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Is Fiat's ASS Really Bad ???

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Sumit, Aug 5, 2011.


    BASAVPAT Timido

    As I had mentioned before in this Forum, I always had good after sales experience with FIAT since August, 2000.

    To put it, Dealers and ASS reflect the face of the Company. Professionalism with Dealer/ASS will defineitely give way for smiles on the car owners faces. I agree that ASS has improved a by miles but still they have to improve a lot.

    The main grouse with every FIAT owner is that dealers are not keeping enough stock of SPARES and to have a spare, FIAT owner has to bell the doors of FIAT Executives many a time, thats a sad part.

  2. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have posted this earlier. I have my old WagonR. My last two servicings with Maruti were pretty bad experiences. They themselves said that there are too many vehicles for them to manage.

    Regarding the Punto, I have had two servicings, and a few routine visits to the NOIDA dealer. So far I have not had a bad experience.

  3. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    I really don't think so. Some guy in father father's office broke one of the keys of his dzire. The other one he lost it :A It took two long months to get the keys!! Until then, huh, the car was standing at the same point where it was standing 2 months earlier! :D Now if that's good, what's bad??
  4. redbull


    FIAT should ask all TATA service centers to do regular services and minor jobs. In my hometown there is a TATA service center but it is not FIAT authorized. I am not sure if I want to take the car there.
  5. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    cant believe it
    OT..maybe the key was made of special metal unobtanium found on planet pendora. ass sent thier rocket swift to fetch it ASAP taking 2 months.
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  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Jayadev bhai the metal is found under water. That is why another Dejire was found trying to go underwater. :D
  7. royj

    royj Esperto


    In my experience the Fiat service is as good as any other better hyped ones. Just a few days back I got reminded of the service I had with Hyundai when I went with a colleague to collect his i10 after service. The car was delivered in the office and my friend gave me the bill to verify. The bill came to a little over 4K for the free service which included charges for Teflon coating, wheel alignment and balancing, weights, oil and filter.
    When I looked at the wheels, I couldn't find any weights attached, and when I asked the guy about it, he said they are put in the back side of steel rims! hand over the salt please..
    When my friend tried to lock the car with the Minda remote it did not work. Friend said he had specifically asked them to correct this issue but the ASS did not do that work.
    While my Santro thankfully did not give any major issue during the 8 years of ownership, the service was so-so with them charging for every little thing. I never had a service that was below 3K except the first two free service. The Autocop installed by the ASS failed and I had to go without remote door opening for almost 10 months before I could get them fixed.
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    4k for a ''free'' service.:confused:

    I wonder how much will they charge when the labour would be charged.
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Service experience is a combination of several things:

    • Service center network - availability of Service center
    • Need or Frequency of visiting Service Center (related to Quality Control)
    • Technical expertise of Service Center
    • Spare Parts availability

    I owned 2 cars till now - Linea & Ford Ikon.

    Fiat has taken care of the 1st point i.e. Network. Believe me this is one of the most important element. Imagine that a company has only 40 Authorised Service Center (ASC) & you've to run around first to find an ASC.

    Fiat has a scope for improvement in QC. Far too many times, a customer has to visit TASC for small small items which can be avoided if QC is top notch. Vendor selection is also a key item impacting QC. Am not sure if Palio or Siena also has such small niggles - Palio/ Siena owners can confirm.

    Using TASC facilities, technical expertise can never be top of the class. TASC's are like organised local garages. My impression is that they work on Jugaad rather than technical expertise. Sometimes, in the process, such Jugaad results into a customer visiting TASC more no. of times than he should be as such Jugaads or short-cuts results into other minor issues.

    Spares availability is an area where Fiat needs to improve vastly.

    My overall experience with Fiat Service has been good - Points 1 & 4 above are well taken care of. Not faced spares availability issue (except for Fuse box lid clips).

    My Ford service experience was also good. Never had to visit ASC except for regular service & twice Fuel Pump failure. No niggles. However, I had a feeling that I had to be very careful not to allow the dealer ripping off me.
  10. redbull


    This one still has scope for improvemnet. As I said in my last post, FIAT is still like an exclusive brand in India i.e. Skoda, VW, Nissan etc which general Indian junta will not touch because of lack of service center. But this situation can be remedied because TATA has good reach in small places also. Like if I had to get a rattle fixed, I do not want to go to a non authorized center and void my warranty. Things like oil top up, which are run of the mill, things which do not require too much technical expertise can be done by these local garage type TASCs with FIAT's blessings.

    I personally feel FIAT is not able to take full advantage of their partnership with TATA, which otherwise would have given them really good reach to every nook and corner of the country.

    Just to add what availability of service centers can do. There are no FIATs in my hometown, but Chevrolet manages to sell Cruze because they have dedicated sales and service.
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