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Introducing PASTA - The I(nd)talian treat

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by rana, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Rana, Nishant and Satyajit --> guys please post some snaps of your beauties along with a detailed review. You guys are having all the fun with the Jet, atleast let us see some good snaps and enjoy
  2. rana

    rana Novizio

    1000 kms update

    Avg Mileage (ya the kitna deti hai question) - 8.5 kmpl --- all in city driving... i dont know what to say....

    Niggling issues -
    1. Brake Noise - There are two kinds of braking noise - One while braking at slow speeds, its a grating noise. But as people have pointed out, its the brake coming to grips with normal operations 2. sightly hard braking form normal speeds - a beeping noise. Now I really dont know where this is coming from, seems to come from the left side. more of an electronic blip noise, very faint but audible, as if the normal warning signal with its volume turned down low. Not a major issue, but niggling nonethe less.

    2. Din from outside while accelerating - Put a heavy foot down on the accelerator at any gear and beyond the 2 t 2.5 rpm range, there is an absolute din from outside the cabin - a mix of tyre noise, engine noise and the turbo. Could be normal, but doesnt make me happy.

    I Love

    Everything else - The way you can manage 10-50 kmph even in 2nd gear (its a boon for in city driving), the stability of 100 kmph on the uneven BPT toll road (one day a competing city ahead kept bobbing up and down while my wife on the passenger seat was having her breakfast with absolutely no spillage or issues), the way she handles the gaddas on the road (the approach to BPT is a nightmare, but Pasta gobbles up the ditches with elan), the screaming Turbo Noise at over 3k RPM (love the gurgling sound, gives me a high)

    I Want

    Better rear speakers within a strict budget ( I am all kangal now)
    A decent and accessible place to put a bottle (even Fiat themselves cant help I think)
    Dash Controls while paying music on the USB ( I feel like a DJ trying to change songs on the steering at the command of the better half) - I mean why cant we contrl USB playlist at the dashboard - rather dumb (of Fiat if they didnt put in a solution or me if i dont know it yet)
    Ability to shift through the whole gamut of radio channels on the steering controls and not just three channels (somehow this is an issue)
    Better Visibility of the right side controls (headlights angle, menu, fog lights)
    A cigarette lighter (buggers gave a slot but did not fill it)

    Well, theres just another announcement - Pasta's gonna take me and better half to Rajasthan come January. Plan all finalised, bookings done, roads figured out... a total of about 3k kms... that should bring her nearer to first service by Jan end. :D :D :D :D
  3. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    I guess this is normal. Even I got around 8.xx-9.xx during the first 1k kms within city. From 1k-2.5k kms, it improved to 10.xx. I'm now approaching 5k kms and the FE has stabilized to 10.xx+ within city and 11.xx-12.xx on highways.

    I cant comment on the beeping noise. But the grating noise is there in my TJet too. It is exactly as you have described - more pronounced at slow speeds and bumper-to-bumper traffic. However, even after 4800 kms, my problem persists. This has got me worried.

    I suspect tyre noise to be the culprit here. NCT5 are noisy.
    Very true. How could Fiat mess up on basic features as bottle holders and USB controls thru HU/steering?
  4. saargoga

    saargoga Timido

    Congrats for the best coloured tjet, its looking fabulous, I have the same :D

    Have you tried the Instant Fuel consumption meter? I clocked 7.8P/L initially but after learning how to gradually keep FE high now I get around 12.8 on average, on highway it gets around 13.7, I have learned how to drive better this way :)

    We all have that brake noise, for me its only on slow breaking and that to mostly occasional and yeas tyre noise is very evident over 90, do check the blower speed if you keep AC on its another noise maker.

    I totally agree with your want list, at-least I would have been extremely happy with two 1lt bottle space and a USB controls all in the media dash rather than on the speedo dash, probably they did this to reduce dependence on Aftermarket accessories?

    Once again congrats and have fun...
  5. rana

    rana Novizio

    Its high time for an update...

    Well Pasta did a 2800 km sprint across Gujrat to the state of Rajasthan and within the state over a 10 day period. And I for one fully realised the potential of this beauty... She was doing 120-130 all the time... the Gujrat roads are all mostly six lane though with a lot of traffic which made driving more fun... the feeling of over taking even in fifth gear, lane splitting at over 120 speeds, the feeling of being planted on the road even at 160, touching a speed of 170 were just marvelous. And then came the barren two laned butter smooth Rajasthan roads, missed the cruise control feature here though... It was just too exhilarating when Pasta danced on the curves of the aravali hills.

    THe trip average was 13 kmpl. THough this included a lot of driving within crowded cities like jodhpur, udaipur and jaisalmer... purely highway figures would be close to 15 kmpl...

    Will soon post a triplog and more pics....
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