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Is Punto 1.3 Diesel Active a good car to buy in India?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by giri, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    To be frank we had owned many cars. I had a WagonR, Logan, Scorpio and a xylo too. People say, "Maruti's service is best in india". I say "hell no!!". Maruti guys spoiled my WagonR by adding something into the engine oil saying it'll remove the slug present in it. Which resulted white smoke and all of a sudden one day, car's engine got seised..whatever people say, TASS atleast takes your permission to fiddle with your car. I hope you understand my point.
  2. Manilruben

    Manilruben Amatore

    +1 to maruthi service issues my friends swift has visited ASS almost every 30 after purchase i am here to say that the service is worst or best but i am saying there is no dedicate forums where one can share the +ve _ ve of other brands. But by all means owning FIAT is by the heart and when that is accomplished issues big or small may not matter to you.

    Most TFIAN's complain about plastic quality & ASS though it is true but from my eyes the reason being i am in love with my BLUE FOX (90 HP MJD).

    Rest in terms of SAFETY , DRIVING EXPERIENCE , DURABILITY, it would be very few things which you finnd missing as compared to a cruze or a audi.

    so go by the heart and you will never ever repent that you owned a FIAT else ...
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  3. Anish_A


    Hello Giri

    I'm also planning to buy my new car and hence will in the same shoe as ur in...........:)

    My criteria b4 buying the car was:

    1> Safety
    2> Mileage
    3> Durability
    4> Diesel
    5> Hatchback & good looks
    6> New feature like instant mileage and others features available in the latest cars
    7> Most important of all needed to be in my budget.

    Since i stay @ BTM close to hosur road in bangalore picked up my Dad whose another car enthusiastic like me and went for trail drives on our Activa.(it's a lot easier than my Scorpio)

    Cars that i tested on a saturday

    1> Toyata Liva
    2> I20
    3> Skoda Fabia
    4> Volkswagen Polo
    5> Maruthi Swift
    6> Chevrolet Beat
    7> Honda Brio

    The Punto test drive was on Sunday as they said they will get the car home.

    Outright Reject

    Toyata Liva--> cheap plastic, noisy Engine, no looks, under performed car
    Hyundai I20 -->Beyond budget, under powered, Lower mileage, bad build quality. Although i fell for the looks i need to admit that.
    Chevrolet Beat--> Under powered and cramped seating @ the back, --> great mileage though.
    Honda Brio--> Pertol version and hated the looks. But beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so i could be wrong.

    So i was now left with four brilliant cars a tough one to decide from here and i knew that it will be a tough call to make.

    1> Skoda Fabia
    2> Volkswagen Polo
    3> Maruthi Swift
    4> Punto -->yet to test drive the car

    Skoda Fabia--> German Engineering

    prime, polished, elegant, spacious and i can go on for this car.
    The best is the build qlty and the finish.

    Reasons for opting out:

    The top end is overly priced, Maintenance, parts and service are on the higher side.

    The mid segment comes without any safety features although they claim that the BOSH braking is the best in this class.
    It does not have any music system that comes standard with the car again in the midsegment.
    Neither has New feature like instant mileage average milage, blue tooth and others features available in the new cars

    **It is a 3 cylinder TDI engine making a lot of vibration and sound (old technology).
    You can start the engine, stand out side and listen to the sound of the engine and it's gonna sound vulgar. You also have sound inside the car.

    Volkswagen Polo: Again the German Engineering.

    prime, polished, elegant, spacious, laser welding at edges (unique to this car only), built to qlty.
    Personally if I had the money i would have gone for this car. A unique and superb engineered car. it is a top-notch safety car.
    The looks are also great on this car and has some great option on the screen aswell (latest tech). Top End only

    Reasons for opting out:
    The top end is overly priced close to 8.7lacs, Maintenance, parts and service are on the higher side similar to Skoda.
    Met a customer at the showroom and he informed me that the service took nearly a week and the parts are also not available.
    He was actually cribbing on buying this car. :(

    There is a beam that is running in the middle of this car and is causing an issue with his legroom for the person sitting in the center.
    so it eventually makes it a four person car.

    There are hardly any differnece between the trendline & comforline and the highline is nearly a lac+ making me think twice.

    I thought of picking the comforline and customise it.To my horror we cannot fix a system or the speakers nor the autocop or make any change sto the electrical connections.
    All stuff that i wanted to customise will fall into the showroom and i will evenetually shell out quite a large sum of money whcih means i can verywell go for highline.

    It is a 3 cylinder TDI engine making a lot of vibration and sound (old technology).
    Engine noice is heard inside the car.
    So rejected .:(

    Maruthi Swift: Japan & Indian Engineering. Great car, nice looks, has all new features and a good mileage aswell.
    Crazy pickup in the inital gears.

    Reasons for opting out: I don't like maruthi. Although it cannot be the reason.:)
    The build to quality is not at all good.
    The safety feature are available but is hardly good enough. ABS was not all that great at high speeds.(testing @ 120 KM+ speed)
    The wait time is nearly 8+ months. i dont have that time either.
    The service guyz and the people whose dealing with the client sucks big time.
    The paint qlty dimisnishes over time.
    Suspension not all that great it gives jerks when it goes over a pothole.
    So rejected .:) and wasn't i happy about it.
    Oh yeah forgot It's shabby @ the corners not a great car trends to drift @ corners.

    Fiat Punto: Italian Engineering Grande Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion 76 HP

    It was a bright Sunday morning when the concorde guyz came in and i went for a test drive.
    Dad,wife,Sales Officer n me.

