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Issues with a brand new punto 1.3 mjd

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by louisjohn, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. louisjohn



    I did ask Fiat - Vikas Gupta on what bit rate the mp3 formats shud be.
    But no rply yet on this.

    I did try various bit rate CD/DVD burn ing but the fiat HU was not accepting same.
    But work on my Sony Home theatre and on my dell laptop thru winamp

    However I purchased a mp3 CD frm a retail store and it worked fine on the fiat HU

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    I did send a email to Mangesh Kodalkar / rajeev Kapoor Fiat India.
    They do not even have the courtesy to apologise .

    However the Cistomer service ashish bhatacharya did get back to me
    mentioning they are co ordinating with the dealer.

    What I really am pissed about is that I pay money for a virgin car and a european build
    and quality and end up with a bashed up one which needs to be checked and resolved
    at a local dealership.

    I am sure the car cud have been thoroughly check at Pune itself as looking at
    the sales numbers the factory does have lots of time for checking.

    My family and friends wanted me to buy Toyota Diesel Etios and Liva and with
    the factory in Bangalore at my doorstep

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    What can adit do ?? only set right Fiats mistakes.

    The car shud not have left the Fiat factory in the first place with these defects

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    Infact I asked Fiat - Vikas Gupta on what bit rate the mp3 shud be - no reply to this.
    So I experimented with various bit rate CD burnings - no accepting.

    But same CDs plays on my dell laptop winamp as well as my sony home theatre

    But I purchased a mp3 cd frm local retailer and this gets accepted
  2. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    I am not able to understand one thing did you get a car which had already been in an accident ?Why was not caught by the dealer / you during PDI.
    This is most probably a case of the dealer trying to palm off a TD/accident car.
    Have you tried playing the CD's in other punto's ? by this you will come to know if it is problem with your car only or a generic issue.
  3. louisjohn


    MP3 was not working frm day 1.
    PDI was done at 6~630pm at KHT kundanahalli
    Paint touch up was not noticed at that time ( only when I washed the car with sonax high gloss )
    did the touch up show.

    Emails are sent to rajeev kapoor / mangesh kodalkar - replies come frm customer service.
    Thats the situation now

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    ( July 2011 )
  4. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    so most likely you got a car which was in a minor accident at the dealer's yard or in transport , you need to take up the issue with the dealer .
    They have given you a used/demo/accident car.
    Check the CD in other FIAT;s to conclude about the problem
  5. louisjohn


    Hi .
    I had 3 cars earlier and self drove all cars extensively .
    Leave Bangalore at 3am to chennai and arrive in Bangalore at 10 pm
    likewise bangalore to Erode , bangalore to Tirupur on biz

    Casual Trips with family to Mangalore . udipi ,Hyderabad, mysore, kodaikanal .

    So the alingment was not done properly at Pune itself.
    This is not noticeable within city driving due to constant manoeuvrings.
    but on the highway you can observe.

    The fact is if the wheel alignment is not proper there will be unnecessary wear
    on your tires and replacement will be earlier than expected - customer is the loser
    as all tyres need to be replaced at same time - a costly affair
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    whats the manufacturing month of your car?
  7. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    We don't know if the car had these defects from the factory yet. In all probability, the car was involved in an accident while in the dealer's custody and hence all the problems of no washer fluid, repainted door's & alignment. I, again, add here, that a few Punto's did have the alignment problem so maybe you car too has this issue. But, we cannot rule out this problem being caused due the accident.

    I asked you this in my last post and I ask again.

    What was the odo reading on the car when you got it and was the H symbol on display on the MID screen when you got delivery?
  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @louisJohn: Bro, i do feel sorry for you, but you have only yourself to blame - you SHOULD have done a proper PDI before you accepted the car.

    I see that you are going on and on about how the car left Pune Factory with all the problems - DO you have any proof to back these allegations? Most probably, the car would have had an accident at dealer yard and the dealer did pass it to you. This can happen at any dealerships across any brand. If you follow other automotive forums, you can see this same incident repeating at many other manufactures.

    Personally, I do not think it is correct to blame the manufacturer for the mishaps happened at dealer - no one did force you to take the car with out a PDI, right?

    Did you check the VIN number of the car?
  9. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I secong anoop, a proper pdi shud be done in daylight and not when the suns comin down, blindly throwing everthing at the manufacturer is just hiding ur own inability to identity the issue. in most such cases its the dealerships tht r the culprits.
    Just think in a facility likes fiat's even if it the car got hit accidently, fixing it would have been a piece of cake for them back there itself, they would never send such a piece at the dealerships

    Harmony & chaos
  10. @Louis : Sad to know about your car..it feels really bad when you have paid so much and some thing is not correct.

    you should have done a thorough check during your PDI for dents and scratches..If you missed it then the best thing for you is to get the doors replaced by Fiat. And about he steering (dragging to left) should not be a major issue...it could be due to wrong tyre allignment or also may be due to bend rims.
    My car was also dragging to the left and the fault was a bent right from rim..after shifting it to rear...the problem was solved...

    What is the noise you mention from the steering wheel ? you generally get some vibration when you have turned the wheel to extreme conditions..this should be common with every fiat.
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