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Is there a problem with FIAT's brakes?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Bala, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Problem/failures with breakes of 1.2 Punto have been repoted in this forum
    Three days back,my Linea met with a major accident,rammed into the vehicle ahead,the entire front portion is gone(passengers are safe thanks to God)and I've been given a quotation of Rs.98,500.
    Yes,the driver is a bad one,a reckless rash driver who has a bad habit of going very close to the vehicle and then applying brakes.But,this time around my father was with him and he is a strict person.My Dad says this time there was traffic and hence no question of speed and he says that the driver applied brakes,since he himself warned and asked the driver to apply breakes and still the car rammed into the vehicle ahead(driver insists that even the hand brakes were applied).Again mine is an active version with no ABS or EBD(if abs could have helped then other cars plying in the same road too did not have abs) ,still the breakes were great.My father rather blaming the driver blames it on a pool of rain water present there for the brakes not working,again the situation was the same for the other thousands of vehicle plying in the same NH.So,the natural question about brakes arrises.
    This is not to blame FIAT or creat panic,but only to caution other members to check their brakes.Also did you guys raise the question of the break problem in 1.2 Punto when you visited the factory??
  2. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    My Brake Padle was little bit hard.
    I replaced whole Brake Fluid & bleeded the all hydraulic line.
    Problem solved.

    FIAT recommendes Replacing Brake Fluid for every 24 month. But my advise is, Replace it after every rainyseason.
    Because dut to humidity,Brake Fluid gets contamination.


    Change even after 6-8 months for effective braking.
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    I am extremely sorry to hear about the accident, Bala. :shocked

    As regards to the brakes in my Linea, I am fully satisfied with it. I just returned from 6148 km, 18-day long mega trip spanning across 7 states of India. I drove in various road conditions including heavy downpour with bumper-to-bumper traffic in Jaipur-Agra and Agra-Delhi stretch. I didn't find anything wrong with the brakes. Based on your description, the reckless driver should be solely blamed for this accident, IMO.
  4. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    That's a bad news bala. Thank God all the passengers are safe.
    You should fire the driver. I am 100% sure that it was the drivers fault.
    According to your dad there was traffic, unless he was driving at very fast speed. ( The whole front portion of the car can not be destroyed unless driving at very high speed) As you know linea masks speed so beautifully that even if the drver was speeding your dad would have been thinking that speed was slow.
    The driver must have got nervous and he slammed the brakes as water was there on road the tires skidded ( When driving in rains always maintain some distance and for braking always brake by increasing pressure slowly never slam the brakes on wet road
    When slamming the brakes always shift down according to vehicle speed or the car will stall and brakes would stop working. (Learnt it the hard way)
    Brakes on Linea are super A++ have been saved from many accidents due to brakes.
    The estimate given is big I hope that insurance company takes care of all the damage. Can you post some pictures of the damaged areas.
  5. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Iam totally confused as to what to do.
    The vehicle's value after depreciation,even if there was no accident would be only Rs.4 lakhs,last year the insurance guys had vauled it at 5 lakhs,so does it makes sence to spend Rs.1lakh for a 4 lakh rs vehicle,with doubts in mind about the most crucial part,the brake??,or spend 3 or 4 lakhs more and buy peace byuing a new car,going with herd mentality of the Indian public(it's justified in a way I should say)and buy something which an x,y or z buys.
    Even I was confident about the brakes,(in the thread-one thing in fiat cars which made you passionate about FIAT,I had mentioned brakes)it was part in the car which I liked the most in Linea,but now doubts linger after reading brake problems in 1.2 Puntos
    The quotation given too is unreasonable,parts which are intact like head lights assembly that works fine is in the list at 3,800 rs each a piece
    Iam totally confused and haven't yet filled the insurance form and I have no time or energy to run behind insurance guys,t.a.s.s guys and Mangesh/Rajiv Kapoor and co
    Thank you Amol,Raviji and Vijay khasa for your feedback and kind words.
  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?


    Even the best brakes are zero effective when done in panic unless you have an ABS.That is where ABS shows its value. (When you panic). You can try panic braking at speeds as low as 2--30 kmph and you will see that your wheels lock up and you slide into the car in front. It happened with me with my earlier M800 as well as Santro. Even a normal mercedes would lock up and slide more so when you are in a higher gear. So don't base your opinion on a particular incident and that too in a event where you were not the driver to have a first hand account. It is a basic rule that you need to maintain a 10 metre distance with the vehicle in front and in rain or wet road you have to increase that distance by 50%
    Dont break your head on such an issue. Accidents happen suddenly and that is why it is called accident. there is only so much that a man machine interface can do . situations determine the remaining. Go ahead and get your baby nursed back and enjoy the machine as you did before this incident. There is no guarantee that such events will not happen in an X y z car. Pray God and Cheer up

  7. arun_chak


    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?


    Very sorry to hear this. If you remember I was the one who reported 1.2 break issue in the forum sometimes back. But that happened to me on a bumper-to-bumper traffic. And I am pretty sure in such a traffic you cannot exceed 15-20kmph and 1000 rpm. From your description of the damage I can conclude that the driver was at a pretty high speed, and that he missed to apply breaks properly. Your dad could be unaware about this. I am happy that there was no casualty. God is great...
  8. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    @Bala. sorry mate.

    1.2 brake hardness is completly diffrent and specific issue. Don't think that issue in your case. Also, FIAT sent 1.2 Punto to ARAI testing again, after receiving comlaints fro customers. ARAI found 1.2 engine 100% good.

    1.2 needs sense of driving, thats for sure.

    Your driver was yhe culprit.
  9. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    I had taken TD of 1.2 also.

    As per Torque & gear ratio, I also agree that 1.2 require some differant style while driving.

    With 12 years Driving Experience,I says,FIAT cars need special driving tacts because I have used Premier Padmini,FIAT UNO.

    You can not drive the FIAT cars as per same driving style of Jap/Korean cars.
  10. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Re: Is there a problem with FIAT's breakes?

    Bala - Really sorry and sad to read about the accident.

    I am also mad at the way you are putting the blame on the brakes. :confused You are aware that you are giving your priced possession to a Rash Driver and then blame the car /brakes for the damage. The road is full of idiots who just somehow manage to get away with their non-sensical driving. :uh This one couldnt . Simple ! :A

    Some of you are also mentioning that FIAT has to be driven differently . All i have to say is that all cars have to be driven in only one way - Sensibly ! :confused1

    Things can go wrong with machines but I feel that the Brakes on the Linea are the best. My friends who have driven my car have all been praise for the way the brakes respond . Taking good care of the brakes and changing the brake pads on time also can save lot of trouble.

    i completely agree with jumu that the only thing you need to do now nurse her back to her best health and get a new driver immediately ::T

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