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Is there a problem with FIAT's brakes?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Bala, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?


    Check the brake booster by applying pumping the paddle at engine idle.

    Paddle should become hard at 6th pump. After becoming paddle hard,hod it for 5 -10 Sec.

    Paddle should go slightly down. If yes Booster is OK

    then flush the brake oil & refill. Bleed the each wheel & connect the ECU Examiner for removing Clutch & Brake feasibility Error code if any.

    Then TD the car. Iam sure brakes will become all OK.

    If your bleeding is perfect then, Rule of Mr.Pascle will definatly work ::D
  2. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Its the Braking & Handling of GP & Linea , which makes it apart from other Cars

    I've no issues on brakes till now , & I must say "they are very responsive !"

  3. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Sorry to know about the whole affair Bala. I somehow tend to agree with your observation that driver could've pressed accelerator in panic and window driving suggestion. In what ever I have learned about accidents, human mind slows down the time and everything appears in slow. After the shock wears off, we tend to remember everything in great detail. Sorry for going OT.

    I can understand the dilemma you are undergoing, yet, I feel instead of blaming the brakes, you should be thankful to the build quality of the car. Since you have been given an estimate of close to one lac, I imagine the damage must be pretty extensive and severe and must've happened at a higher speed. Despite of this, if the car has managed to save the occupants, I guess credit should be given to the build quality rather than blaming the brakes (which I think the guy driving will also try to blame to pass on the buck).
  4. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Thanks Kaps for the kind words and concern.Yup,thanks to FIAT for the build quality
    The original estimate was Rs.98,500,yesterday the S.A when contacted dropped another bombshell,the TURBO in the engine needs to be changed,when I asked him why,he said that FIAT has asked the TURBO to be changed in all the cars with front collisions(so T-JET owners,be warned and you can enquire the cost of the TURBO in your imported engines,in my Indian MJD engine it costs Rs.50,000),so now the total estimate is Rs.1,50,000,seems like TATA a.s.s is trying to make up for all the bussiness lost.
    Though the accident was major,the only things that needed to be changed were the bumbers,grill,bonnet and fenders,but since repairing an accident car is the main bussiness and source of income for the A.S.S they have included everything that comes in the front one third of the car.
    1.Mine is an active variant,with no fog lamps,they have included them in the list.
    2.The headlamp cluster are perfect,but they have been included in the list at Rs.3,800 a piece
    3.Radiator and the radiator grill are fine,but they are included too
    The list continues(I had verified them with a mechanic,a relative who runs a shop),he told me all that needed to be replaced.
    Worse,I have made only 3 calls since this happened 10 days back and only once was the mobile answered.
    10 days after the car was left with the T.A.S.S,even the survey is not yet over,how will that be over when the T.A.S.S includes a part a day in the list as per their whims and fancies.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    ::D Every service center would do that. The most profitable company, read maruti, does it all the time (my father owns a maruti).

    Doesn't the survey is task of Insurance company, what are they doing? I understand insurance surveyor will authenticate the estimate given by Tata a.s.s.

    I doubt this statement from a.s.s. I don't think Fiat can say this. Anything needs to be shown as damaged to be replaced.
  6. arun687


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Sad to hear about that. Is there a possibility for you to try and approach another TASS near your area? I've a feeling these guys are taking you for a ride. Also, do not forget to keep putting pressure on them by complaining to FIAT directly, this way they'll atleast get it done ASAP.
  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    The survey is not yer over because they gave an estimate one week back,was taken to the insurance company,the insurance guys had come and now they are adding up things in the list.
    It is not possible to take the car now to another TASS,since they say that the car parts damaged in the accident have been removed.
    About writting this to FIAT,I think it was this reason that they are trying to milk me,because when they had used petrol engine's oil in my diesel car during the 2nd service,I wrote to FIAT,these guys were made to pay from their pocket for the oil and oil filter,which they had to replace after travelling 150 kms from their service centre and the guy responsible lost the job too,shifted to a lesser job,revenge time now for them.
  8. redbull


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Hi Bala, Why did you go to the same service station which managed to goof up some rudimentary book keeping thing like proper oil for proper engine? BTW how did you find out that the engine oil was not the one for your car?

    Any way if you feel there is no resale value for a accident FIAT car, then is it not better to get it fixed and keep it than having it as a mangled piece of metal. And I believe there may be some performance shops who can do a brake overhaul job for you.
  9. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Bala ,

    I dont mean to demoralize or scare you . I had a similar accident and my car got sandwiched between 2 cars . Although the damage only loked cosmetic . But FIAT ASS replaced everything that even had a scratch . They even changed oil coolant everything . And the explanation was standard procedure prescribed by FIAT . Cant help it . But as long as the car is new I'd rather get it done from FIAT . But 1.5 lakhs sounds a bit too much . My total bill was around 70 grand .They changed the radiator and since the radiator is not a single unit , it is sold as a cooling assembly it costs a whopping 16000 . The fun part is the radiator fan is plastic and so the entire part is considered plastic and so you have to bare 50% of the cost of the part .. lol ... I'll try and post scans of the accident bills
  10. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?


    My thoughts are with you on the issue. But I wonder, dont you as owner of the car have the right to assess your damage or agree to decide what parts are to be changed.? Imagine you are a TASC manager and it is your Punto in the scene here. Would you aree to all the con job that they are trying to do (replacing all unnecessay parts) ??. If the headlamp and radiator and grill are fine, then how the hell is the turbo affected. Dont agree to all that they say because everything is not free even if the insurance pays. You have to shell out your share and you have a right to determine the process to that share, as money does not grow on trees. If the TASC is adamant, then blow the whistle to the chief at the insurance company and report it to FIAT. Ultimately such costs are also part of ownership costs and experience.


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