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Itallion Stallion with new Vredestien Shoes

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by cgujral, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. cgujral

    cgujral Amatore

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    Hi guys...I a primarily writing this to start sharing my experience with the car which was not bought for the choice and more for the convenience, But which is now prized possession...yes I love it, so does my kids....Although they still miss the Altis…

    It has been with me since July 2012 ( I bought it 2nd hand through Carwale.com - 19K done and 2nd service due). Tyres were in good shape too.

    Have done trips to Punjab, Dehadun, Rishikesh and Agra on this apart from driving in Delhi NCR. Quite comfortable, driven the car on Yamuna Expressway at 170 km/h not shaking at all. :redcar

    Could have taken it further but was not very sure of the tyres...

    Driving was perfect except just one problem the ground clearance. I was planning to go for the GC upgrade kit but then was not convinced with the status of the Service Centres, So decided for tyre upgrade to 195/65 R15 .

    For last 5 months felt that tyres are wearing out fast, got the alignment and rotation done. Had started feeling the steering wobbling problem. Got it checked again and technicians said change the tyres. Anyway continued for some more time as there was some juice left on the tyres but didn't do any inspiring driving.

    For Last 2-3 months I did lot of evaluation for tyres first choosen Bridgestone MY-02 but availability was a problem, then shortlisted Michelin XM2, P3 ST, Bridgestone ER300, CPC2, Hankkook 424, Falken Sincera, yoko A drive and AVS DB550. Then shortlisted 3 out of them - Michelin P3 ST, YOKO AVS DB V550 and Bridgestone ER300 but was not fully convinced except for ER300, a tyre been there for ages.

    While going through various reviews have really liked NOKIAN, Pirelli and Vredestein tyres...Snapdeal during Diwali came up with good deals on Tyres, but the warranty was not assuring. Anyway they showcased Pirelli Cinturato P7 one day and then Tyres on wheels showed Vredestein. I got to know the Vredestein Launch by apollo at Budha Circuit on Dec 6. So The selection changed to these eurpoean tyres. Got in Touch with Apollo team handling Vredestein and got a great deal on the First set of Tyres shipped by them for India.

    Vredestein SPORTRAC 5, had the best of the reviews and was one of the top 10 in various Tests done.

    Vredestein Sportrac 5 | the Vredestein Sportrac 5 reviewed and rated - TyreReviews

    Got some inspiring convincing by the Vredestein Team as well and finally got it changed. SPORTRAC 5.jpg

    Now as I had gone through various reviews for the tyre upgrade so was inspired to take on photographs to describe the GC change by tyre upgrade. I had 195/60 R 15 GT3 on my Stallion and the new profile choosen was 195/65 R 15, so an increase of 9.75 mm by the sheer change in the size of tyre ( not to mention the new tread height to be added as well).

    So these are the pics

    Giugiaro Design.jpg
    apollo zone_Outer Ring Road.jpg

    Old Tyres :

    Old GT3 front left.jpg
    Old GT3 rear.jpg
    Old GT3 front.jpg

    GC with Old Tyres :

    GC_with old 195_60_GT3.jpg
    GC_front_with old 195_60_GT3.jpg
    GC_front_with old 195_60_GT3_side view.jpg

    GC with new tyres :
    ( Please see the blue marking on the bottle - For sure there is change in GC)

    GC_upgrade with new tyres_Side.jpg
    GC upgrade front side view.jpg
    GC Upgrade Front.jpg

    New Tyres :

    ( There surely is less space now in between the tyre and fender - I was afraid it might touch the body, but no it doesn't. We tried to push the car down, made 4 gud weight people sit on the cars well)

    Front new tyres.jpg
    Side Back with new tyre.jpg

    Now as for the first hand experience as I drove out from the pit stop, amazing difference in Handling, Comfort and drive. :wow Steering was smoother, no vibrations or shaking which I was experiencing with my old GT3, was suddenly gone as if it has not been there. It seems like a new carpet of road under the tyres. :upBut perhaps could have happened with any new good tyres. One thing for sure, now I can hear my car's engine very well, these tyres are SUPER SILENT really.....

    Now after a month and have driven around 1000 kms, I would say that there is quite a huge difference in handling and comfort from GT3. Braking is good (Suddenly I feel car stops immediately as I press the paddle) and had driven in slight rain as well, Very Very smooth. :car

    On potholes it goes very well. Even my wife, who drives a new jazz, also experienced the same and did say " its so much smoother" . Yes it is still quite early to comment any further though. I would be going for an outstation trip next month so would be interesting.

    As for GC, I would say not fully satisfied, it surely is better and crosses majority of speed breakers without touching but with 4 people sitting and on some steep bumps, it still touches the underbelly. But then these bumps only have to be blamed. So my take to increase the GC, got to check the GC upgrade kit. And to other's planning an GC upgrade, I recommend with GC kit go for tyre upgrade ( If you plan to do that as well) to 205/60 R 15, it could be a better option.

    Another thing that I am experiencing is that while going over the potholes, or broken uneven surfaces, I do still hear some thup thup noise but much lesser and smoother then the old tyre. On my Jazz as well I have GT3, these potholes and broken road surface cause a really annoying sound and hardness. So I feel my Vredestein SPORTRAC 5 is working itself on these unruly roads and taking on very well. Overall I am more then satisfied with the new tyres and do recommend them. ::T

    Another thing that I have done is changing my battery, it had started giving all sorts on nonsense problems with the stock 3.5 year old battery. I have upgraded to Amaron 55Ah and all those stupid problems have gone. ( Airbag Failure, Tail Light Failure, Security lock Failure, car not starting after driving a while etc. etc.) Car now starts in shorter crank. This battery is slightly bigger then the stock 50 Ah but fits nicely in the space.

    So next thing that I am planning is upgrading the Speakers...

    Let me know if anything I can help with!! Cheers !!
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  2. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    Congrats on getting the first set of Vredestein tyres for your Linea. Tread pattern on the Vredestein seems impressive and your experience on Vredestein so far will give confidence to potential buyers from TFI. Have fun for many more miles :redcar::T
  3. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    How much did the new tyres cost? How many kms did the old tyres last?
  4. cgujral

    cgujral Amatore

    New Delhi
    Linea 1.3
    When I got these tyres the dealer price was still awaited so apollo gave a special price to me.This was from the first lot of the Vredestein tyres that came to India. The list price they mentioned was around 7500/- for 195/65R15. Tyresonwheels.com is offering 6300/- each tyre.
    My old tyre was GT3 and they started giving problem since 34K.

    And guys I wish to add here that I have recently gone for front Suspension change ( under warranty) and now car is amazingly smooth, no noise over potholes...drive is just brilliant....:dance:wow:clap
  5. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    I got the same tyres for 5800 net each in Chennai!! The tyres are great! Could hear the sweet noise of the engine when i throttle my 90 HP!
  6. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    I am about to change the tyres tomorrow, was considering Michelin P3 ST but since I read a lot of good things about Vredestien Sportrac 5, thinking of considering it.

    Would be great if you share the feedback about the sidewall stiffness / strength, as thats the only factor which is making me a bit skeptical for considering P3 ST :)


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