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ICEing Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by arishi, Jun 4, 2010.



    @ Arishi - how have you powered the amp? I don't think Auditor has any PnP type amp. So if you have drawn the power from the battery, then is your amp powered off (no current) when you switch off the car?

    I was facing similar dilemma, so I went for the 5 channel Blau THA555 PlugNPlay Amp which draws power from the HU itself.
  2. hey Skywalker sorry for the late response, I was also looking to get the Blaupunkt Pnp series Amp but I was getting it for 20K + price range. The Auditor Amp is powered from Battery and the headunit so the amp is off if the HU is off. They have used a special cable to connect the HU and the amp. When is start my car it take some time for the amp to start. First the HU is turned on and then the Amp is turned on. I hope I have answered your query.
  3. mindgrinder

    mindgrinder Novizio

    the emo pack system supports 4 channel so does your amp, did u bridge the sub? it might have lost the fader etc due to bridging...
  4. Thats correct. I have to bridge the sub and in the process my fader is lost.
  5. puntolover

    puntolover Novizio


    Great to see changing speakers & adding amp's to existing OEM unit, are you not having problem of over heating HU-especially in left side heat sink area, b'caz of this audio o/p stage IC burnt & same reported to concorde, but FIAT refused to change HU under warranty to the other 2 customers, Servce Advisor told me not to experiment with OEM HU. so i swapped the HU to pioneer, without cutting of any cables, only i am loosing steering remote control [looking for interface module], any how B&Me will not affect me much b'caz, i am Not addicted to my mobile.

    Above all i am still interested to retain the OEM HU in it's place by adding new spk's & amp, i tried with pio 4 channel amp with spk level i/p,& also with scoche converter, but heating problem arised :confused so i decided to swap the HU, please look once again with your setup for any heating problem & suggest/advice me on the setup. :)
  6. This is the first time I am hearing about the Over heating of the OEM HU. Its working perfectly fine in my car. Is anyone else having this issue of overheating of the OEM HU?
  7. gagi_vid


    hi arishi.
    am newbie here...
    even i like to install amp's, sub-woofer, components to my punto, my speakers are pathetic, i need gravid sound, loll people should say :wow after hearing quality of sound..
    am just looking after your thread from last 4 months, but am confused :confused1 wil i get sound quality with my stock HU?

    can you guys throw some light on this?

  8. anandlnt


    @gagi_vid I personally do not think that the OEM HU can give you the output you are expecting. If you want people to say :wow , then you have to change the HU too. For more information about that, you can visit my thread KA 45 N 7 is getting ICE'd. I think it should give you some idea.
  9. gagi_vid


    yup bro.. sure bro...

    am loving it, i dont have words to say. lemme seee........
  10. gagi_vid


    hey anand bro..
    i want to retain my stock HU, because i dun want loose ble & me, steering mounted keys :A

    i just want to be like you, dun think i imitate you ::pP, Mann your truly fan of punto........ :)

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