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Il mio fantastico “Stallion Nero” FIAT Linea

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by nk4FIAT, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. sathya_sc


    Is that a wheel cap :shocked
    Awesome.. looks like the 16 inch T-Jet alloys.. The wheelcap itself looks great!
  2. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Photosession with Padmini Taxi and Linea Model

    Hi TFIans,
    Today I could find some time for photoshoot again.
    In last 2 months I have called the dealer 5-6 times for model car, but he was not showing any interest. When I have visited my hometown (Ahmednagar), I enquired at Hundekari Motors for Linea Toy car model. Surprisingly one was available. Immediately I rushed to the showroom and 'owned' it.
    Premier Padmini Taxi model is 1:18 size and actually a motorized toy car (plastic body)with radio remote. I 've posted video of the same at youtube and the drag note really resembles with that of FIAT.
    The Linea is 1:43 size and has metal body with simple push mechanism for rolling the wheels. It is quite sturdy as original Linea.
    So those who have enjoyed the Joint photosession of my 'Blue Lagoon' Padmini and 'Black Stallion' Linea on page3, it is one more feast with toy models.

    Linea_padmini model 001.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 002.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 003.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 004.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 005.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 006.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 008.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 010.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 011.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 012.jpg

    Linea_padmini model 013.jpg
  3. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Nice One nk4Fiat. Great collection for a lifetime.
  4. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Got a call from FIAT, Italy

    Hi all,
    Today I just landed at airport and while coming out I got one ISD call (+3902896261). I was thinking he may be my cousin but got a pleasant surprise. The lady was from FIAT Italy Mktg division and requesting me for 15-20 mins of ownership review. She requested convinient time and since my journy back 2 home is aroun 45 mins, I told I am free right now.
    She asked about overall performance, milege, stability. Then she asked in detail about electrical parts/switches, dashboard accesories, steering, engine bay, suspension, braking system, all handles/levers. I told my initial problem of scratching noise from right front wheel and it was solved within a week.
    Then she asked about how many FIATs owned by family. After telling total 04 since 1962, she really got pleased.
    Finally she asked about ratings,
    1. dealership experience - I gave 9/10
    2. Service- 9/10
    3. car performance- 10/10
    4. milege - 14 kmpl
    5. Will you buy FIAT car in future - I told , I'l by only FIAT cars in future, if possible I'l recommend to my son also.

    I also gave address of teamfiat.co.in (she was aware of) and teambhp- Fiat Classic club of Hyd(FCCH) in vintage car section.
    She just laughed and said "Thanx Sir, you are very interesting and esteemed customer for us"
  5. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Small photosession at Himayatsagar dam

    Today visited Chilkur balaji temple. On the way i could not resist to stop at Himayatsagar dam for a quick photosession.
    The way I am spotting new Lineas and Punto since last month, i really doubt the sales figure (275) is true or not?
    Today I saw 1 Linea n 2 puntos while going, n surprisingly 1 punto n 1 linea in Parking lot.
    In Hyd I saw minimum 2-3 puntos n 1-2 Linea per 100 cars approx. Even if we consider minimum so FIAT share is around 3%.
    Let us wait for Jan'11figures. I think true picture will come out.

    Chilkur temple trip 004.jpg

    Chilkur temple trip 005.jpg

    Chilkur temple trip 006.jpg

    Chilkur temple trip 007.jpg

    Chilkur temple trip 008.jpg

    Chilkur temple trip 009.jpg
  6. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Great Pictures in the sunny weather. Whats the temp. , it looks hot.
  7. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    great pics. you have got the best angles. black looks so hot. pls go for the chrome linings as in emotion. i have bought it from an accessory shop and looks great. black color begs to be detailed in chrome.
  8. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Thanx Karan 4 compliments.
    Actually when I have enquired about complete chrome beading set in Fiat showroom the guy told it is around 16K.
    right now I don't want to spend 16k just on chrome.
    And the one which is available in outside market is so thin that doesn't suit the rugged body.
    So wait 4 some time.
  9. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Nice pics NK. Good to know you are enjoying with LINEA! ::T
  10. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Thanx Arun. Ya I am enjoying with new FIAT.
    So you must be full busy with preparation of 26th meet at cubbon park. Keep it up!!!

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