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Italian Beauty comes home....

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by Mihir Gandhi, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hello Fiatians,
    Received my long awaited beauty yesterday... Its like love at first sight.... Can't stop drooling on my beauty....
    Well I am not that good at writing stories but will try my best here...
    I was promised the delivery of the car at 1.30pm, hence reached the showroom at 12.30pm for completing paperwork etc... But as the reputation of the Tata-Fiat Showroom goes, i was kept waiting for a good 15-20 min before anything could be done... Then the usual paperwork was going on.. It was 1.10pm and still no signs of the car, as I had to take the delivery of the car before 1.30pm due to auspicious timing... The car finally got ready and came at around 1.25pm.. was relieved, did puja fast and started the car for a while.... It was then I understood all the features from the sales guy... But I must say these ppl dont have any professionalism like other dealers...
    Anyways am very happy with the car... all my anger got away once i saw the car and started it for the first time.... It was perfect for me....:steering
    The dealer gave me a bottle of perfume, shree ganesh idol, box of chocolates and two keychains... I got free mudflaps as a part of the deal, but i must say they are not that good...(any suggestions for replacement?)

    I went home straight, took some pics, took my family for a ride and then went back to my factory...
    I had ordered alloy wheels from SaiMagWheels, and to add my joy, they arrived the same day.. Hence picked them up from the transport company and took it straight to a tyre shop and got them fitted to my beauty and also exchanged the stock tyres to new, better ones....
    Let the pics do the talking now....

    100_3674.jpg 100_3675.jpg 100_3676.jpg 100_3677.jpg 100_3678.jpg PRE_2011-08-16-190832.jpg PRE_2011-08-16-190857.jpg PRE_2011-08-17-081507.jpg PRE_2011-08-17-081527.jpg
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  2. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Hi Mihir that's a nice set of alloys and it matches to the car's color. The new tires which you opted for, can you give me the details like brand, size etc and how much did you spend for all these ?
  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Alloys looking nice on BNW Punto.

    Congratulations for new Punto Mihir. Upload few more pics please. :)

    It is so tempting to have a look of Puntos pics.
  4. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    COngrats Mihir .

    Please let us know the details of the alloys . Specially 98/100 PCD ? and if 100 did you use hub centric rings ?

    What was the cost and did you change the tyres too ?
  5. rajesh karia

    rajesh karia Amatore

    CONGRATS MIHIR, those alloys look really smart on your BNW Punto, wishing you lots of happy mile crunching with your beauty. :)
  6. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your new possession. BNW is shinning and looking stunning. Black alloy works like an icing on cake. Do post your driving experience.
  7. Well thanks.... Even I cannot stop drooling at the car.... it is so awesome....
    The wheels are HRS make... I bought it from SaiMagWheels delhi, thru their website www.alloywheelsindia.com
    They are 14" and yes they are 98 pcd... A perfect fit for the car... I do not believe in messing up manufacturer recommended specs... and I upsized my tires to yokohoma A-Drive 185/70 R14...
    Cost of investment on shoes upgrade:
    Alloys: rs.12400/- for a set of 4 wheels
    Delivery of alloys: rs.360/- for all 4 wheels
    Tires: rs.15800/- for a set of 4
    Misc. Charges: rs.200/-
    Stock tires sold: rs.8000/-
    Hence total: 12400+360+15800+200-8000= rs. 20760/-...

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  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Hi Mihir, congrtz on the beauty. Good choice of alloys and good choice of yoko-A drive too. Wish you lots and lot sof happy miles with your Italian Beauty.

    OT: Seems like it is raining BNW Puntos here :)
  9. @anoop... My personal opinion is that Punto looks the best in BNW shade.... Am gonna add some graphics and then it will really look fab...
  10. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    Congrats Mihir on acquiring the Italian beauty. Your alloys look cool and yes some how majority of the people are going after the BNW color. Expect a few niggles initially, once they are sorted out this is one very good highway cruiser.

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