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Italian beauty Vs German beauty.. Who won me finally?

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by RajiniHasan, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congratulations for the Punto. In the last pic, I can sense i10 frowning looking at the Punto :evilsmile
  2. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Dude, you purchased the same Color and Variant as i have, ;) i got the beauty home on 25th May 2012, till date running on Odo is 22000 with the Avg. vuel economy (diesel) 20KMPL, and no issue till date, made 2 long trip meanwhile (Mumbai to Goa and Mumbai to Ranjangoan - Fiat factory) and as you know the beauty did her job quite well..

    Congrats for choosing right companion.
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  3. simbio

    simbio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats, welcome to TFI. Am sure you will enjoy being part of this forum and will be able to use the wealth of info on FIAT cars.
  4. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    My friends owns a Vento...

    He could not get his car to a weekend trip to farm house yesterday..because he said break pads have gone kaput...and to replace them waiting period (appointment)is 40 days !!!!!!!!

    SHOCKING..absolutely shocking...

    Why should you buy a car when you can't take whenever you want to take it...

    No doubt Volkswagen is selling well...but 40 days just to replace brake pads..ridiculous....

    He did say two more dealers are coming up to ease situation..still no use even if waiting is reduced to 15 days...

    And people say FIAT service is wanting..anyday I call I get appoitment in 3days..and if urgent & can be fixed quickly.. they fix it then & there...if I just take car
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  5. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    It is well known fact now that the VW after sales service is really bad.
    Initially people thought it was dealer specific problem, but later people realised that it is a generic problem with VW.
    Maybe they are taking cue from their cousin.
  6. RajiniHasan

    RajiniHasan Timido

    Here's about my buying experience of my Punto with VST Motors Chennai. I have inquired in Tafe Reach and Concorde Motors as well. Though Concorde motors is very near to my home, but none of them able to provide me the deal offered at VST. My initial plan was to get Emotion Pack which was offered for 7.65L on road price with accessories. I really love the touch screen music system with navigations. So I thought i can change the inbuilt music system sometime later. But came to know if i change the system all features of blue & me and steering controls will go off. So i dropped Emotion pack and looked for Dynamic pack.

    Dynamic pack was offered for 6.90L on road price with Extended Warranty and with accessories Floor Mate, Mud Guard, Sun Film, Rev Parking sensor, Door Sill and Body Cover. It was sweet deal where no other dealers offered me. Even RDC Fiat exclusive showroom for Fiat which was about to open in a week also couldn't offer. So i dont want further delays and stick with VST. There was no much bargain. Sales Assistant (SA) was so upfront and offered this. SA took his demo vehicle to my office which was more than 45KM distance from his showroom. He took back me from office and dropped me at home. He was so fast while returning and took just 30 mins to cover 25KM in a high traffic (OMR). I really impressed with the Punto performance and SA care. I handed my booking cheque. Two days later SA called me my car was readily available and its SEP manufacture. It was Nov month end and he insisted me to pay atleast the showroom price so that he can retain the offers given to me. But i was not able to pay and agreed if there's any increase in price by Dec month i can pay for it. He sent me the Performa Voice. I really got shocked that extended warranty was not covered. I called SA and inquired then why he committed on this before booking. He told Extended warranty was stopped from Fiat and they got an email about this 2 days after my booking. I was googling about this and got Fiat service mail ID from Team Fiat Forum. I found many Fiatians have this problem. I dropped an email abt this to Fiat service. I got an reply from them very next day and mentioned my concerns are taken care. By Dec 5th SA called and told luckily there's no change in the price and will send the revised Performa Voice of Dec. I was happy and arranged for my remaining payment. Again it was an shocking news after seeing my new Performa Voice which included Extended Warranty but with additional 5K added to 6.95L. Again i called SA and asked how they were able to give me the EW. He told again they got update from Fiat to provide EW to customers. Not sure if this happened because of my Email to Fiat. Then i asked why there's increase of 5K. He said last month EW amount was taken care by VST and this month VST cannot offer that. I was really upset. Initially i had booked VW Polo and cancelled after finalizing Punto. I wasted a month in that. So i said ok and it was finalized to 6.95L on road price with agreed accessories. From here all troubles started with VST guys. I have applied 20% of amount from SBI. I asked SA to have my car registered on 12-12-12. They told me all my payments has to be done atleast 2 days before the date of registration. payments from my side was done well in advance. SA requested if the remaining payment from SBI can be paid before 12 noon on 10 Dec, he can arrange for the registration on 12 Dec. I said SBI have already done the RTGS and will be credited to VST account. For every 1 hr i called SA and told not to stop any process on my registration paper works in case if there's any delay in payment. Amount got credited by 2PM on 10Dec, 2 hrs delay from what they said. SA told me all registration papers were sent around 1PM and he could not make the registration on 12 Dec for me. I was totally upset and shouted him then what's the use calling him every one hr and updating the status. After several followups in email and call with other people in VST, they finally agreed to do my registration on 12 Dec.

    On 12Dec i was so happy and asked my wife, friend to take permission and come back from office by 3PM. I called SA around 10AM and got update that my car registration will be completed by 12 noon after that car will car be taken to workshop for fitting the accessories and can be taken for delivery after 6PM. I am very curious to know if my car had done with registration. I called up SA by 12.30. He didn't pick my call. Again i called by 1PM. No answer. Again by 2, 3, 4PM.. No answer from him. Even some times my call went on waiting. But no calls back from him. I dropped an email to his manager and other team members by 4.30PM. I got a call from account manager that my car has got registered and about the delivery he will ask the SA to call back me immediately. I shouted him and told about how irresponsible their SA is. Acc manager told, 12 Dec was some yellow day offered by Tata and whoever takes booking SA will get gold coins. And bcz of that he might be busy. Then i made up mind it should be ok and understood his situation. After 10 mins SA called me that my car was registered and can be taken for delivery after 6PM. Around 5.30PM myself, my wife and my friend headed towards VST to take my car. While travel i called SA and asked if my car will be fitted with all my accessories before delivery. He committed my car will be ready with all my accessories fitted.

