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Italian beauty..Go GOA Again!

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by puntosat, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    As promised Day 2 report of my Goa trip:

    We had a great time at our own private pool in villa for about an hour in the morning..

    Then we headed to Se cathedral & other ASI museum...really nice place this..(Pics below)

    IMG_20121209_072922_009.jpg IMG_20121209_085006_859.jpg IMG_20121209_085239_848.jpg

    Then we headed to Lunch @Delhi darbar ...fantastic food but extremely costly...on return back you see a beautfiul view of Mandovi bridge


    We then headed to Calangute beach...what we saw was typical Indian SUnday crowd..there were zillions of people...:)

    Still the beach had enough place for everyone..

    Parking was a nightmare ..

    Anyways settled at a shack..downed some drinks & snacks...had a beautiful sunset...(few pics below)


    We then headed back to our villa after buying some groceries...+ non-veg stuff...

    The ladies in our group decided to prepare yummy pepper chicken (actually..they were forced to by us!!)...and the men decided to be men and decided to empty all the liquids purchased in the morning...spirits in Goa are about 60-70% cheaper than in B'lore (yes..u read it right 60 to 70%)

    Wonder how much money we have wasted in B'lore all these days on spiritits in the name of taxes on liquour..

    I prepared my own blend of cocktails for the group with ice-cream,lychee juice,cocunut milk & vodka...we had a wicket down just after 2 shots...

    Went to bed around 1 am...

    Day 3 to continue..

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  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Now Day 3 :

    We got up around 8 am...had another session @ the pool...and then went to get was washer for the swift(gear issue) which had broken down two days ago..

    Sai service was about 5 kms away and we got our work done in about 20 mins...

    Monday was scorchingly hot and we thought we will not be able to any beach at these temp's and decided to cool off @ pool again...

    Around 1:30 pm we went to a hotel near Calangute to have lunch..service is painstakingly slow at almost all hotels....best to eat a ready available foods (fast foods) or self cook...this is one big learning of the trip

    After lunch we headed to Fort Aguda..and it turned out to be one of the best decisions...see pics below..

    Very serene & breath taking place..

    IMG_20121210_171052_126.jpg IMG_20121210_171100_089.jpg

    Candolim beach was waiting for us after this...what a beach...stunning,,,very clean,beautiful and a lot less people...probably best beach I have seen ...

    We wanted to take moonlight cruise on Mandovi river next...but the female group were so bowled over by restaurants & shoopping around Candolim that they spent about an hour over there...we dashed off on a 20km drive to ferry..I reached at 8:25 am ..all others were on opposite side of road...and by the time they arrived its was 8:32..and we were denied tickets..I felt we were in Japan for a moment...:)

    After a great day we were very disappointed...now..

    then thought lets go Casino...we were not in required dress code..the agents even offered dress for us..and somehow we felt he was fleecing us which turned out to be true...no free food..and in-house pay etc...so we rejected...

    So, we settled down at a Restaurant bang on Mandovi river overlooking all the casinos & barges, big boats..very beautiful....

    We tried squids,special prawns and closed the day

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  3. sungoa2010


    Delhi darbar is very costly. Best option for Non veg will be Ritz in 18th June road.
    The hotel that was facing the Mandovi is OK but not the best. Ritz, especially for sea food is one of the best hotels.
    Next time you can try Martin's corner near majorda(south)
  4. wolverine_arnab

    wolverine_arnab Esperto

    re: Italin beauty..back from Goa..Updated: Punto v/s Swift duel

    We didnt like the food at delhi darbar..food served is not exactly north indian...price is a tad bit too high..:banghead:

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  5. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Yes the food was not great...and the staff were pathetic...only sore point in our trip...
  6. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Finally Day 4:

    We left Panaji around 10:30 in the morning after a south Indian breakfast..

    We decided to take Sawantawadi->Amboli->Belgaum-Bangalore rout on the way back...

    We were surprised by the butter smooth roads till Amboli...lesser traffic as well with wider roads compared to Karwar ->Panaji

    People staying @north goa must preferably take this route...


    Sawantawadi was really beautiful small town ..with a very clean & seren lake @ town centre


    Beyond Sawantawadi road becomes a little narrower but absolutely devoid of traffic..road is smooth though...in about 60kms you reach Amboli...

