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Introducing FIAT in my Life..White Linea T Jet Plus!!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by gauravp, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. gauravp

    gauravp Amatore

    Ist Service Update

    I yesterday had the first service of my jet. I am only 50% satisfied with the service. I have reported the following issues but only 1 issues got rectified.

    1. Side padding (black cloth like stuff) in boot was come out from its place- fixed
    2. Some irritating noise coming from front left side seat- still noise coming from the seat
    3. Bonnet inside pad was cracked- still not fixed, reason- not in inventory..we will replace in next service
    4. Rear both side doors were not closing with thud sound. It seems something is loose inside- not fixed- reason- it will need to open the door pads and it will take 1-2 days. it is not a big problem..we will fix it in next service.

    He informed me that no oil top-ups done so no charges. but also told that next service will cost me around 6-7K..they will do oil change, filter change, wheel rotation/alignment.

    I have seen on this forum only that the 2nd service would be around 3-4k but service agent was saying 6-7k..anyone pls. advice on this.

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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I think 6-7k due to Tjet. Wild guess I am not sure.
  3. tjet

    tjet Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats Gaurav :) Happy miles!
    Thanks to Sathya for bringing in FIAT in your mind :)

    There is only "one caste, one culture, one religion, one world, one language,..........one and only FIAT for all Fiatians!"

    Fly Tjet :)
  4. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    The 2nd service for TJet is around 15000 km. or 1 year, whichever is less.
  5. gauravp

    gauravp Amatore

    @rsinfo- I am here talking about money. Service Agent informed me that my 2nd service will cost me around 6-7 k. I have Tjet Plus.

    Any T jet owner who has done the 2nd service, please confirm as i cannot believe on TASS people.
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  6. tangojoker


    Hi Gaurav,

    My car has the same sound from left side front seat. but when i went for my first service, couldnt reproduce the noise. But they did remove the seat and fix it back in again. the noise is back again.
    I was suggested to change oil (in the forum), so got the oil and filter changed.
    Wheel alignment and rotation was done. there was a lot of mis-aligment as per the report. The cars was real smooth after the service

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  7. gauravp

    gauravp Amatore

    i got the source of noise from front seat..after inspecting it closely i found it that the noise is coming from the backrest of front left hand side seat. it seems some spring has came out or loose inside the seat and making noise. The backrest is a single unit..i am not sure how it will get fixed? Any suggestions?
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  8. gauravp

    gauravp Amatore

    update on 3rd free service

    Updating this thread after a long time - more then a year. It was the time for 3rd free service of my Jet and to try Millennium Drive - First Fiat owned service center in Pune. I started searching service related thread and member's experience with them and found out that people have mixed experience. I thought let's try Millennium Drive as i did not had very good experience with Pandit Auto earlier, by thinking this i dialed at Millennium drive numbers. Can you imagine that none of the contact numbers of Millennium Drive given was working, so for being at safer side, i took appointment with Pandit Auto. Next day i came for Fiat Factory visit and during the interaction with customer care people i mentioned this to them that none of the numbers for Millennium Drive is working and due to this i am not able to take the appointment for servicing. They took immediate action and by afternoon i got the call from Millennium drive's manager and they booked the slot for service on 29th Dec. But i am thinking what if i was not the member of TFI and not visited FIAT Factory then i was not able to take appointment with them and have to go to Pandit Auto only for servicing. I guess this should not be case with a Service Center which is newly opened and specially with Fiat where they are trying hard to get the customer satisfactions.

    Now one day before the servicing day i got reminder call from Pandit Auto for servicing and lady asked if i am coming for service tomorrow. I lied to her that i am out of station and asked her to cancel my appointment for which she asked which date i want the new appointment. I said i will call them and take a fresh appointment. I was waiting for similar call from Millennium drive but no body called. At the last i called them to check if my appointment is still there. This time also none of the numbers were working so i again i searched Service Center experience thread and got one SA number posted by Kedar Bendre. I called at that number and they confirmed that my details are there. This time i seriously liked Pandit Auto for their reminder call and be prompt to give me the new appointment date. This is very small thing but very important.

    On the servicing date, i reached Millennium drive at 10:15 am and immediately attended by SA named Shafin Patel. I was the first one to reach service center even before the other SAs. He noted down all my issues and also inspected the car. I informed him the issues which i were facing like LHS horn pad not working and fuel lid was not closing. He also suggested me to not go for Wheel Alignment as this was done during the second service and i had driven my car only for 3K Kms from 2nd service to 3rd service. He said drive for 2K Kms more and then do the wheel alignment from outside.

    Below is the description of the items changed
    Engine Oil - 3.10 lts - 1680 INR
    Oil Filter - 408 INR
    Fuel Filter - 456 INR
    Air Filter Element - 524 INR
    Power Steering Oil - 204 INR
    Brake Oil - 328 INR
    Gear Oil - 445 INR
    Coolant - 244 INR
    Hose Clip - 27 INR

    Total Amount INR 5707

    Overall had the pleasant experience as all the issues reported by me were fixed to my satisfaction though there were not many issues at the first place. While leaving SA also complimented that you the first customer getting the delivery very smoothly as they normally had little or big argument at the time of delivery. I am confused, should i be happy or Sad after hearing this :confused:
  9. On the lighter note as long as you get your car delivered up to your satisfaction you should be happy.

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