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Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Linea

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Italia-Linea, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    t has been long time since i have been planning to update on my new purchase, the FIAT-LINEA 1.3 MJD Emotion PK Tuscan Wine.

    before i update my booking and initial experience let the pictures do the talking.

    I have got the delivery amidst lot of drama- will update on this later.

    Currently i am very satisfied with the Linea. Its a engineering marvel, Italian beauty and a Battle tank safety which makes you feel proud with your 10 lacs well spent.


  2. Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    Amit, Congratulations!!. She looks so smashing in the Tuscan Color. Can you post the pics of the accessories that your have.
  3. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    are these pictures from the yard. Still, its looking nice. Njoy
  4. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    the above pics were during the PDI done in the yard located far away at chikli.
    here goes my experience with Linea

    1. The Need for new car :
    I have been using alto since 2004, which served us very well and even today she feels the same , brand new , as she was on day 1. No rattles, no squeaks, no faded plastics, no electrical faults since 6 years. I have spent hell lot of efforts and money to keep her new. She has done 67000 in 6 years.
    But as I changed my job and my usage increased with frequent travelling on highways, we needed a sedan this time, the safest and best of the handling was my priority.
    Budget was around 10 lacs.

    2. The Brand War :
    I was open to buy any brand car provided it fits in my requirement, however I had inherent liking for FIAT cars as I have been seeing TATA and FIAT cars right in front of me when I was working with my earlier company.
    I have been seeing the thick sheet metal being punched and welded to perfection with 100% quality inspection of engines, transmissions etc at FIAT.
    This is obviously the same procedure at every automobile manufacturer but its just some do it better. Japanese are the most reliable in this race. Hondas, Toyotas and Suzukis are damn reliable machines and without second thought of breakdown you can drive them from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
    This cant be predicted in Europeans especially skodas , indian TATA nor the FIATS or GMS. Electrical failures are well known in them. Within 6 years of ownership of maruti not even a single tail lamp bulb or fuse has blown out whereas with our tatas blown fuses, bulbs, engine check lights have been a common phenomenon.

    3. The test drives :

    a. Honda City :
    Pros : Butter smooth engine, reliable Honda quality, fuel efficient engine.
    Cons: high speed handling, thin sheetmetal, low on features, no VFM, dead steering feel
    Result : kept on hold

    b. Vento:
    Pros: Powerful 1.6 litres engine, interior quality, good handling
    Cons: Engine vibrations and noise, vibrations at clutch, no roomy feeling of big car, dead steering feel.
    Result: Discarded the SKODA-VOLKSWAGEN brand due to ethics of the company

    c. Altis Diesel:
    Pros: Toyota Q(quality) class, best roomy interiors, fuel efficient mill mated to 6 speed GB.
    Cons: dint find the handling very confident. Personally I don’t like the looks, costly for 1.4l engine. Cruze is better buy.
    Result: Cannot buy as I dint have budget to buy and did not feel like buying it too.

    d. Optra Magnum & Cruze:
    Pros: Diesel rockets, beautiful interiors, good handling, best VFM
    Cons: none I found
    Result: Could not extend the budget at all

    e. Manza:
    Pros: Fuel efficient 1.3MJD, acres of space, low spare prices, best VFM
    Cons: sags with load at back, odd shape, not classy.
    Result: kept aside in reserve.

    f. Linea:
    Pros: Fuel efficient 1.3MJD, built like a battle tank, best in class handling, best in class looks, VFM
    Cons: space not as great as manza, fiat resale value, a bit sluggish.
    Result : sold on the linea

    4. Buying experience:
    The only dealer left in Pune was the infamous Pandit auto as B.U.Bhandari had surrendered the dealerhip. It was the Diwali festival I decided to buy a new car and visited various showrooms. It was a good festival mood at the showrooms and there were lots of offers going on at Maruti, Hyundai, GM etc.

    But to my shock, idiots TATA-FIAT showrooms were shut down for 5-6 days during diwali. This is a total disastrous and cheap attitude atleast during the festive season. The competitors were merrily selling the cars and these low sellers were shut down. How funny.

    I went literally mad over this and directly mailed CEO of Fiat. Within 12 hours I got a call from FIAT that they are sending the TJET and MJD at my place. I straight away rejected the offer and told them to enjoy the holidays.
    After they merrily enjoyed the holidays I went to the showroom and the sales manager and executive were very eager to serve me. (read as mail to CEO) effect. But these both guys were good people and helped me till the end.

    After driving both the cars I lost all my anger and decided to book my car. Now the confusion was between the rocket TJET which also is the best petrol car in current market according to me and the fuel efficient MJD. I again test drove both these cars on highways again for a long stretch. TJET is a rocket during pick up but if I compare TJET and MJD both in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear on highways I think MJD is though not as quick as TJET but very much comparable. Within no time it touches 100-120kmph.
    Now since my daily running was approx 70 kms and lot of brain storming within my family I decided on the MJD and went ahead and booked it.

    Gave the booking amount to the dealer and booked the new unique TUSCAN WINE, 1.3 MJD Emotion PK Linea. The dealer promised me delivery within 8 days but I told them to take 15 days so that they don’t mess up. I booked on 11th and was promised delivery on 25th as it was auspicious day.

    During this period the paid the full amount and started taking followup with Pandit and FIAT people directly as I know most of the designated managers in FIAT.

    The first disaster struck when the car which was to be delivered to me was billed to other dealer of FIAT – reason Pandit dint have sufficient funds with fiat.

    I was damn furious and was again given a promise to deliver a new car within 2 days.

    Second disaster struck when again the 2 tuscan wine color cars in FIAT stock were again billed to other customer- reason, mismanagement within FIAT.

