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Is it FGP F.I.R.E Dynamic or MJD Active

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by krismask, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Congratulations on the MJD booking. I am sure you will never go wrong with this decision. The wait is the worst part after the booking, but dont worry once you sit behind the wheels you will forget the anxious moments you had.

    Thats the biggest plus of being on the forum. Hope to read your ownership reviews soon.
  2. Abhi_abarth

    Abhi_abarth Timido

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Congratulations on the wise decision. I will be waiting for your ownership thread.
  3. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    PDI completed :)

    hello everyone,
    I have finally got closer to taking delivery of my Punto Active 1.3. Will be taking delivery coming Friday, 15th November. I've decided Punto sometime in June but had to delay the purchase for various reasons. It was indeed a long wait yet I was perfectly fine with it. It gave me enough time to decide on what variant , color and accessories I needed. While I was patiently waiting, TFI helped to go past those waiting days. I was always hooked up with this forum and never felt the wait was long.

    Have completed the PDI today with the help of TFI check list. Here's the summary of the PDI

    1. VIN number was MCA11814E07048943JKZ. If am right, it is September 2013 make.
    2. No Visible dents/scratches seen
    3. All mechanism's were tested as per PDI check list.
    4, I carried a CD/MP3 CD, and it worked fine.
    5. Tyres were JK Tyres 165/80 R14.
    6. Battery installation date was showing 16th September 2013.
    7. MID was showing the mileage as H 14.
    8. Engine sounded just fine.

    Possible Issues which I will request the dealer to cross check/fix before delivery.

    1. Front passenger side door, I found it difficult to open the door using the knob inside. While other three doors sounded fine and smooth, this door was hard.
    2. Tilt Steering - I was unsure how to lock the position after tilting it, Sales person didn't accompany me and its just that I may have to learn how it works.

    I still to decide on the following

    1. Zero dep insurance
    2. Extended warranty
    3. Sports decals
    4. I am not sure if 3M under body coating is really necessary for a new car ? FIAT cars do come with under body coating, correct me if am wrong.

    Some details about what is part of the deal and what's not. OTR was sealed @ 5.8 Lakh. Though I expected I can settle for 5.7, it didn't happen. But still I guess this is a good deal in Chennai since the Registration & Taxes are second highest in India and Bengaluru being the highest.

    Deal includes
    1. floor mat, mud flaps, reverse parking sensors.

    Additions from my pocket
    1. Painting of door handles and ovrm in body color. Getting 50% discount here.
    2. Adding Xenos remote control from dealer at 4.5 K. Its more than the market. Just worried about adding it in market due to warranty void clause.
    3. Seat covers - planning to put from market post delivery.
    4. Full floor mat - From market post delivery

    I will start a initial ownership thread/dealership experience soon. Thanks again to TFI'ans for helping me to decide on Punto. Of course, I did carry a camera and have attached some snaps taken at the the dealer's stock yard.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg






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  4. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Congrats kris on doing PDI of ur soon to be Punto.
    You will learn how to lock tilt steering once you get used to it.
    5.8 on road chennai is very good deal,Yes Karnataka comes first in charging more tax:evilsmile
    Dont get sport decal on your Punto.Btw,which dealer's stockyard is this?stockyard is filled with lots of Punto & Linea.
    Get Absolute mud flaps instead of big cheap Tata type mud flaps,Dont get underbody coating as Fiat does underbody coating in factory.
  5. krismask

    krismask Amatore

    Thanks Nadeem for clarifying on the under body coating. The snaps were taken from RDC's yard in Ramavaram-Chennai. I am also upsizing the tyres to MRF ZLO 185/70 R14 from Stock JK Tornado 165/80 R14 as soon as I take delivery. After reading through several posts in our forum, I understand this is the best up size for R14 and should have very negligible impact on GC and mileage.

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2013
  6. krismask

    krismask Amatore


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