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Insurance for Fiat Cars - Discussion

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by Ravi, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Relax. Insurance guys have nothing against Fiat brand at least. :mrgreen:
    A car depreciates @15% during 1st year in Insurance papers.
    5%- instantaneous dep after coming out of showroom
    10%- standard 1 year dep.

    Total- 15%. Next year, you'll have a depreciation of 10% only.
    Disclaimer- I may be wrong. I had heard this from my dad when we got my Hero Honda Karizma's insurance renewed in 2005. ::V
  2. deepakmittal


    Best deal for insurance renewel

    Hi All,

    I am looking for the best deals available for the car insurance renewel.I own a Punto 1.3E pack.
    Previous insurance expiry date: 31/10/10, cliamed taken : Yes, registered in Haryana.

    Pls share your experience for same. Dealer is quoting around 16K.

  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Did you get free 1 year insurance from Fiat?
    The company that provides insurance to Fiat charges Rs11k for Punto 1.3E-pack. You can renew it from the same company. They can't charge more. Or just quote that insurance to your new dealer and say you will get insurance from him at this price. Usually they agree. (i've seen bajaj-allianz dealer doing this in various forums when the owner quotes lesser price).
  4. NJOY


    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Can any one tell what will be cost for Linea MJD Emotion PK
    1. Back Bumper & Painting
    2. Two Tail Lamp
    3. Boot Lock
    4. How much the insurance company will pay if car make is 2010?
    I am waiting for reply. :anyone
  5. ramesh_v

    ramesh_v Novizio

    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    I am staying with Future General and Fiat India nowadays giving this insurance only by default. I have claimed once and service is good and the premium charges also very less (around 12k for my punto 1.3mjd emotion) ...have to go thru what all it covers...:)
  6. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Insurance company will pay 5% less the quoations, chances are that you might get just 50% of the tail lamps considering it under plastic part. Also you might be required to pay 500Rs as surveyors charge.
  7. NJOY


    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Finally I got the price for the following products - Fiat Linea MJD Emotion Pack
    product code---Particulars -----------------------------Price
    0059064341----Rear Bumper With out paint---------2445.33
    0735457633----Rear Bumper Molding ----------------2445.33
    0051814088----Clip for holding Molding--------------2275.56 (for 10 nos)
    0059064540----Tail Lamp------------------------------2066.67

    50% cost will be born by the insurance company, since all the parts comes under plastic Items.
  8. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Here is a small query which somebody can answer. I have following in my car
    1. few scratches on my car in front left bumper (deep till the metal)
    2. few scratches rear right door (white base color shows)
    3. scraping in the front left fender just above the tyre area (which may need work to be done to pull it a bit as it is (only) slightly deformed).
    My insurance renewal is due by 18th Jan.

    Should I
    a. Paint them, correct the scraping and claim insurance?
    b. paint them, correct the scraping and do not claim the insurance (pay out of own pocket)?
    c. do nothing and renew the insurance and may be look at it at some other time?

    also, how do i approach the various insurance companies for negotiations?
  9. Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Check with TASS how much it will cost to fix the problems, then calculate what amount of no claim bonus you'll get from insurance company.If NCB is less than cost of fixing claim it else fix from your pocket.
  10. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Re: Insurance - Q&A

    Hey Andy!!

    It's about that time when we get our Insurance Renewed - I have recieved 2 Letters already - One from Life & Genral Insurance Brokers PVT LTD and Future Generali India.The later has quoted Rs 9605/=. What is the Plan? I am getting in touch with Jai's Friends father this afternoon and he will let us know what is the best option.

    Secondly Guys my Son's friend has stated that he can get us a Discount on the Insurance!!Once I speak to him will update his contact number for all of you - who would like to contact him!!!!

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