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Interview - Enrico Atanasio!!

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Which came first ; chicken or egg. :)

    We are fooling ourselves if we think FIAT should wait for some sort of milestone before it brings in serious changes to it's lineup. Like the 1.6 Multijet.

    How much of an infrastructure does NISSAN have? They sold 2000+ Sunnys in July. +ve Brand perception at work.

    The C segment buyer DOES care about what engine is in the car. We're not talking of an Alto/Nano segment here, guys.

    Case in point - My brother in law. During his plans to upgrade from his Swift D to a C segment sedan, he didn't even consider the Linea even though he appreciates the car. Why? Because he said it has a 1.3 whereas all the others have 1.6 diesels. He has purchased a Skoda Rapid 1.6 diesel.

    The Linea just cannot sustain itself on the 1.3, even if you gave it the infrastructure and service back up of Maruti. The sales figures testify to it. Yes, the sales figures are also dented by the FIAT brand name, but the Punto does sell much more than the Linea , even though it is also FIAT. So, clearly the C segment buyer is looking for something more.

    Why is the Linea selling 3400+ units in Turkey and 100 in India.

    Keep the opinions flowing.

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  2. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    I agree with ramjn, 1.6 will not do any wonders. Gurjinder, even if the Linea had a 1.6 MJD, most people will not consider it. Reason is they are afraid of Fiat and its reputation. My colleagues in office are amazed that I got a Fiat - all of them were busy convincing me that it is the worst brand and I am committing harakiri. So, till 1.6 MJD does not come many people will quote that as a reason for not buying Fiat. Once it is there, they will give some other reason for not buying Fiat

    Till Fiat does not address the larger issues at hand - good customer experience in sales and after sales it cannot set the charts on Fire
  3. Brothers, apart from all that you guys say, I stand with one term QUALITY. Give proper justice to every rupee spent by the customer on the car.
  4. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I fully agree with what ramjn and speedjet has said. Even with the 1.3MJD there are many people who appreciate the Linea but still they won't purchase the car only because they have serious apprehension about the Fiat service and spares. I know people who still loves their Palio and would never part with the car but when they upgraded to sedan they never considered the Linea.

    As speedjet has said, several of my colleagues also think that I have wasted 10L of my hard earned money on Linea. Even after I have purchased the car, many of my friends look at me with a different attitude.

    I do not contest with Gurjinder about the 1.6MJD, it is desirable that Fiat has something good to offer in different segments which can be comparable with the other manufacturers. But Fiat first needs to win the customer confidence by providing good service backup.
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  5. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    As TFIians we need to have some confidence for the Brand Fiat.. now most of us forget the real potential of Fiat.. let them rectify the problems and be optimist ..
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  6. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    I go with Ramjn. The perception has to change and I believe it is changing. A true fact is that we could see more Punto's in Road than earlier. Atleast in chennai. When I bought my car last october, people saw me as foolish. They have never heard of seen punto. Couple of my guys use to tell me on a daily basis (they commute to office in office cabs) that they saw one / two Punto in the road once in a week or so. Nowadays, they tell that they are seeing more. If a lay man (who does not know much about car - other than it has 4 wheels, 4 doors, an AC, a steering wheel and music system) could see increase in sales, think of FIAT who are armed with DATA on what is going and what is not. The new exclusive sales office and after sales service station, (one for the entire chennai would do - as an urgent measure and ofcourse with sufficient spares - as Punto / Linea's does not go to the service center often) will do wonders for FIAT. People will start turning back to FIAT. FIAT legacy is still live in India (grandfathers, uncles, and fathers talking about a FIAT in their stable long back) Everyone agrees that it is a great car spoiled by sales & service folks. There is no second opinion about it. Once FIAT gains the confidence of people back, it will never look back and any new addition to the stable then will for sure do wonders for the company. That could be the breakthrough Antosio is talking about. Think about the launch of EON - how mega it was - and what a kind of expectation it created. Probably it never transformed into Sales due to various reasons. Any such launch for an established FIAT (as its cars speaks for itself) will bring home the change it desires.
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  7. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    If they don't have infrastructure, the grouse which potential customers have today, will remain. The confidence, that Fiat can provide hassle free A.S.S has to be built from scratch by Fiat. IMO, there is no better way to do that than with products already in the public conscience. With promised number of centers by 2013, if Fiat can alter current scenario of lack of confidence even by 10%, it will be a huge achievement.

    I agree it is a catch 22 situation. I guess it is understood by the head honcho as well when he says that detailed presentations have been made to existing and potential dealers explaining the road map to them. I would say it is more about convincing the potential dealers that Fiat is here to stay and a promise of green backs through enhanced product portfolio in the future. A good indicator about Fiat plans will be Fiat's success in getting the proposed number of dealerships opened in the given time frame. That will show that if dealers have agreed to Fiat's plans, they are seeing good returns for their investments.
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  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Fiat has to sync important variable.

    By when will it be ready with a sufficient Sales Network & Service Network ? (I mentioned separately as the Head Honcho mentioned Sales network and mentioned Service network separately, seems it's first focussing on Sales network).

