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Is it fine to buy a Punto if it's my first Car?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Relativity, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    I don't know how Punto will feel for a first time user. For me it was my third car and it handles better than anything I have experienced till now. But I am certain of one thing. If you take Punto as your first car, then you are definitely going to set pretty high standards for riding comfort and handling for your second car which very few manufacturers can match.
    I think you have already had this thought, but let me put it to you again. Which bike would you choose if you want to change your Enfield? It will be almost the same with Punto.
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  2. sungoa2010


    Punto is a internationally accepted hot hatch. It is as popular as maruti in India in many European countries and it is full fledged hatch.
    Considering the price at which other cars(swift and polo) are sold Punto deserve(top variant) a higher price for the equipment,comfort and dimension.
    It is just because the sales are down the company cannot price it higher. A 3 cylinder 1.2L polo is 7.2 ex showroomom). Any justification?

    I haven't experienced any problem with punto's turning radius and the gear is a butter smooth. And 185mm GC ipsychologicalical relief on Indian roads.
    Go for Punto and add life to your drive.
  3. bak

    bak Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Punto is my first car, I am totally satisfied with driving comfort, features (auto lock, instantaneous milage, follow-me home headlamps, exact door open warning which are small but significant), build quality (special mention of engine guard, saved me couple of times when I went over bumps at high speeds and non existent roads). I am ok with ASS (no issues as such) and really satisfied with RSA.
  4. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Ya,if you are an adventurous person,knowing few mechanical things about cars as to how to fix various issues.
    Car is great,but the A.S.S??,don't even think about it,even as you buy a new car,buy a few spares too as and when available along with the car.
    Not a difficult car to drive for a newbee.Just close your eyes and buy and don't even ask any one about A.S.S,spares availbility,etc.Gear is notchy ofcourse.
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  5. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I was just looking up Sedan prices on cardekho and a Ford Ikon 1.4TDCi is just 560,000 on road. Even a Swift LDI costs more. What am I missing here?
  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    Going for Punto as your first car is actually a dream come true for most newbies, many of whom normally start from the bottom of the ladder car. The only problem I envisage for you is that you will be straightaway experiencing one of the best dynamic handling hatches in its segment or beyond and in the process you will get used to it that you wont like any other cars handling.

    Another problem is that you wont know what a bad handling car is until you shift to the next manufacturers car or buy a second car for your family at a a later date, and in the process your appreciation of Puntos dynamics would be less to that extent

    Getting used to the vagaries of any car is just a matter of few days.. GO for it.
  7. teky

    teky Esperto

    Is Ikon even available for sale in BS4 cities? Also I don't think diesel would be available. Why would you want to put money on a such a old platform plus maintenance will be on higher side.

    Punto is my first car as well, I've got used to it very well. The C pillars are a bit of pain whilst reversing but that's about it. It's a low slung car built for a purpose and why would you want to see the bonnet lines. I've set my car seat at the lowest possible position and drive based on the judgement.

    Regarding service in Chennai it's okay. It all depends on your rapport with SA and people out there. My car went in for a problem with front door locking without prior appointment and was the first to be attended. Once they replaced the door lock under warranty I drove the car out even without the bill and gate pass as I was getting late for a meeting. I find them generally accommodating, but the problem is they are over worked.

    Good luck with your car quest.

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  8. retropoppers


    I was just trying to check on the fiat website.. i dont see any PUNTO-90HP variant on the website !!
    Has Fiat stopped production of 90HP in india with the advent of the 2012 models ?
    With the decision of FIAT being an independent entity PUNTO indeed becomes the best choice in diesel hatches.
    If 90hp is not available anymore, then you can also get i20crdi-sportz tested - its also a good powerhouse diesel hatch.
  9. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    It is said that Fiat will launch updated Punto 90 hp and Linea T-JET. god knows when.
  10. omzworld


    Now my words would sound best in the present scheme of thing.
    Why??? Cuz I learnt my driving in Punto!

    I had taken 10 driving classes in i10 and then bought Punto Emotion MJD (withut test drive of course). I had read enough reviews across the web for a year at least and had enough confidence in collective knowledge of so many die hard fans!

    1st day of driving Punto - "Wooof! its huge and big" That was my answer to a colleague when he asked how is the car!
    2nd day - Steering feels a bit heavy. Long clutch travel feels good in those traffic. Good for a newbie like me. Turbo lag is a bit of issue while trying to pull from low rpm
    1 week later - Took her out on highway run. Car feels made for me! Everything feels for a purpose. I don't know how i10 would have behaved but feels like I have been driving this for a month now. Traffic doesn't bother at all. People say turning radius is huge but hasn't bothered me
    1 month later - Went for full driver's licence in i10. 1st reaction - What kind of toy is this? Why is the clutch so short(Engine will stall so often)? Why I don't know where I am going(Steering is pathetic to say the least)?

    4 months and 3200Kms later - Yesterday when went to Devarayanadurga(200Kms up n down), overtaking many swifts, polo, ritz; cornering at 80s; ang getting mileage of 18.8kmpl - feels so good its my 1st!:)
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