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In my 25 year long driving history, I met a 'Beauty with brain', the Linea 1.3 MJD...

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Tellmepleaze, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Nice writeup. I am enjoying it.
  2. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I've been following this thread and should tell you that you are a good writer with nice touch of humor.
    I really felt nostalgic after reading this, remembering my childhood days when I used to wonder watching my maternal grandpa
    tuning his Premier Padmini for hours together, tried to understand what he must be doing under the bonnet for so long,
    hearing the sound of the engine and rotating the screw ! He used to wear all white dress dhoti/kurta while taking his favorite white car.
    Kept the car in pristine condition always. There was a connection between him and his FIAT.
    Also saw my fathers love for his Rajdoot (1962) and later Bajaj Chetak.
    I still remember how my sister and I used to watch our neighbor uncle starting his Avantee Garelli scooter.
    Everyone in the locality would come to know uncle is going to office,he used to almost dismantle the scooter sometime to start the same !!
    We used to mimic this uncles act innumerable times among our friends and roll in laughter !!

    I have never driven any older Indian car Amby/Padmini etc., would love to try my hand on one of these.
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  3. Tellmepleaze

    Tellmepleaze Amatore

    Cochin, Kerala
    Linea 1.3
    C'mon Ratan bhai,
    33 years on the wheels means, you have a saga to disclose: probably from a cycle, a Moped, a Lamby, a Rajdoot, a Yezdi, an Enfield, a Mumbai-Fiat, a Premier Padmini, an Amby, a 118, a Maruti 800 @Rs. 60000/-, an Indica to now a Grand Punto....
    A long story to tell. Unleash bit by bit; of course good and bad, even hit and runs too,:D we will enjoy every bit of them. Esp. most of our mates are youngsters, graduated straight to Hondas, Skodas and now to Puntos and Lineas.
    They never had the chance of driving a Lamby till half the way and push it the rest of way, or worst the next 5 kms till workshopwala.

    Everybody knows the great credentials of our Italian beauties with brains: the Puntos and Lineas. We dont need to tell much of it. But तीस सालों में कितना शरारतें हमने किया होगा, सब सुनाईये. सारा स्टोरियाँ सुनाईये, हम ख़ुशी से सुनेंगे.:)

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    Thanks dear SoumenPaul for those good words.

    I think nostalgia is enjoyable for the old timers alone, not the current youngsters.
    They (have to) live to work, while old timers were working to live and enjoy those plus and minuses of life.

    I try to recall those naughty days, to rouse those nostalgic phase of life.
  4. Tellmepleaze

    Tellmepleaze Amatore

    Cochin, Kerala
    Linea 1.3
    The problem with the Maruti Omni is, you the driver is sitting within 1 feet of the oncoming vehicle: in the chance of even a light collision, the Van may not become casualty, but the driver sure will !
    I used it for few years, shunted it as a goods veh. to my industry.
    Then graduated to the Maruti Esteem, the revered model then, even used for rallies. It is smooth at highways, but at slight bumpy roads especially if there are two passengers at backseat, the bottom is hitting at every bump ! I changed Suspension, no good.
    The Esteem made me a ‘Maruti hater’ !
    That was 2003. The in-thing was Fiat Palio, competing with Indica. I sure considered Palio, strong, powerful, beautiful model... But I am told it guzzles fuel. Such a small car but 10km/ltr. No, it is not fair. Then what is left is Tata Indica diesel.
    I studied: Inside is roomy than many saloons, strong body, safe extended bonnet, more than enough CC, above all 22 kms/ ltr. (In fact I was getting 20 even in the 8th year !).
    I used it for long 8 years.... the longest service with me. Even today I love my Indica. And respect Ratan Tata as a bold Indian.
    No tall claims, not a single foreign part, all desi, ‘Lorrywalon ki car kaise hoga?” was the doubt, it was Tata’s first car.
    It wiped out the Indian’s phobia against Diesel cars as marred with very slow pickup, smoky, roaring like a truck, starting troubled, frequent break-down in the middle of roads and above all within 3 years engine to be overhauled.... ‘Diesel car’ means you are buying trouble with hard earned money !
    But Indica proven all wrong: it easily compete with many fabled petrols, very smooth, lasting engine bold to buy a ‘diesel’car In the 8 year service with me, I didn’t spent even Rs. 50000/- towards repairs, and sold it for 1 lakh ! I found it a very safe car. May be the only hitch is the crying tyres at cornering.
    By then I said to myself to say goodbye to hatchbacks, and started the hunt, comparisons, googling, ogling, chasing many so-called beauties: Elantra, Lancer, Optra, Verna, Fiesta, Manza & Scorpio .....
    While googling the list of 10+lakhs models I found Fiat Linea ! Till then I thought it is a 15 L car, hence out of reach. Studied well, and found the problem: low GC.
    The fight was between a saloon and an SUV. I shortlisted Scorpio boy. But wify protested: We are living in city, not at hilly Utharkhand, and no farmer but in business, why keep an ‘ugly Jeep’. (She still term it a Jeep...). Yes, she was correct: I may be on long travel once in a year. Just for the few days why a ‘centre of gravity doubted’ Jeepy thing? (I am sure HVK is not hearing...). Instead go for a good car, enjoy the ‘car comfort’ even at Leh or Darchula.