    Now this was the limit. If they treat a customer who is at a good position in TATA and knows tata-fiat in and out , how will they treat a normal customer.
    I again wrote to almost 20 people in FIAT, this time a very sarcastic mail. Also decided to cancel my booking as well as my bro in law’s.

    Got a call from some top managers from FIAT and apologising for the inconvenience. This happened when I was shouting in the showroom and I saw a linea in front of me and my anger subsidised. I badly wanted this babe.

    There is an un-ethical disclaimer from auto manufacturers for the schemes they have
    “The free insurance+ corp discount+ free extended warranty+ free RSA is applicable only if the car is invoiced before 30th i.e month end”
    What the hell. Customer buys the car because there is a good offer/scheme provided. Now if due to mismanagement from FIAT/Dealer I don’t get the car delivered before 30th why should I suffer if the scheme is changed.
    No way I was going to pay extra if the scheme changes as well as made my mind to go to the consumer court against this malpractice.
    But I got it written from FIAT that I will not be charged extra even if the scheme changes, and if the prices reduce further I will be passed on extra benefits.
    This was a relief for me.

    The above unethical malpractice is followed by Hyundai, Maruti, Tata as well and I think we should raise a voice against this.
    When we book a flat with the builder we pay for the rate agreed upon the booking itself. Its not that you pay more if the market rate rises during possession/delivery.

    Atlast my car was billed by Fiat to Pandit on 30th as promised and the car arrived at the stock yard on 2nd dec. I did the PDI at stockyard with the BIG fiat PDI list I was carrying and luckily everything was perfect. Not a single glitch. Gave a green signal to get the registration done immediately and paid an extra amount for special number summing up 9.

    I spent some sleepless nights dying to bring home my new car and finally I got the delivery on 7th dec luckily the same day of my Marriage Anniversary. Did the pooja and directly took her to the Ganesh Mandir . Then took her home and did the pooja again.

    When I took the delivery for my 3 lacs alto I was given a royal treatment by the dealer. No such experience even for the 10 lacs car.

    Got free Original mudflaps, floor mats and 3M sunfilm from the dealer.
    i purchased the original leatherite seats from fiat genuine accessories and i must say they are of very good quality. cost rs- 11600rs plus stitching 2000 rs. the stitching job could have been better on the head restrains.

    Other genuine accessories i purchased was door sill plates, tyvek body cover
    i very much insisted on genuine fiat accessories and refused to pick any after market/duplicates which the dealers try to pass on.
    i refused the teflon coating too.

    Ownership experience:
    Have driven her around 350 kms. Everyone at my place is admiring the Italian Beauty. The engine is butter smooth with no vibrations. This is astonishing for a diesel engine.
    The roads in my area are under construction and here is the place where the Linea outshines any other car. The suspensions gulp up all the potholes and undulations of the road.
    On this highways and curves the HPS gives perfect feel of the road. I hate the EPS as it’s a dead steering with zero road feel.
    The heavy sheet metal coupled with airbags and ABS with EBD gives a feeling as if you are travelling in a battle tank.
    i was dying for this Tuscan Wine color. i know its tough to maintain.
    But i have purchased the following.

    1. PTFE fortified coating
    2. Orbital polishing machine.
    3. Jopasu microfibre cloth
    4. Jopasu duster- wax coated thread.

    Self teflon coating saved lots of bucks and i did the coating in hard to access areas with minor detailing where the professional guys dont bother to take effort.

    One thing i would like to mention- with the launch of TJET with better plastics the same are carried to MJD too, the only difference being the chrome stip instead of silver colored strip on the dashboard.

    Plastics have improved leaps and bounds but still there is a room for improvement, especially the ac vents seem delicate.

    The MID showed me an consumption figure of 21.2 kmpl in first 2 days very sprase traffic city run. Today I took her on highways a bit fast and the MJD Is now showing me 16.8kmpl.
    I was facing a diesel clatter when the engine is cold, but I think that’s normal on any new diesel engine.
    I am very satisfied with the entire product and this makes me forget the buying ordeal. I hope I don’t face any niggling problems in future.
    The FIAT service has improved a lot , no wonder they stand no2 in JD power survey. The dealer and service networks should improve a lot.
    Looking forward for comments and advices.
  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    pics of the FIAT original seat covers in beige. the quality is very good. i was expecting better stitching of the head restrains though.
    Also the bonnet pic is to show the reflection after the teflon coat i did myself by spending 4 hours of laborious work ending up with back ache :hit


  6. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    she is real big and no way she can be accommodated in my closed parkings. so she has to stay outside. some back to back pics with my 6 year old beauty-alto
  7. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    Alls well that ends well. The moment u get the keys, u forget everything. Thats the effect linea had. njoy the beauty. Great pictures.
  8. Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    Congratulations! Excellent Review! Very well written!
  9. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    And, your Linea occupies two parking slots! Congratulations and best wishes, Italia-Linea, on becoming a proud owner of Linea. Enjoy driving your beauty.
  10. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Re: Italian beauty at its best, this time in Tuscan Wine- Li

    Car is looking fab . Shine is very good
    Keep a check on your right leg for first 1000 kms.
    If it's your first diesel car always make sure to fill diesel only
    Why is your steering and gear knob leather grey in color? It's black in mine
    I also suggest you to change these FGA black mats for Fiat Genuine Grey Mats they are of better quality. These black mats have some problem with shining black area to put foot ( Over time the stitching gets loose and they will create problem while moving your foot)
    Seat covers are also looking very good (I suggest to get the arm rest also done with seat cover, also get the head rests done again.)

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