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Initial Ownership & TATA-FIAT @ 1000 Km Emotion +

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by fiatfan, May 6, 2011.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Thats good news.

    While driving, also check for any possible rattles throughout the rev range . There are certain rattles which play peek-a-boo and appear at certain rpm's only. So be doubly sure.

    Good luck.

    And ofcourse, pics are awaited.

  2. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    fiat fan ,great ,i was eagerly waiting for your response and it seems everything worked out well.
    good going.
  3. Thanks a lot for this info Gurjinder. I will certainly be looking out for that tomorrow. One question. The engine is about 1080 Kms Old right now, can I take this baby all the way through the Rev Range ? Can it harm the engine or reduce FE ?
  4. Thank you jayadev. I will only know for sure tomorrow morning as I will have better lighting and will snap pics for posting.

    What I saw today was a nice polished dashboard, the kinda thing you see when your car has just come out of Interior Detailing !
    If everything looks tomorrow like it looked today or maybe even better, then I will be one Proud Fiatian !
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    My bad.

    In that case , going beyond 3k rpm's is not advisable. But do test till 3k, give or take a couple of hundred rpm's.

    Secondly, listen carefully when you move the car in 1st gear. With and without accelerator input. I think you should be fine.

    Im laying so much stress because living with rattles is tough( as on our older Palio 1.9D), so better be safe than sorry!

  6. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Belated congratulations for your white beauty! :D Even i own one of these! Looks ubercool anytime. Hope you are having a good time with it.
  7. Thanks Jishnu.

    I too am a Lover of the BNW,

    Well, the story has taken some turns today.
    Will take me some time to write it all......
    Last edited: May 27, 2011
  8. Hi All,

    Yesterday I took a TD of the car in the night at 8:00 pm, and as I said in my earlier post, it looked like an awesome job. I have an eye for detail and here is my experience Today.....

    I went to Galaxy Motors Mulund and saw my Linea standing outside just like it was yesterday. It wasn't washed.

    I had a strange feeling last night when "Kishore" told me that the "Dashboard has been REPLACED" and I saw the dash polished.

    It's the feeling you get when you know someone is taking you for a fool & lying to your face !

    Well, I have taken pictures and the problem is solved BUT the Dashboard has NOT BEEN REPLACED ! It is still the same dashboard, and it has been PAINTED !

    This stands in direct contradiction to what was told to me. So I went to the CRM cabin and told her to show me my old dashboard & the work order of the dashboard replacement. She seemed dumbfounded and started roaming around through Galaxy Motors searching for her Works Manager.

    I calmed down at them and decided there were two ways. One was to blast their pants off and the other way was to quietly take the car and come back to write this incident and find a way.

    So, I have gone with the second way. I have not signed the "Customer Satisfaction Page" thing that they gave me. I have that page with me. I signed the works challan and gate pass papers but I have striked out the words which say "the work has been carried out to my satisfaction". I have taken snaps of the paint work they have done and posting it now.

    After this, I had a discussion with Kishore, he got the car washed, did an interior cleaning, matt cleaning etc. They even showed me a linea dash inside a box which was in a very bad shape and said that this is what they got from FIAT when they placed the order for the dash...."BUTTERING" , and baaton baaton mein told me what the deal was.

    It seems they have been given a spray from FIAT, he showed me the bottle. Its a quick drying paint which they have applied. Its a red colored bottle with drying in 5 mins written on it. The sprays are of different colors and I guess they have sprays for black, beige etc.

    My issue here is WHY does galaxy have to LIE ?

    If they are not changing the dash and going to do a paint job, cant they say that in the first place ? What exactly am I missing here ?

    Photo0619.jpg Photo0607.jpg Photo0613.jpg
  9. How did I figure out that the dashboard has not been replaced.....its this spot which is still there....


  10. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Does look like a neat job. Only issue is they shouldn't have lied about it.

    But in a way, its good the dashboard was not replaced. No need to worry whether it was fitted back correctly or not , and no rattles.


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