    I was very clear in my mind that i wanted to go for a Skoda Fabia @ that point.
    Testing Punto was to check a few more things that i wanted in a car and also that the concorde guyz had come home.

    First thing i noticed: the looks boy o boy that was good, manly and it attracted me the first time i saw the car.
    Now the worm was in my mind and it started making those strange notation making me think over my choice which had already pre-decided on Fabia.

    Took it to hosur road
    Strapped the seat belts
    pushed it to the first gear amazing declutch the vehice moved to first and then to second and i felt that there was no power under the hood for this car.
    Short gears and was not all that great. i was bored and wanted to give it back but then thought for a moment and drove it.

    Shifed to the third and the the torue and the pulse came kicking out of this car. Turbo kicks in @ 2000 rpm unlike the polo n fabia which is @ 1500 rpm
    Moves like a super machine from the third on to the fourth and then to the top gear i swept the car to 140 in notime.
    The hood had some great power. Believe me thsi car seriousally has a "heart"

    I simply started liking this car now. The AC was good and so was the milage as i could get all instant reading on the screen.
    Tested the braking and found that at high speeds it actaully skids and also drifts

    I have posted on this site and the Fiat Lovers have claimed that it was an issue with the car.

    Spoke to the main technical lead who had come to corcorde and he said it was incorrect and has offered a test drive on another car with him also available to check and comment.
    I should be done with that tomorrow. Althogh i have already tested my friends car and it does not skid or drift. so pretty positive on this car also.

    MY Main Reason for going for this car

    1> Safety
    First car in the segment that comes with ABS in mid range so safety is in.

    I didn't want airbags cos if it even blows out once it will coast me a lac to fit it and it is not covered under insurance .:(
    I believe ABS should be good enought to stop an accident although it can be never said. I'm taking a chance on it.
    2> Mileage
    16 in city and 20 in highway.
    My friend is getting 22 in highway
    3> Durability
    Highly durable
    4> Diesel
    5> Hatchback & good looks
    Looks to die for i felt. :). Again beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so i could be wrong
    6> New feature like instant mileage and others features available in the new cars
    Comes with all latest feature that can be accesed go get my milage, service records and etc etc.

    7> Most important of all needed to be in my budget.
    I'm picking the second variant (Dynamic) 7.25 on road in Bangalore.
    All other cars are either greater or does not have the features that i want in the segment.

    A few more reasons:
    1> I can customize this car to my needs. For the midsegment comes with a 14" wheel and I want a 15" alloy and new tyres. Additional cost 20K.
    I don't like the default alloys that comes for this car. one more reason for choosing mid-segment.
    2> I can customize the music system speakers. on top end i'm not sure if i will do it after paying a lac additional. :(
    3> Service is once in a year and is right next to my house
    4> Post service is not all that costly
    5> Resale value of the car is good and can fetch u better returns
    6> Sturdy on highway
    7> Great controls and even better at the corners.
    8> Short gears gives me the eaze of driving in city as the vehicle does not knock even in 3rd gear at low speeds. (An advantage in disguise.)
    9> Great colors and paint quality
    10> Good A/C
    11> good ground clearance on 2012 model only
    12> Self satisfaction and happiness.

    These are my reasons for nailing down on a Punto.

    Althogh the hatchback segment does have a tough competeion when it comes to the B+ Segment of cars.
    Fabia, Polo, Punto, Swift all stand a good choice and chance of winning it and is worth the money.

    IMO I feel "it more the car that chooses it's owner and not the owner who chooses his car".
    It's how the car makes u feel and how well u blend with the soul of ur car that matters.

    Choose Wisely and listen to ur inner self and intution when you buy the car.
    They will never go wrong. :)

    Wow this ones really long. :)

    Good Lucks
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  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Make that Czech Engineering with German donations. :)

    Cheers. That was one helluva post by the way.


    Grande Punto 1.3
    Punto Active ...
    My Reasons to consider Punto Active.

    1. Budjet
    2. Solid Build Quality ( After long time i drove I20 Yesterday ) i felt unsafe in the car. IMO i felt doors are so light compared
    to punto.
    3. Suspension : Drive a punto for about 15-20KM and dont care about potholes and small speed breakers.
    Then Drive any car in its segment. I bet that no car matches punto's Suspension ( I20, Swift, Vista, Ritz and Beat)
    4. Rattle Free Car. My Car done with 15000 KM . Till now no single noticeble Rattle appeared.
    Around 9000KM i drove in rural roads and highways.
    My bros swift started rattling after 5000KM.
    5. Great Mileage i use to get 22-23KMPL whenever i drive to my village.
    6. Just Compare Punto Active with Maruthi Swift-LDI . See the difference.
    7. Braking Response in Punto is too good. I personally think it is best in class.
    8. Hot Looks. Every day you can see your car in new angle.

    To sumup....go for Punto Active if you are concerned about budget else go ahead with Emotion Pack.
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    That was one detailed post!!
    I wanted to share my opinion on the reasons quoted above for not going with the variant with airbags.
    1. They are a safety feature so do not compromise on them for any reason except a very tight budget.
    2. God forbid if they have to deploy in some incident, they might have saved a life or two. In that situation the last thing you would worry about is a lac rupees.
    3. Since they are non metallic parts their 50% cost is covered under normal insurance. However you have the option of upgrading your policy to a zero depreciation one by paying roughly 40-50% more than the normal policy amount. In that they would be fully covered by the policy.

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