    Amboli ghat is not one of those heavy ghat(nor as scenic) road like Agumbe,Shirali,Ooty etc..its easy to drive..

    You arrive @Amboli once you see the waterfalls just next to main road...water was less..must be good in rainy season



    We had some hot bhajjis & photo session @falls...

    AFter Amboli...road is really magnificent to drive till belgaum...full of curves ..and punto loved it...so did I...

    About 68kms to Belgaum from Amboli..

    In Belgaum we went to a "Khanavali" and had one of the most tastiest non-veg meals ever ..simple but brilliant...cost Rs 80 (chapati,rice,chicken curry etc)

    We ordered some yummy fish as well...

    We left Belgaum at 5pm..passed by the new "Suvarna Soudha"..this looks magnificent..kudos to Karnataka Govt...(below is a view from NH4..not my pic)


    Drove non-stop till Sira Kamat...distance of 350kms..amazing road..amazing car..amazing drive...was mighty impressed with breaks..(non-ABS)..would just stop even with 5 adults + boot loaded...

    Had dinner @Kamat ..then reached B'lore by 12am..so we did 500kms in 6 hours :) (negating an hour dinner break)

    Thus ends one of the best trips I did...

    Will put Punto v/s Swift duel of 1500kms later...

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  7. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice travelogue with good pics and route info ... Am eagerly waiting for the above now :clap
  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Add to this - Bagha beach, Tito's, Ashwem, Arambole, Palolim etc etc and the Goa trip takes a complete new dimension :)
  9. sungoa2010


    Martin's corner is a restaurant which is famous for a fish dish which is favourite of Sachin(King Crab (Sachin’s favourite) Lobster Piri Piri) Martins Corner - The Cuisine
  10. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Here comes the Punto (75HP) v/s Swift (VDI) Duel as promised

    Part 1:Bangalore to Chitradurga

    It all started on Dec 9 at 5am in the morning @Gorguntepalya flyover,B'lore

    There were 4 adults in each of the cars..so both had same loads..but Punto may be slightly higher because it was all bull males :)

    BOth the drivers(me -Punto) and my cousin are equally qualified

    Punto zipped off in no time and reached Tumkur...while the swift was about 5 mins late....it did invole lot of truck overtakings...

    We met @Tumkur..just be sure we are close together & again Punto zipped off...till Chitradurga...and again swift was about 10 mins late...

    Note that both cars are same engine ( world's worst kept secret!!)..and both have similar capbilities..but Punto being heavier...

    I thought if this would be the duel all through the trip Swift would be a no match for Punto and why people feel Swift was a superb driver car..

    Again note that if you drive these cars..alone ( not next to each other)..you will not be able to make out the real characteristics in comparison with each other..

    AFter Chitradurga I left the swift to move first...man..here is where I was surprised...

    Part 2: Chitradurga to Yellapur

    It was broad daylight..empty & smooth roads..

    Now..may be my cousin decided enough is enough and hit the gas....in his Swift..he was doing 160+ ( he said this was the first time he did such speeds..amazing what all Punto can do to other people)..what he was actually doing was trying to run away from Punto....which was always teasing him in his rear view mirror...

    But,to be frank...Swift's real prowess at straight line speeds were shown here...it was quick of the blocks whenever we had to break...and gained acceleration quicker till 100 kmph may be...

    Being equally capable cars..once a constant distance is maintained and roads being same & empty .I think it is difficult for each other car to out do each other ..

    If the story was like this and ended now it is no fun right ??

    Well all this is on the outside...what about on the inside...?

    We stopped at Kamat ,Ranebennur for bfast after a spirited head to head...my wife who was sitting in Swift came to me and said why were you chasing us...I said no you were running away thats it :)

    I must say one thing about my wife here...she does not speak a word at whatever speeds I'm doing..she is absolutely silent with no comments on my driving or car...(may be Punto is the reason because it evokes no rsponse..everything feels the same)

    But she told me that she felt scary a lot of times..when Swift was bumpy at top speeds (hope every one can imagine this) ..and also at some curves on highway at top speeds...she did tell my cousin to slow down..(which he did'nt :))

    DICLAIMER: Please do not have a EGO clash with driving @high speeds..it is dangerous...After Ranebennur I stopped driving hard..and the other vehicle slow down too..SAFETY is foremost...after all machines are just machines and we are HUMANS with lot more at stake...

