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In a big time dilemma of buying a Punto MJD. Need some help.

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by iFiator, May 20, 2014.

  1. XLR8er

    XLR8er Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Yes. The service interval should be taken in consideration as well. And as it turns out. It's cheaper to maintain than most of the 'usual players'
  2. iFiator

    iFiator Timido


    Thanks for replying so promptly.

    Yea i went through some invoices listed in that maintenance cost link. Some post were reasonable, most were showing some stuff i could not understand. So i thought to just discuss this thing personally in a separate thread. :D

    Here are some details of my figo's service cost. I could not find the invoice i received on 10000 kms service. Rest all the rates of basic spare parts i have listed over here.

    Particluars 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000

    oil filter 380 390 390 390 390

    air filter 290 -- 320 -- 320

    Engine Oil 1170 1170 1170 1170 1170

    Fuel filter - 1580 - - 1580

    shockers front - - - 3500 - Both front

    break pad set 2100

    Periodical service
    labour charge 850 850 950 1100 1100

    All periodical service was done timely, as soon as the ODO added 10000 kms each time.

    Yes, the fuel filter is changed at every 30K kms , i was shocked too. All figures are precise and taken from actual invoice. No other fluid(Power stering, coolant, etc.) change made so far.

    The items i have listed above are common for any car. So apart from these items, can you tell me what other parts and expense i will be incurring on punto for periodical services.

    Thank you

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    sorry, about the typing error

    Check out the following picture.

  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    The most important point: - Service interval of FIAT's is 15000 kms against the 10K interval of your figo. Remaining prices appear approximately close enough.

    Engine oil is slightly over Rs 2000 - Semi Synthetic Selenia 5w40. Ford probably uses Mineral oil?
    Brake pad set is Rs 3200 for the best in class braking.
    Fuel filter is around 1800 i think, changed every 15k kms for good health of the car.
    All Fluids change at 60000kms or 2 yrs (whichever comes first) for good health again. Costs about 3000 Rs extra every 2 yrs/60K kms.

    The longer service interval normalizes or probably even makes the FIAT cheaper to maintain. You may also compare with other premium hatches in the market and take an informed decision.
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  4. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    @iFiator - Few months back I could remember that in one of the Car magazine (I believe it's Autocar, not sure though) they did a comparison on cheapest sedan to maintain among 10L rupees along with some chart, you know what, the winner is Fiat Linea, this is also one of the reason I bought Linea.

    If you like Punto, just go ahead and buy it, Fiat works out to be cheaper compared to other brands, as many of us says, you won't regret buying Fiat ;)
  5. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Please suggest if your figo is a petrol head or diesel?
  6. bharathi4747

    bharathi4747 Timido


    yes thats what exactly i was about to type. No one gives this much service interval. mine is about to go for service next month for 45k service. compare to previous time i clocked 13k + odd kms. but it is very smooth to drive. Go for it !!!
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  7. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    The sevice billl diffrence you talk about is mainly due to Minerl oil usage ( Systhectic oil change cost Thrice for Punto ) . if you take out that part the maintenance cost is not much .
    -- There is lots of material available online on comparing sythetic oil and Minral oil , Please go through that.

    Please note , with Punto you get Best selling disel engine in the country compared to SOHC engine of Figo
  8. iFiator

    iFiator Timido


    Thanks for your valuable opinions.

    i m using the figo diesel variant.

    and yes you are right i am being over nervous.:D

    Actually, i am comparing it with amaze(SX) , whose arai FE is 25.8 and user FE is 17-21, and its rear seat and rear legroom is more spacious than punto's. amaze is going to cost me 8Lacs, its getting really a tuff decision for me now, as the after sales maintenance cost of both these cars are almost same, i checked the parts rate list.

    The ride quality difference is also marginal. its like i'd rate 9/10 for punto's and 6.8/10 for amaze's.

    What do you say?

    buy Punto:
    pros = getting a superb exchange deal, great performace car, variety of features in cabin, top end model(76hp), price6.9L
    cons= less space at rear seat, lower average than amaze

    buy amaze:
    pros= more spacious than punto, good fuel economy.
    cons= Not much features as compared to punto, Price 8L

    85% of the exshowroom price would be borrowed from bank.

    Can you guys help me in this? or its just a subjective situation?

    One more question is there in my mind is that, will there be any increase in ground clearance in emotion model as the size in dynamic is 165/80r14 steel rim . and emotion is 195/60r15 alloys.

    Thank you
  9. Dilip patel

    Dilip patel Amatore

    Buy punto I have linea classic plus 1.3 mjd cost 7.9 lac after discount yesterday we book 2 punto in just 5.07
    Fiat engine is proven design honda is new in diesel
    Fiat body is heavy the honda and 18 -20 is nof bad FE
    Forget upto 2.5 lac to fiat now they provide 5 year warranty or 150000 km on fiat car

    I love Fiat
  10. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    I think you need to proritize , Highlight points you want to change car - create a checklist ,
    if you dont do that you will get confused more - Say why Amaze, why not Dzire , Why not Xcent .........list is endless

    As you said its subjective since the selection will change as per your own requirement
    - Say for you if you want to move from hatch to compact sedan segment then story changes - Punto goes out of euqation here.
    - Resale value is another top prority for some people

    One thing i found missing in your comaprison with amaze , which is actually USP of Fiat is driving pleasure - Did you find amaze driving as mesmering as Fiat ?

    If you decide to buy Punto , One thing i will suggest is wait for New Punto launch ( Sometime first week of June ).

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