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Is there a problem with FIAT's brakes?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Bala, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Jumu u said it right , @ Bala in ur case , don't get confused, Settle insurance claims , get ur baby repaired, If possible get ABS installed , Check whether it is poss.to add it to insurance claims, without mentioning it on paper, u can speak to service manager reg. that ,
    If u feel 98k is on higher side , get quote from other TASS

    If it is not possible to install ABS, better trade it off for another vehicle, ( But be sure it is a Fiat !!! )

  2. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    I really think your driver screwed up big time :hit . It seems he is just putting the blame on the brake. What i have felt is the new FIATs have best in class brakes.
  3. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Yes,Arun_chak,I remember your thread about the break issue in 1.2 Punto and that was why I started doubting the brakes,now I come to understand that the break issue of Punto is alltogether a different one from your explanation and others"
    Fatlove,I too agree that FIAT's brakes are the best,atleast I too thought that it was that way so far.But my Dad repeatedly says that it all happened slowly,he says he saw the Innova ahead and asked the driver to apply brake,the distance was getting shorter,he says that he asked the driver to apply brakes for the second time and he says that the driver applied brakes but still as he was watching the car rammed into the Innova,all these did not happen in seconds but happened very slowly.That was the reason for my fear and my doubts.May be the rain water running on the road did the damage.
    1.2 Punto owners,how do drive the car with doubts about the brake at the back of the mind all the time???
  4. Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Never ever faced the issue even in B2B traffic. So no doubt at all.
  5. arun687


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Hi Bala,

    It's sad to hear about your accident. I believe the insurance will cover for your damage, so I think you should go ahead and get it repaired, escalate it to Fiat management for faster action and spares availability.

    Now, regarding your worries about the brakes, what I think is that the driver is indeed at fault here. I also think the impact did happen at a fairly high speed, which your dad might not have realised very easily, simply because of the excellent road stability and speed masking of Fiat cars, as already stated by others earlier. This is just my thought, that I believe it is impossible to have got the entire front portion damaged without a high speed impact, especially with the vault like build of Linea.

    I'm just stating an example here of the video for Euro NCAP crash test of Punto.


    Here the impact for frontal tests happen at 64 kmph which is fairly high speed in Indian roads. Here the front portion gets fairly damaged, but for an impact of ~25kmph, I really doubt if there would happen such a serious damage for the repair estimates to be 98k. Also, did you ask your dad whether the wheels locked, as you mentioned there was water on the road? If the wheels locked, then it could have happened in any car without ABS if the driver slams the brakes in a low traction surface.

    Have you ever experienced low braking power when you were driving your car? If not, I highly doubt if there was any problem with the brakes at all, as what the driver says cannot be taken at face value, especially when you mentioned that he's a rash driver.

    I've been very happy with my 1.2 Punto so far and I only learnt about the braking issue at low rpm when I saw the thread here 3 days back. I'm coming from 9 yrs of driving a Zen and in zen when the rpm drops below idle rpm levels, the engine just stalls. In punto, it doesn't because of the anti stall mechanism in place. Hence, I've learnt driving in such a way that as soon as the engine gets to idle levels and I still have to slow down, I depress the clutch fully and there's absolutely no problem with braking. In fact, I don't think it is advisable to take the engine revs below ~900 levels without pressing clutch as the ECU is designed to pump more fuel to try and reach the idle levels, whereas the driver is continuously applying brakes to bring it down, here making it somewhat equalent to accelerating and braking at the same time. So the way I've been driving, I never had such situation of low rpm braking and hence never experienced it.
  6. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Thanks Arun for the detailed explanation,it was very useful and clarified sveral doubts.Thanks a ton.How to check,know if the the wheels have got locked in water,how would my Dad know??,anyways I shall ask him that.But all the Ambassadors and lakhs of Sumos don't have ABS too.As you've rightly said the speed might have gone unnoticed because of the stabilty that Fiat cars offer,but my Dad still insists that the car was not speeding which is very unlikely,because the damage speaks otherwise so much so that I even asked Dad if the driver had pressed accelarator instead of brakes?!
    Idealy one should get over these things fast,but what we are discussing at home is about the future too with the car.The car had done 30k kms and was about to go for 3rd service this week,so was the break pad worn and was it time for change and we did not know that since the service interval is a huge one year and in Indian conditions, where brakes are many more times frequently used than in European conditions,so the service interval in Europe might not work in India???,but we did send the car for all the free camps that Fiat had conducted.
    From this experience I would suggest all members to take the car to T.A.S.S at 5k kms interval and get a paid service done and all future car buyers of all brands to buy cars only with ABS,EBD,AIRBAGS.
    Thanks Arun.
    In another thread I had written what the S.A told me repeatedly,three times:
    1.you have bought a FIAT car,spares are not easily available.
    2.spares have to come from Pune,which is difficult.
    3.If you had bought a TATA car I could have given back the car in 3 days,but with FIAT car I can not even roughly tell the time span.
    Is Mr.Rajeev Kapoor paying these guys to tell us that we should have bought a TATA car??
  7. arun687


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Your dad might have heard noise of tires screeching had the wheels got locked in the accident. So ask him that.

    I believe FIAT must have taken the Indian conditions into account when fixing the service schedule. More importantly, if you never felt any issues with the brake just few days before the accident, I think it is only fair to give the brakes the benefit of doubt and think that the cause of the accident was indeed human error, IMO.

    The SA should have never said something like that. What he's forgetting is that he's representing FIAT as a company when he's dealing with a FIAT customer, not just TATA. Instead he could have said that he'll try and source the spares as soon as possible and get it done as fast as he can, which is ideally what he should do as well. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the JV with TATA. Just shoot a mail to FIAT stating the details and the spares should come within a week or two I think. And yea, waiting for spares is also with most manufacturers apart from Maruti I think. :confused

    Accidents do happen and I think this is no reason enough to ditch a car, especially something as good as a Linea, just my thoughts. Hope you make the right decision that's best for you and your family. :up
  8. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    From the manner in which the SA said that it would be a faster fix if it had been a TATA product, it reflects the bent of mind the guys in the TATA FIAT combo dealership have. Earlier it was only in the sales that they were trying to push TATA vehicles. Now it shows that same attitude is seen in the service arena too :A :A :A . FIAT better be aware of this. Pls mention this in your mail to FIAT for the spares.

  9. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Owner's Safety,Brake,Road Stability,Suspension,Ride & Handling,Robustness
    these are always top priority of FIAT.

    I never takes doubts on above while buying any FIAT Car
  10. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Sorry Bala for the unfortunate event, thank God that all are safe.
    I would like to comment on the S.A's points.
    1. Spares are available, point is that dealer will not order in time. :firey
    2. As if Pune is in deep Africa ::OO , come on man if they order in time, they spare will reach within 15 days.
    3. If they don't have the expertize, tell that frankly. what if it was Manza, which is made by FIAT at Pune factory? :boxer

    Also to mention I own 1.2 Active for last 1 year, the brakes are good enough to stop the vehicle during panic braking.
    Also I suggest to go for a new car (may be T-Jet) than repairing, as later on the accident repaired car will give you trouble.


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