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Italian beauty..Go GOA Again!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by puntosat, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    No I did'nt want to take a chance taking a snap while bending down that huge cliff..:)
  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Just last week I had posted blog of my Jog trip...

    But I had been to Gaganchukki & Barachukki as well the following week :)

    So below are details..

    Just like that decided we will visit Shivanasumdra as it was expected it would be lush..it indeed was.

    We were a bunch of friends..

    Day 1:
    We left around 10 in the morning and reached Gaganachukki by 1 pm..after buying some "stuff" and fish at Channapatna...

    We visited Gaganachukki first...it was magnificet with lot of water...pics below

    Then we went to our resort which is right behind Gaganachukki falls upstream by about 500m...yes about 500 m..you can see a little further that water is falling down the cliff...

    Fantastic location..pics below(in second pic you can see a tree in centre ..and beside it where gaganchukki falls into a cliff)
    IMG_20130817_174343_457.jpg IMG_20130817_175147_104.jpg

    After a long photo session we headed back to resort and cooled off and took a much needed rest..I mean chatted with friends on everything in world...beside a campfire and of course with the fish we had bought in the morning along with some liquid diet...

    Weather was very cold to our surprise..

    IMG_20130818_081350_391.jpg IMG_20130817_181022_786.jpg

    We had good dinner and went to bed..

    To be continued..
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  3. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Day 2:
    About 7:30 am we wnet gain near teh river side and spent some time just sitting and watching cauvery flow by..

    Then came back and had good bfast..

    We then headed to Barachukki..and it was simply beautiful


    We spent about an hour over here..

    Few of my freinds actually went down to base of the falls and also had a coracle ride..it must have been fantastic..

    We were munching uphill :)

    Then we were heading back to B'lore...but saw some people (locals) merrily going to the river side inside a farm...

    I knew they would be cooking non-veg and enjoying themselves..

    Introduced myself and they were more than happy to welcome us..

    They cooked us yummy chicken curry with rice...

    We had a sumptuous meal ..thanked them and left for B'lore...

    Sometimes I wonder..life is so simple..we did'nt have to look for a hotel,pay them etc ..we just requested somebody ..and we were treated really well.
  4. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    People who are expecting same amount of water now....you will be disappointed..both Jog & SHimsha...

    SO have this in mind before you make a plan..
  5. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Its GOA time again...

    Leaving tonight for a week long vacation...

    In my beloved OB Punto 76HP and Toyota Fortuner for company.:)

    B'lore->Hubli->karwar->Palolem beach

    Stay at tents in private Cola beach...

    Rest later...

    Teaser pic..of our stay place..

    bl1.jpeg bl2.jpeg
  6. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Writing this travelogue after about 10 days on returning from Goa...

    Oct 22nd:DAY 1
    We left around 7pm evening ..was raining in B'lore...

    One Punto and another Fortuner...11 members..mix of friends & family...

    We reached Kamat near Sira around 9 and had dinner...

    Then went on to stay at KSTDC chitradurga...around 11 pm

    Yes we drove leisurely

    Fabulous hotel...budget friendly( 2400Rs ..2 dorms..can fit 16 ppl)...super duper clean...right in front of famous chitradurga fort...

    See pic below..pink building in background is KSTDC Yatri nivas..

    We had breakfast..quick snap session opposite fort...and started towards Goa

    Oct 23 :DAY 2:

    Left Chitradurga around 10 am...reached Hubli by 1

    Had lunch near Yellapur and reached Karwar by 4 pm..

    Our destination was a private tented stay on a private beach...

    We reached the place by about 5:30...

    Surprise was last 2kms is on a mud road..meant for 4X4 but Punto could mange due to high GC...

    Now another surprise..we had to park our cars on top of a cliff overlooking sea...and get down a hill to reach our stay...

    Well...it was a private beach stay...so can't complain :)

    The scenery from the top of cliff or the resort itself..is simply stunning....piece of paradise...

    It also had a fresh water lagoon...so go to the sea..jump in...get out and jump in the lagoon..you are all fresh...see pics below..for what I mean...

    IMG_20131023_175845710_HDR.jpg IMG_20131023_180013016.jpg IMG_20131023_181632149.jpg IMG_20131024_074915380_HDR.jpg IMG_20131024_075803774_HDR.jpg

    We then sat down for a drink & dinner ..so whats the menu....lickalicious..fresh catch of the evening...see below!!!

    IMG_20131023_191855712.jpg IMG_20131023_193332847.jpg IMG_20131023_191743940.jpg

    Every items was cooked well (less spicy though)...

    We had a mammoth 3 hour dinner...discussing host of topics...including idea building a under water bridge from Goa to Chennai :) :) whatever that means..

    Tented stay was luxuriously comfortable...night passed.....

    Await DAY 3 report...which has more fun & frolic!!
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  7. Roadking

    Roadking Amatore

    Bangalore KA
    The water in the lagoon used to be blue at one point in time (early 2004) and the place was thus named Blue Lagoon... I guess its lost its charm due to climatic changes...
  8. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    @Roadking..great sense of nature..just like me :)

    It is still very very blue.....

    WHat happened was..it rained very heavily for about 6 hours non-stop almost entire night....with thunderstorms..

    This made the water brown..but in a couple of hours of sunshine...it started turning blue again...
  9. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Now Day 3....

    We slept around 12:00 am previous night....it had just started raining...and what followed was a deluge...about 5 hours of constant thunderstorm rains...sea making noise...it was an out of world experience...

    Rain stopped around 5:00 am...

    We woke up around 7 and came out of our tents...to see a paradise...all wet & soaked...only downside was lagoon turned brown...

    We took a walk around the place and below are few snaps of same..


    We then started playing volleyball on the clean beach sand...few workers from our resort joined too and they were very skilled at this game :)

    Had a swim..again and had bfast...@the shack

    We checked out this wonderful place and climbed the hill to reach our cars :)

    After a drive of just 1km we stopped at a location which was just so pretty with grass all round.....so another snap session starts..

    We then reach palolem beach and spent some time..here..best part about this beach is you can walk in sea for about 100m...without drowning or without waves...

    We hit the shack again and cooled off with some beer..much needed as it was hot & humid.....!!

    IMG_20131024_152946688_palolem.jpg IMG_20131024_123207491_grass.jpg

    We left Palolem around 3:30 and started towards our villa in North goa and reached villa by 7 pm...

    We freshened up and headed to Casino on Mandovi river..."Deltin Royale""..

    RS 1500/person entry with unlimited food & drinks...worth the price as some of us had some cocktails to the brim...:) :)

    Now...gambling....it was around 11:30 and I tried my luck at gambling....

    Invested 2K and won 7K...(my diesel for entire trip recovered !!...)

    Boys..thoroughly enjoyed the casino experience.....

    We crashed around 3:00 am in the morning....

    Casino was on a ship on mandovi river..4 floors...huge ship...


    Await Day 4....
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  10. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


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