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India Comes Home in F/I/A/T : Pune - Bangalore - Coimbatore - Bangalore - Pune

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Heartlin Sunderji, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Thanks Raj for your valuable inputs which quenched most of my queries. And Yes, This might be the longest reply I got for my posts too :)

    Hey Puntosat, that road is really a good one beacause of the beautiful scenery via Mudumalai sanc & Masinagudi.
    I would prefer that route if am with my friends or guys travelling. But its little dangerous to drive because you may encounter
    with wild life at any time. I have my relatives staying in Upper Masinagudi, which is just 15 kMS from Mudumalai Sanc.
    Whenever I go for a vacation to their place, we used to enjoy the wild life crossings across the road all time. WIld bison, Gazelle and
    even elephants which come down to quench their pant with the streams and lakes there post some threats.
    And also the road is not swift enough to reach you Coimbatore.I believe the Highways from Bangalore to Salem
    is kind of expressway which are broad and will take me home w/o having any stress while driving.

    I will consider your route suggestion next time if I plan a trip to Karnataka.
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I recommend you to do the first service at Coimbatore. Gem Motors at the Mettupalayam road should be able to help you. I have heard good about them.

    No. I don't see any.

    Pune-Bangalore, its pretty straight forward. No issues here.
    From Bangalore, you have 2 options

    1. Bangalore-Kanakapura-Malavalli-Kollegal-Chamrajnagara-Satyamangalam-Coimbatore. This is very good 2 Lane NH with very less traffic. Minimal/No food options at all.

    2. Bangalore-Salem-Perundurai-Avanashi-Coimbatore. All 4 Lane except the stretch between Avanashi and Coimbatore. But, it is very much doable now. Plenty of options for food.

    Now, you have to decide which route to opt for.

    Your car is new. Just make sure that the coolant level is fine.

    You should plan properly for the food breaks. This is one area most of the people ignore and have food at some unknown place.
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  3. The latter suggestion is any time great ride. Cuz, from Bangalore to Salem, it is almost like a fly way, and from Salem to Coimbatore too,
    its pretty doable as you said. But the former one is a good one but little time consuming. I prefer the second one.
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Yes. I would also have opted for option 2 simply because I will get to drive a clean and neat 4L till Avanashi.
  5. Was just making my Road plan and collecting the data for my trip.

    Do anyone have any idea if I can pay the entire toll amount in the start of the journey @ Pune till Coimbatore instead of Stop & Pay intermittently ?

    If then how much will be the total toll cost ?
  6. Got only 3 more days. Plan is to move on Nov 3 morning 5 AM from Pune.

    Getting ready my horses, with the last minute check ups of Engine coolant and air pressures.

    The only thing is that, I am the one & Only one traveling all the way.

    Mixed feeling with my Punto :)
  7. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Heartlin, All the best for your drive home.
    Drife safe :steering
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  8. Best of Luck Heartlin...Drive safe,stay within safe speed limits,dont get too tempted by empty stretches of roads
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  9. PHaveri


    Hi, me too planning to go from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore around 10-11 Nov. Any advice what is best time to leave Navi Mumbai. I am planning to cover the distance in 1 and half days. Leave Navi Mumbai in the afternoon and halt somewhere in Karad-Kolhapur. Continue the next day early morning. Driving a 2 year old Linea 1.4. Another HELP needed.. My front panel has stopped displaying anything. The panel glows but no display, dealer says cluster needs to be changed (costs 30K). Do you know of any options. Please let me now.
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  10. Thanks buddy !

    Yeah. Have to control my speed limits. My wind noise in the cabin increases with speed. So I will not drive in the top limits.

    Plan in a way that, you overcome Mumbai traffic in the off- peak hours. Pune - Bangalore is doable @ 12 hours.

    So manage your time from Navi Mumbai.

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