    If the deadline is Jan'13 or Mar'13, Fiat has to sync upgraded Punto/ Linea or launch of a new model at the same time.

    All the times while doing all these, it has to ensure substantial Quality checks on products and the local parts to remove the niggles and several recalls thereby minimizing customer visit to service station.

    ....and market it well....really well

    Remember, how Renault marketed Duster during India-Sri Lank ODI series? Lots of travelouges where anchor rides in Duster on Sri Lankan streets, even commentators, during running commentary, mentioned Duster specs with camera hovering on the car, ran full page advertorials in news papers with cricket news but subtly advertising Duster. Compare this to Fiat which did similar promo for Linea in Sri Lanka !!

    Seems the plate is full !! Isn't it?

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    IMO 1.6 MJD or even Multiair will not make any difference if Fiat launches it with the current state of affairs. A gem like T-jet bombed on sales charts (though I mentioned at that time that it might actually ruin Fiat's 1.4 Linea sales due to positioning).
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  9. fiat_fan

    fiat_fan Amatore

    I think they are looking for full fledged dealerships that include both sales & Service..
    check this link

    Fiat India

    Fiat India is looking for new Dealers to participate in its growth plans. So, if you are passionate about delivering results and are committed to customer satisfaction; if you have the resolve & resources to make a success of Fiat India Plans, then join us
    Dealership Requirement:
    Showroom : Min. 5000 sq. ft.
    Workshop : 9000 to 12000 sq. ft.

    Investments : Approx. Rs.2.0 Cr
    Working Capital
    (Own + Borrowed) : Approx Rs. 4 .0 Cr
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  10. Mr Enrico Atanasio's Interview with APF

    Source: Automotive Products Finder

    Established in 1899, Fiat is one of the world's major industrial groups. With operations in over 190 countries, the Group has 203 plants, 118 research centres, 633 companies and more than 198,000 employees. In India, the Italian company operates through a 50:50 joint venture with Tata Motors. The JV includes a vehicle and engine manufacturing facility. Fiat, in India, has set up a new company under its Indian subsidiary that would look at distribution. This company is currently working on setting up a dealer network dedicated to Fiat cars unlike the earlier arrangement where Tata Motors marketed and supported Fiat cars through a network of joint Tata Fiat dealers. Automotive Products Finder (APF) spoke to Mr Enrico Atanasio, Senior Vice-President Commercial, Fiat India Automobiles Ltd, on his company's plans and strategy.

    What will be the role of the new distribution company to promote Fiat cars in India?

    With the new company, we are concentrating on building a strong Fiat network. We have recently launched an independent dealership at Hyderabad. We are in the process of signing up new dealers, and would be announcing the same, soon.

    How many dealerships do you plan to start?

    Our focus is on expanding the dealer network. By the first quarter of FY13 we will appoint 80 dealers. You may be aware that we are de-coupling the marketing and distribution function of Fiat cars from Tata Motors though our joint venture with Tata Motors continues, and we continue to share the manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon. Till the transition to independent Fiat dealers continues, existing Fiat-Tata dealers will continue to operate and cater to Fiat cars.

    How do you plan to leverage Fiat's brand recall?

    We are working to hike the brand visibility. We are looking at gaining full credibility. Fiat is one brand that motorised this country. Our target is to assure people. We are working to create dedicated Fiat showrooms and workshops. We are looking at specialised people to represent this brand. We will focus on metro cities followed by others. We want to be careful, and may not be keen on touch points to start with. Let me reiterate that Fiat is serious. Our initial steps will therefore focus on clean standards.

    Current Fiat car owners are not very happy with the existing service standards and spares availability?

    That is precisely the reason we are keen to set up a strong Fiat dealer network. In India we have the biggest parts operation in the Asia-Pacific region. We will be expanding our service operations big time. We will be focusing on service and spares for Palios.

    How do you plan to highlight Fiat's technological prowess in India?

    We are offering a very advanced diesel engine in the form of the 1.3-litre Multijet diesel engine in India. Maruti Suzuki buys this engine from us. Tata cars are equipped with this engine. Premier is another client. There is a huge number of diesel engines with Fiat technology on Indian roads. Nearly a third of the diesel cars in India run on Fiat engine technology. To bring Multi-air technology to India we need essential numbers. It is a popular technology in Europe. We don't see it coming here quickly.

    With the independent marketing and distribution company, does Fiat plan to end the joint venture with Tata Motors?

    Fiat strategy is of successful joint ventures. While we are working on a new plan for products and engines, the joint venture with Tata Motors is working very well. We share a facility in India.

    Does the joint venture with Tata Motors limit you from any new product plans?

    No. We understand that in India, to be successful, one has to have volumes.
    This comes from substantial local support, which we are working on. We want to be looked upon as a local company that gives the customers connectivity. A large chunk of connectivity will come from a reliable network.

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    Even I did not expect this! Thanks Mr Enrico, this will go a long way in improving the image of FIAT India.
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