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ICE Upgrades and the options used

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by livelyyoungman, May 12, 2011.

  1. veryindian

    veryindian Timido

    Pune + Mumbai
    Thanks Phew. According to the heads-up, I will reduce the gain as suggested, was so busy couldn't check the amp tune state, great you put it in perspective for me. Checked my bills again and recalculated, the ICE cost is 49k with tax. Rest is for some accessories that i bought. MY BAD. Is it still steep??
  2. rags086

    rags086 Timido

    Vehicle Name: Punto
    Vehicle Vaiant: Emotion Pack

    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Diamond/D363.5/Components
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Cerwin Vega HED/Coaxial

    Amplifier(Make/Model): None (Planned for future upgrade)
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): None (Planned for future upgrade)
    Overall budget:16k

    I had thought of Focal components for front doors. However, Mr. Sathya (Evo) recommended Diamond D3 (never heard before). Sounds pretty good, am happy with the sound output, but not sure whether the cost was on the higher side just for speaker upgrade.
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  3. KayGeeFIAT


    deICED and reICED Linea Active - but need help

    Vehicle Name: Linea MJDVehicle
    Variant: Active
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Stock
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Stock
    HU : Blaupunkt Toronto 410BT - Bluetooth, Front USB, Aux In, SD card, Hands Free callilng
    Amplifier(Make/Model): Blaupunkt Amp GTA 2 - Special Edition 2011 2-Channel
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): Blaupunkt - hooked to amp
    Damping: no
    Wiring Harness : yes
    Overall damages : 21K

    However - I am still not 100% happy with the SQ. Though the sub kicks in very well - I don't 'feel' the rich sound. In fact in my earlier car - I had a Sony MEX 3600 BT with a pair of 5.25's in the front and a pair of 6x9 at the back on the parcel rack and the SQ literally used to blow me away. Not sure if replacing the stock speakers would help. The options could be
    a) replace front stock speakers with comps
    b) replace rear stock speakers with comp
    c) fit a pair of 6x9's in the rear parcel tray.

    Which option do you think I should go for? All suggestions welcome.

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  4. Vehicle Name: Linea T-Jet Plus
    HU: Not Changed
    Front Door Speakers: CerCerwin Vega component: H.E.D. 6.5" Component | H.E.D. Speakers - Rs 5,500
    Rear Door Speakers: CerCerwin Vega component: H.E.D. 6.5" Component | H.E.D. Speakers - Rs 5,500
    Amplifier: Arc AudioXDI804 - Rs 9,800
    Sub Woofer: Diamond Sub woofer: Diamond D112.2 Subwoofer - Rs 6,000
    Damping: Yes - Rs 600
    high low Receiver - Rs 1600
    Total expense Rs 31,000
    Sound Output - Awesome :)
  5. nareshreddyp

    nareshreddyp Novizio

    Vehicle Name: Linea MJD Emotion Pack
    HU: Not Changed
    Front Door Speakers: JBL GTO608C 6.5 " components - 7500/-
    Rear Door Speakers: Infinity reference co-axials - 5000/-
    Amplifier: Cervin Vega 4 Channel - 9000/-
    Sub Woofer: Cervin Vega Sub woofer: 5000/-
    Wiring + Dampening + Labour : 3000/-

    Total expense Rs 29,500

    Sound Output: JBL Components are too bright in the setup. Thinking to change for some mild components.
  6. 5hadow

    5hadow Timido

    New Delhi
    Vehicle Name: Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion

    HU: Stock
    Front Door Speakers: Rockford Fosgate Prime 6.5 " components - 6500/-
    Rear Door Speakers: Rockford Fosgate Prime 6.5 " co-axials - 4000/-

    Amplifier: Not yet
    Sub Woofer: Not yet

    Damping (Roadkill, front doors only)+ Labour : 1500/-

    Total expense - Rs 12,000

    Sound Output: Miles better than stock, especially SQ but I am not getting the surround sound sort of effect, I was hoping for. Well, I guess I expected a lot from my pittance of 12k :p

    Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. What I need to improve is - surround sound effect and a li'l bit of bass.
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  7. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    That is a good set up for 12k.. But a couple of days back, i auditioned rockford punch components n co axials in a friend's swift, i was blown away by the sound quality, even without amplifier, which he is planning in near future. The crispness n clarity, even at full volume of 30, was something i havent heard in any other cars. But it definitely comes at a cost, the comps alone costs 12k+ !!
  8. pronoy_banerjee

    pronoy_banerjee Amatore

    Vehicle Name: Punto MJD
    Variant: Dynamic
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Pioneer A634 300W, 3 way co-axial for 3000 INR
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Pioneer G624 250W, 2 way co-axial for 1500 INR
    HU : Stock
    Amplifier(Make/Model): None
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): None
    Damping: no
    Wiring Harness : no
    FM modulator with USB, Line-in, SD card slot for 750 (with remote)
    Overall damages : 5250 INR

    I am pretty happy with the Sound quality for the price that i paid.
    Now i can jack in a USB stick as well, very pleased with the SQ of the FM modulator
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  9. kvmoorthy


    Vehicle Name: Punto MFD 90HP
    Vehicle Vaiant: Sport
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Infinity Components/NA
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): JBL Coaxial/NA
    Amplifier(Make/Model): JBL 4CH/646
    Amplifier(Make/Model): Cerwin Wega/Mono/HED 500:1
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): Diamond/NA Tailer made box.
    Damping: Soushe(All four doors)
    Overall budget :40K
  10. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    That was then!! The current lineup is below:

    Vehicle Name: GP MJD 1.3 E-pack
    Head Unit: Stock Blaupunkt
    Front Speakers: Rainbow Dreamline Series CSX265 2-way components
    Rear Speakers: None
    Amplifier: Digital Designs C4C
    Wiring kit: Audison FSK350 + Audison SLI4 (HLA)
    SubWoofer: Image Dynamics CTX 12.4 in a 1.2 cuft sealed enclosure
    Damping: Stinger Roadkill damping sheets for front doors and boot (4)
    Overall budget: Around 45k (not including the botched up experiment with the Blaupunkt PnP series amp and wiring harness)

    Vehicle Name: Linea T-Jet Plus
    Head Unit: JVC Arsenal Series 925BT (bought from Amazon-US)
    Front Speakers: Micro Precision 3.16 (Series III 2-way components and tweeters)
    Rear Speakers: None
    Amplifier: Mosconi One 120.4
    Wiring kit: Bull Audio 4G kit, Gladen Audio Zero RCA's and sub-woofer wiring
    SubWoofer: Design by Seas - L26ROY 10" subwoofer in a 0.9 cuft sealed enclosure (Sourced from Madisound Speaker Store - US)
    Damping: Dynamat Extreme damping sheets for front doors (4); Boot and parcel tray area will be done shortly
    Accessories: Kenwood KOS A300 (awaiting installation - sourced from Crutchfield.com - US)
    Steering wheel control harness: Connects2 kit (yet to be procured - awaiting launch of the new kit CTSFA004.2 which will enable the phone button)
    Overall budget: This is just the beginning!! New audiophile grade HU planned for next year already and possibly another Design by Seas sub along with a powerful Mono amp.
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