    We reached around 7PM due to traffic. Another SA came to us with paper works. We asked him to show our car. He said car is returning from workshop and will be reached in 15 to 20mins. We waited and car came after 30mins. We got another shock. They started cleaning my car and to our surprise no accessories fitted. From day one, even before my booking i have asked SA to fit all the agreed accessories during my car delivery since i was very far from their showroom and can't come for each things. Every time i told about this to SA, he said this will be taken care. We all got totally upset and asked where's our SA. Account manager came to us and told he's assisting another customer for a car delivery. Acc manager told accessories will not be fitted today. He can clean and make available for delivery today and tomorrow he can arrange a driver to come to my place, take my car back to their workshop and return back on same day with accessories fitted. The worst thing they dont have even my car registered no. We asked without even a reg no. how we can take car and what will happen if we caught. We asked them to give registered slip or the no. noted in paper. They took sometime and called some guys in RTO and finally gave us the registration no and asked us to take the car for delivery. At the moment all my faith with them had gone and asked them unless they fit all my accessories i wont take my car. Also i asked them to do under chase painting which will be done at 3M costing 3.5K for which i paid separately. Even that was not done. They returned that amount back to me. I asked them i wont be taking my car for delivery today and asked them to do under chasing paint as first work tomorrow and then fit all my accessories and confirm me. Everyone there promised they will do it and i can take my car next day. We came out with all stress and my wife was totally upset. Same night i wrote email to them about how bad they could be and asked their MD and regional manager contact details. Next day morning another guy called me and told he's incharge there and told he saw all my emails and promised my car will be delivered. Around 4PM i called the incharge guy to confirm if all my accessories were fitted. Again he shocked me that under chasing paint was not done. I shouted him about whats the reason i was been there yesterday and the commitments given by them. I told them clearly unless they are done with my requirements i wont take my car. My car delivery was again postponed to next day 14Dec.

    Next day incharge guy called me and told as a first thing he sent my car for under chase painting and for sure my car will be given to me as satisfied customer. Then he told i have to pay for this under chase painting. I requested him for all the troubles given to me to offer this 3.5k as well. He said ok and asked me to come to showroom to discuss and take my car for delivery. I said ok and this time only myself and my friend went. Car was cleaned with tuflon coating and accessories were fitted. I went inside and spoke to incharge and told i wont pay for under chasing paint. He told me, VST has given enough offers to me and further they can't and said only they have to pay this from their salary. After mutual understanding i paid 2K and went for car inspection. Everything was ok. Rev parking, mates,door sill were fitted but body cover was not given bcz of stock unavailability. They promised they will give me the cover in another 5 days. I dont know what to say and took my car on 14Dec. Next week came and i asked about my car cover. Incharge guy asked me to contact my SA and he will arrange to give me. After these many days my SA called and said i have to pay remaining 1K for under chase painting so that he can provide me the cover bcz the remaining amount was about to take from his account. And told on 12Dec there was another Fiat linea went for registration and that car met with accident. That car was not gone for registration and he was with those customer entire day. Hence he was not able to attend my call or come. I told him clearly that during my car delivery he was not there and his incharge agreed on this. He told me then i should contact incharge guy. I slashed both the guys and wrote a strong mail to the manager. Then i called their manager and he promised it will be sorted out and my car cover will be given. After 10 days i got an mail from him saying sorry he couldn't offer bcz they have given enough offers to me. Again i wrote an email to manager that i dont want to speak further to you guys and asked for their MD contact details. At last now they have offered it. I need to spend one day next week to go there to get my cover, registration papers and extended warranty.

    I am really worried how they can neglect the customers in this competitive markets once the car is booked. I am sure because of these peoples good cars are not sold and the JV between Fiat and Tata has come to end. There's no proper response from these guys and whatever they promise are just written in air. Iam thinking how worst would have happened if i have taken my car without any accessories fitted. Luckily i have not taken.

    About all these troubles, now i am very happy with my Punto the way it adopted with me. Driving experience was awesome. I have crossed 500KM mark and i am enjoying all my times while driving... Hope Fiat listens to this and takes customer satisfaction as top priority in sales and service in their new avatar.. Lets hope for the best...
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  7. ajuvignesh

    ajuvignesh Amatore

    Chennai, Kanyakumari, Trivandrum.
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Congratz on your awesome buy and sorry for your bitter experience. Every thing will be sorted out once they open their exclusive showrooms. Keep enjoying the beauty.
    I think you are lugging the engine. Drive her between 1500-2500 rpms. Care for her during her run in period, she loves you back the rest of her life :)
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  8. shanmugam

    shanmugam Amatore


    VST is so bad at customers, in extended warranty they normally cheat like this i had the same exp during my purchase in sep ,
    can you share me which branch of VST you booked your car. i did at anna nagar.....................

    forget the VST guys , just enjoy your drive..........
  9. venky1957

    venky1957 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hello RajniHasan, Welcome to TFI and congrats for the Ital beauty Punto. You have to hard bargain on these issues with these dealers. Any way enjoy the Punto..
  10. teky

    teky Esperto

    What else one can expect from VST?

    Anyways enjoy the car and forget about those idiots.

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