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Increasing the Heigh of Linea

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Pavneet S. Bajaj, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. May be you are right but then i chose the safer route without venturing into the unknown territory. Even before i was happy with the tyre profile as i had got used to avoiding bumps and hits from speed breakers. Just that i had to change the tyres so i thought, why not upsize?? Anyways, the new ride is as good as when i bought the car 1.5 years before :)
  2. xler

    xler Novizio

    Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Linea 1.3

    I am allergic to the noise of engine guard scraping on our roads. :(. I am a careful driver and have the necessary skills to avoid bottom scraping, thanks to my current car – Opel Corsa. Despite being careful, there are times when the car bottoms and it always is very painful.

    I am evaluating the possibility of upsizing the stock tyres on my yet to be delivered Linea MJD to 195/65 R15. I intend to undertake some long drives. I want to protect her against any challenging roads that we might encounter. I have seen several threads where other TFIians have adopted this method to increase ground clearance. I would not be able to upsize the alloys - too expensive.

    I discussed this with a local tyre dealer who has agreed to take back the tyres that would come with my Linea at its (MRP - Rs 500). I have a quote for Michelin XM1+ 195/65 R15 at Rs 5650 each. I would have to pay the difference amount. Assuming I get 3.5k for the stock tyres (likely to be Apollo Accelere), I would need to pay 10.75k for a set of 5 tyres ((5.65 x 5) – (3.5 k x 5))

    Need your inputs:
    1. Is upsizing necessary? Linea's GC 161 mm is marginally better than Opel Corsa's 160.
    2. Am I getting a reasonable deal at 10.75k?
    3. Most important – have there been any adverse effects observed by the owners who have upsized their car's tyres?

    Please share your thoughts
  3. mike-fiat


    Upgrade your tires from R-15 195/60 to R-15 195/65. I changed mine to Yokohamas from the stock ones on purchasing the car. Doesn't affect warranty and GC increases by approx 10 mm. Plus the Yokos have improved the drive quality significantly. My car has not bottomed out even once.
  4. somu_200


    if we change the Tyres to different size , i heard we will lose warranty for ABS. it it true or not?
  5. kvk

    kvk Amatore

    how does one calculate the GC difference?
  6. Hi all
    I need some suggestions for tyre change in my linea.
    Today i fitted the GC upgrade kit in my linea. I also need to change tyres. Has anyone here gone for 195 65 R15 along with the GC upgrade? The stock 195 60 15 looks too skinny with the increased GC.
    Awaiting your valuable suggestions!!
  7. kvk

    kvk Amatore

    The gc kit and stock tirs is good enough. Atleast for me it is more than enough

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