    It is nice to strecth your car once in a while and do it while you are alone ..but make sure of empty roads and be very very safe...but a duel is always..always bad...

    So equal marks goes to both vehicles here...if Swift was as assuring as Punto at high speeds it would have won here..

    Thus together we reached Yellapur....and here begins a different story...the curvy ghat roads started..

    Part 3:Yellapur to Karwar

    Here is where Punto is the TOP GUN...my friend started driving here ( he drives swift & scorpio)..

    SInce we are used to driving our beloved second wife's..we do not feel that as much..

    My friend is non-technical driver i.e he drives really well..but he does not know of technicalities...like steering feel..suspension setup..etc

    After about 15 kms from Yellapur he said...I feel this steering is slightly "heavier" (we all know what it is)...:) and also said its very precise ..I just turn this much and it goes there..(point and shoot ..is what we FIAT guys call!!)...then said these brakes just stop man...

    In about 50 kms he was a big fan of Punto ( he had never driven one before)....I was just smiling!!

    We went to Mysore yesterday and he did not allow me to drive at all..FIAT bug has bit him :)

    BTW...where is Swift ??? It is where it would usually be when driving along with Punto @Ghats..it was about 3-5 mins behind always...because it can't do cornerings the same way Punto does it...

    We stopped for Lunch at Karwar ..and my wife came out of swift and said..."Ree sakaytu..innu yesht ide Ghat roads??"..(meaning I'm tired how much more ghat roads left yet?)

    They were actually tired...because at corners Swift does throw you around a little bit and the back seat is also cramped in Swift..Note that I never enticed my wife to say anything or asked her how was the drive etc)

    By now she was asking when can I switch & sit in Punto...my friends were unwilling still and told her you need to wait till Goa...

    So,to please her( or not anger her should I say!) what I decided was ..to drive the swift & send my cousin to Punto..

    Part 4: Karwar to Goa

    As usual guyz in Punto were zipping away..and also may be because I was used to Punto and now driving swift after a long long time...I was slightly slower..

    Once crossed Goa broder curves were more and I was putting more effort in making the car move in curves and still maintain lane discipline...for someone who always drives swift you won't feel the difference...but for spoilt FIATians like us it does matter...:)

    After about 20kms I met with Punto...and also traffic got heavier

    However,since the going was 60-80 kmp..everytime we braked swift as usual would zip away and Punto takes that second extra...but point is driving Punto is a effortless job..

    I must mention one thing here..brakes in Swift VDI is absolutely NO MATCH to what we have in Punto...I asked my cousin about this ..he said its always like this...in return he did ask me why does your Punto suddenly stops on braking..I gave no response :)
    We finally reached Goa after a 3 hour drive from Karwar..

    WHat happened when we reached our villa (read below link..its an interesting read)
    http://www.teamfiat.co.in/punto-1-3-mjd/5783-italian-beauty-back-goa-15.html (post 424)

    Part 5: Drive in Goa
    Nothing much eventful here as we were driving inside towns & cities..

    Part 6:Goa to Amboli..
    Story not much different..we were together all the way till Amboli...

    Part 7: Amboli to Belgaum..
    For me this section was the best drive..so much twists & truns..so much cornering....

    Though swift was always behind me ( 2-3 min) it was taking that extra bit of effort to keep up...

    Part 8:Belgaum to Bangalore:

    500kms..6 hours 20 min...

    We did not drive @top speeds like we did from B'lore to Hubli before...

    But maintained a constant 120 and rare 130/140's...note it was night as well..

    Both cars did really well..

    @Nelamangala my cousin was tired and asked one of my friend to take over..and me in my Punto was still raring to GO!!!

    I think the above line summarizes EVERYTHING!!

    My summary:
    Both are fantastic cars..in their segemnt
    Top speeds are similar..but the safe feeling in Punto cannot be matched by Swift
    Both are good cars to drive..
    Ghat roads Punto is KING!
    Swift ..was about half a km better in mileage/litre for entire trip..my cousin saved about Rs 200 on fuel comapred to me...I thought it would be much better..but at high speeds & heavy load it evens out...
    I loved the way Swift accelerated..Acceleration from stop is better in Swift..
    On very long drives Punto is more comfortable..

    NOTE: All above are purely my personal opinion and based on what I felt in a drive of 1500 kms..
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