    Scorpio out. Fiesta, Manza left and hesitantly Linea too...
  5. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey Guys,

    Starting my write up too with your best wishes, encouragement and Inspiration from this article- Calling the Thread -
    33 years on the Road - A SAGA!!
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  6. sungoa2010


    Tell me please why you didn't consider Palio D? It was giving best in class mileage that time ?
    Nothing can beat scorpio when one has to travel thorough broken surfaces of hill areas. But to reach there from our home we need to travel through highway's and ghat roads with hairpin bends;)Even if one desperately need a scorpio there is no scarcity of Abarth stickers:smile:
  7. Tellmepleaze

    Tellmepleaze Amatore

    Cochin, Kerala
    Linea 1.3
    No,Palio was not as good in FE comparing Indica then, and now. But it was ahead of many other fronts, that Fiat failed to highlight then, and even today they did the mistake in the case of LINEA. Or else it would have been a run away success in Indian markets. Making a great product/ idea is not enough for sales volumes, but have to flaunt them with enough Ad blitzkrieg. I didn't know of the power packed with Palio then, but considered the FE alone....
    [/quote]Nothing can beat scorpio when one has to travel thorough broken surfaces of hill areas. But to reach there from our home we need to travel through highway's and ghat roads with hairpin bends;)Even if one desperately need a scorpio there is no scarcity of Abarth stickers:smile:[/QUOTE]
    Dont know why, Scorpio didnt attracted us, despite the 'masculine' label, the body seems sort of a 'cut-piece' of a Van, with an abrupt butt, and I even today doubt imbalance about it's center of gravity capability.
    And if off-roading is the need, nothing can beat the real Jeeps.

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    By that time the BEAUTY of LINEA really mesmerised me. Again the dilemma: Isn’t she the usual ‘good-for-nothing-except-looks’ kind. I may end up hauling the ‘junk of a useless beauty’!
    So there started a detailed study: I found the ENGINE is PROVEN, Maruti and Tata using same in their successful models. She is a ‘Beauty with brain’.
    Fiesta is feather smooth, but quite old model, small car with Linea and Manza.
    Manza is cheaper and more mileage too. Dilemma....
    I taken my 12 and 15 yr. girls to nearby Tata showroom. Both Manza and Punto were exhibited side by side, and little aside Linea too.
    Girls chosen Manza !!
    I asked why? ‘Punto looks nice, but Manza is big car’ they said.
    I asked what didn’t they considered the Linea, lying nearby splashing.
    “Oh, THAT BEAUTIFUL ONE?? Do you have that much money?”. Elder one said: “I was ogling that one, but didn’t mention, I know it will be a costly car, and selecting it, I may upset you’.
    I said: ‘THAT’S THE CAR WE BUYING’, let us inspect it.
    They couldn’t believe...but they know if I taken a decision will fulfil it.
    They touched the car, got inside, the plush, roomy interior. When salesman open the boot, both chorused “enough for us to play chess inside’ !

    Later wify opined why they made the boot so big, sacrificing backseat legroom. But once sitting, it is pretty roomy for legs, because seat is much deeper like a sofa.
    (Once I slept in the backseat, while returning from Madurai, when at 1 night I felt sleepy in the middle of Tea gardens at high ranges. No lodges nearby, and I was no ready to scout for one either: just pulled aside at an open space near highway, kept valuables in boot, locked, lowered glasses one inch in the chilly climate, just crashed to awake fresh in morning 7, to find few villagers anxiously looking inside, fearing something worst...wondering isn’t it a tragedy, or why one is lying motionless in a plush car in a strange, vacant hilltop??? After, I sprang up by sunbeams, really embarrassed facing many anxious eyeballs of locals. Just explained, bade goodbye and wroomed to escape...:smile: ).
    So there ended our search: booked the Emotion pk at RF Motors, Kochi, making sure delivery before Christmas, some 20 days away.

    But the ultimate purchase was from Concord....
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  8. sungoa2010


    I doubt any one in this forum had that royal sleep on the rear seat of Linea at a high range in the middle of tea gardens:D

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