you.

  4. Yeah, just got it out of my mind. My worry was , if anything else was tampered. Now am safe. Just gonna fix the pedals and continue enjoying the ride. Thanks Mate :up

    Inbtw, Both the statements are true.

    Delay was on 28th dec. Later the car arrived on 7th Jan. The dealer initially did not inform me all these things when I took delivery on 10th Jan. When I questioned him yesterday , he said about the extra kit and he fixing it all for me, rather than factory fixed.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thank You :D:D:up
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  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    +1 to Patchyboy. All the above said accessories are just cosmetic add-ons and does not affect the mechanical capability of the car in anyway. However, I feel that the dealer should have explained the situation to you before hand.

    BTW, I do not get the point of receiving the decals and sporty pedals (they are not Abarth pedals by any means) imported from Italy. If this is what the dealer told you, then he is definitely taking you for a ride. Anyways, just enjoy the beast and do not let the other issues bother you.
  6. Hmmm, yeah this is goof up from FIAT and dealer on the information part. Important thing is,whether decals and sporty pedals are from Italy or India, FIAT does not have stock of it anymore and 90hp's or sports delivered from Jan are not going to have them, until dealer has any old stock. Confirmed this with FIAT toll free and also Concorde, KHT sales advisors.
  7. If the production of sports model has been stopped, what about the pricing of the now punto 90hp? Atleast 20k difference should be there...

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  8. Looks like it is around 8-9 k reduction. But in 2013 overall price has gone up 1.5%. it looks like below

    All price approx

    a) On road price in bangalore, dec2012 before discounts - 9,07,500
    b) 1.5% increase in exshowroom price in Jan by FIAT - 11,500


    c) Price in Jan for sports -----------------------------------------919000
    On road price now witout sports accessories -------------------910000

    So I assume the reduction to be from 8-9K
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  9. Prices in kolkata in august::
    Punto sports after discount::8, 01, 200
    Punto 90 hp::7,67, 000
    But now with the price increase and all the hustle bustle of the sports being stopped the difference is not much any more.

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  10. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi Naveen, Congratulation on buying the 90 HP Sport.
    Technically and mechanically there is no difference between 90 HP and the 90 HP Sport, its only the cosmetic changes which shouldn't be of concern at all.
    I have got the door sills, sporty pedals, rear exhaust chrome tip, rear spoiler fitted as part of accessories from the dealer (there is no spoiler on the sport models).
    Wishing you a lot of happy miles with your ride.

    Let me clarify some things here about 90HP (sorry naveen for the extendend off topic discussion in your ownership thread)
    I have a Punto 90 HP (April 2012 model)
    My 90 HP has,
    • chrome strips on the dash board
    • Red stiching on the seats (no red stich on the steering or the gear knob)
    • Crome on the door lock/unlock handles (no chrome on the AC vent adjuster knobs)

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