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Installing a OEM player in Punto Active

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by chethansgangoor, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Contrary to all who are upgrading from Stock HU to better ones, i am planning to go the other way round and trying to install a Stock HU in the Punto Active.

    My existing player [Sony] stopped reading CDs and was only left with Aux and radio.

    The older Active variant had a completely black dashboard and the idea of getting the OE player and masking it with black color came to my mind.

    The problem started when i connected to the ISO, the player plays for 20 mins and turns off.

    I am know nothing about electronics but did give a shot in understanding things behind the engineering.

    I might be wrong but, i see that there is no wire to the switch [Ignition /Cut off] and hence the player might not at all be knowing whether the cars ignition is turned ON/OFF

    Need help to solve this mistery

    Also i noticed that my Sony old player was recognizing the ignition on/off. It only turned ON when the Key is in MAR position or the car is running.

    When looking into connector used for Sony, the red and black wires are connected to red and black wires of ISO, but the yellow wire of connector was connected to blue wire of ISO.


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  2. I like what you are trying do.Can you check for power off timeout in HU.
  3. Sat, i have tried it too but no luck.

    Does the player turns on if the key is turned to MAR?

    The player is behaving as if i am turning it on without the key.
  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto


    Please post sharper pictures of your wires connecting to the ISO connector. Sounds like you do not have the wire that allows the HU to recognize if the power is from the battery or from the alternator, is missing or not connected correctly. Auto turn off after 20 minutes would be the standard setting, when running off the battery - with the key removed from the car.

  5. color coded.jpg

    I am afraid i cant take better pictures than this with my cell phone. Does this color coding help? I have tried to mention the color of wires that are there in the connector now.

    There are no wires to Amp IN, CAN A, CAN B and the one with switch symbol
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  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    I think there needs to be one more connection to help identify if ignition is on or off. I guess the marked one. Not sure though.


    See below the Punto Radio wiring diagram.

    Punto Radio.JPG

    Give me some time, I will try and get more details for you.

  7. I also thought the same, the one you have marked in green is missing and not sure how to connect this missing wire.
    @Patchyboy I saw your post on adding Aux support to this player, I will try to set that up too.
  8. Saw a thread in T-bhp on the Audio setup

    PICS & Details : Upgraded my Punto headunit - Team-BHP

    "As you might have already learned from the ISO link, there are two connectors. Connector A and Connector B. Connect B is for the 4 speakers - 4x2=8 Pins, a no brainer part. Connector A is the boss. It contains the power connectors and other brainy stuff.
    For the Punto, I got the pin diagram (Source : Grande Punto Service Manual – Try to get it yourself; Use your brains!). From the diagram, you can see that there are only two power related pins. A4 – Direct Suppy and A8 – Earth. There is no so called ACC connector.
    Coming to the ACC connector, it is present in almost all cars. Generally the power is provided through two leads - the ACC lead and the memory lead. The ACC lead is linked to the ignition and switches ON and OFF along with the ignition. So this can be used for switching the system ON and OFF. The other memory lead is directly linked to the battery and is always ON. This lead is to retain your settings even after the system is turned off.
    But come Grande Punto, and no ACC! So how do the system switch ON and OFF along with the ignition? Here comes CAN (Controller Area Network). It takes away the controls from our good ole’ wiring system. CAN is the stuff that connects each of the devices within a car to the corresponding ECU. So in our case, even the headunit is a node on the CAN. Whenever the ignition is turned off, ECU informs that data to the headunit through the CAN and then the headunit turns off on this signal. Is there anyway we can work with this system? I hope not, unless we ourselves design another headunit which can work with this. It is all proprietary logic out there and we will not get off the shelf products which can work with the CAN/ECU.
    In contrast to the vehicle side connector, my Clarion FZ709 does expect an ACC, Memory and Ground lead just like any normal headunit. So what is the way out?
    Three options >
    1. Connect the ACC to the direct line and turn ON/OFF manually. Before you leave the car ensure that you switch OFF the system.
    2. Connect the ACC of the stereo to some other device which works with the ignition, for eg: cigarette socket. Many of the Fiat Forum gurus went this way.
    3. Connect the ACC to one of the spare switches on the center console and use that switch instead of the stereo’s power switch. This way you can extend the life of your system’s ON/OFF switch.
    I am going with the first option, the simplest. I am going that way to kill off the laziness in me. Let us not end up like those fatties in Wall-E depending on too much automation."

    One thing surprised me, why there is no connection to CAN A and B in my cars ISO?
  9. Guys any idea on CAN A and CAN B, i see varying answers all over, some say it is data in and data out, some say it is for mute and speed sensing. Could not make any progress on this :confused:
  10. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Can A and Can B are for everything, pretty much. The current difference between these two is measured and the code in the ECU takes appropriate action accordingly. Ever wondered how the volume varies according to speed? I mean, there has to be a way that the HU's volume control circuit is aware of the speed of the vehicle, right? That is where the CAN comes in.

    Could you please explain what exactly you are trying to achieve? I might be able to help. If you have already posted that, please point me in the right direction.


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