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Is there a problem with FIAT's brakes?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Bala, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Redbull,I was not left with anyother option but to take the car to the same T.A.S.S which goofed up with wrong oil because,the other TASS plainly said that they will not take the car in after 6PM,my car reached Chennai after accident only at 6.15PM.I found about the wrong engine oil from the part number in the bill and it was that of a petrol oil while my car was diesel.
    Gautam,yes,the radiator is changed as a unit,but the problem is my radiator is fine.But your experience gave me a hope that T.A.S.S is capable of reviving the car back to normalcy,though it might take months.
    Redbull,Do you mean that since accident FIAT cars do not have resale value I should not get it repaired and disown it??,practical idea,but this car was such an excellent machine untill this happened and Iam emotionally attached to it too,but certainly not at the cost of future safety
    Jummu,do you think that TASS people ask our consent for changing parts,it's all their will and wish,I even have the photographs of the intact headlight assembly,but right now am not questioning them because I have to take their help in the future too,in the ownership of car,other T.A.S.S in Chennai are arrogant and noncompliant.Besides Iam waiting for the insurance survey to be over to enquire about the final list of parts to be changed,because insurance guys will not blindly accept these guy's proposals.
  2. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?


    In my past experience with Maruti, Fiat, Hyundai and Fiat now, the SA keeps me informed of the parts to be changed either at the time of taking for service or if they see that a part requires change during repairs, they will call and get my concurrence. You have every right to determine what you are getting or paying. Dont shy away. Nobody will carry any grudge because you question ( they have som much work that they forget and move on ), infact they will respect you as a customer who is reasonably tough and one who cannot be taken for granted. Trust me, this is my experience and for sure I get very good treatment from SAs and Service managers.

  3. redbull


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    I thought so. I hope it was not a case of faulty updating of invoice or a printing mistake ::D

    I read in one of your earlier posts that you were hesitating to get the car fixed because the repair costs would not justify the sale value of a FIAT car which has accident history. I find this reasoning a bit strange. Not repairing the car, then its value is zero. Even if you cannot sell the car, you can keep it as a second car, still then it has some value. And insurance will cover most repair cost also. Then do some performance mods. Get an expert to look at the breaks.
  4. Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    I find Punto's breaks to be very effective. Much better than cars in the segment. Failures may be some random issue.
  5. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Typo in the title!!

    Moderators, please fix the typo in the title!

    It's 'brakes' & not 'breaks'.

    PS: I'm quite surprised to see that no one has pointed out the same.

    And yes, sorry for the OT post! :)
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    How I missed this thread? Seems last 1 month, I'm not able to visit forum regularly & hence.

    Extremely sorry to see you "hurt" due to disfigurement of your prized possession.

    First & foremost....

    • Get the Insurance survey done. Ask TASS to give final estimate, question them on every item like Turbo etc. Insurance company will fight for you as the loss is on them as well. Get to an estimate oput of which how much Insurance will pay & how much will be from your pocket. I still feel that the total estimate after insurance survey would be much much lesser.
    • Don't wait further. Start talking to Tata/ Fiat guys. Talk to Tata's regional manager for South. Be tough. Tell him that these same guys (Tata's own Service station) messed up by pouring Petrol Engine oil in your Diesel Linea. Tell him had you gone with a legal case, they all would have been still struggling
    • Talk to Fiat immediately. Tell them that Concord is out trying to rip you & you need a formal written response from Fiat on what all is needed to be changed. Send a detailed mail
    • Talk to Dr Ashwin (TFI ID Geeash). I just spoke to him today.

      Check More detail in a PM I'm going to send you.[/*:m:2fxvcmx0]

    I Have a feeling that your Linea will be back to pristine condition without too much cost to you. Cheer up !!
  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Thanks a tom Amit,Ive read the PM,shall follow your suggestions,but am tired of running behind these guys,they don't even answer mobile,last time too I wrote that they dont pick calls and were given an earfull by the south India incharge.Actually FIAT-India is good but T.A.S.S guys are very bad,they are employed and paid by FIAT,but they are mostly busy with TATA vehicles,since they are more in number to attend.Linea is a great car,spoilt squarely by these guys,but not all TASS are bad,the one in MADURAIin TN is very good and has all spares in stock.
    They don't understand that we don't treat our cars like a machine,which they actually do.
    Iam not only hurt by my Linea being hurt,am in bad temper and don't even feel like working properly with linea not at home.
    I still doubt that there was a wear with brake pads,which went unnoticed since the service interval is a huge one year interval.
    Thanks Amit.
    Even today,after all that I know about fiat-tata,I would still buy only a Linea,can not even think outside this great car.
  8. arun_chak


    Hi Bala,

    I know how you would be feeling, and to top these service TASS guys suck a big time. I am still waiting for the feedback from them on the break issue which they promised me in a day's time. Is there any possibility that we can have your story published in media (newspaper). I bet these guys will come to the terms. Also I found that the mail alias (Service@fiapl.com) is big time crap. They never respond back. And even if they do then they ask for details of the car and then never come back.
    Is there any way that we can reach to someone at fiat and narrate Bala's story. This could also happen to us :( .
  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Hi Arun,
    When ever I see a Punto on road,you and your car immediately come into my memory,yes,Punto is the best hatch around,but what is the use with doubts in mind about the most important part in the car-the brakes.
    Service@fiapl.com did respond to me immediately last year when there was an engine oil mismatch,but it had a CC to the CEO rajivkapoor,you should write it that way.Kindly sort out the problem immediately,for not only your welfare but also that of other FIAT Punto owners.This issue about the doubts with brakes scared me totally that it's very unlikely that I will ever buy a car in future.Public transport is very nasty and time consuming but atleast the you can sleep peacefully during the journey.About writting to journals,Iam very much in love with my car and was in awe all these months,to do that(write to journals) suddenly to FIAT,mind and heart doesn't allow
    About the possibilty of brake failure in my Linea,I forgot to recall a very important fact.
    Just a day before the accident happened,the car had been to another T.A.S.S to fix a problem,wet floor on the right side of the cabin.We thought it was a disconnected A/C drainage tube,but the S.A actually showed my Dad the entire drainage tube been bitten everywhere by rats and it was changed to a metallic pipe.
    So,could the rats have done damage to the brakes as well??? :uh
    Also the tail lamp cluster was changed on the same day,but that doesn't come anywhere in fiddling with the breakes though.
    Service guys at T.A.S.S are sickening and I don't even call them any more,they give the same answer anways and what is the use?,worse they intend to change parts unncesserily to inflate bills,knowing very well that insurance guys will not dipute over plastic parts,since they do not pay for them.I asked them as to why they are changing the headlamp when it's intact,only to be answered that otherwise there would be rattles and water leak into the lamps! :A
  10. royj

    royj Esperto

    :firey That is really sickening. Can you just demand that you will continue with the original parts as long as they are not broken, and any deliberate damage they cause they will have to bear. I guess one need to be really tough :hit and put some fear of God (or Devil if needed) on those SA.

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