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ICE Upgrades and the options used

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by livelyyoungman, May 12, 2011.

  1. nand_nanda

    nand_nanda Timido

    Model is

    Amplifier kit and RCA cable used are from Mojo.. Searched in the internet before installing.. looked decent.. They did not have bandridge cables..



    I hope it is a decent one.. Paid 12k for everything including basic damping on all four doors..

    Amp is installed under the front left seat..
    It took about 6 hours for installation and tuning the amp..

    Also he had given me a choice.. He had asked me to test this amp, if I don't like it I can downgrade to cerwin vega XED.. Till now I liked it.. The sound clarity has improved a lot.. actually they have replaced the cables with better one's.. I could see the difference as with the speakers alone I could feel the jarring noise at higher volumes.. but after amp installation it cut's off certain frequency.. The current HPF setting on my HU is kept at 80db.. he said if I wanted better bass for a particular song I can switch off HPF.. but for me this looks ok as I tried playing all my favorite songs and it was far better than before..

    I always test with the OST of the movie Rush - 1976 by Hans zimmer and Lindsey Stirling - Elements.. There was jarring when I had speakers alone.. Now with amp at 40 volume I did not see any jarring the clarity was too good including the bass..
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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Hi, Hans Zimmer and James Horner are prolific. Another test track from our very own Rahman, "Bombay Theme", (Naveen Kumar's flute) you will appreciate the details on the newly opened up sound.

    Also a sub sooner or later will be an excellent addon and will give a near complete experience. Subs need power and a class d amp will be better for that, will allow to run it cooler without wasting current.

    Could you please get a break-up cost of amp or wirings. Will help other members a lot.
  3. nand_nanda

    nand_nanda Timido


    Yes I shall try that song as well.
    The breakup is.

    Cerwin Vega HED 600.4 channel amp - 10k
    Wiring: 2k (Mojo amplifier kit and Mojo RCA cable)
    Installation: waived off (actual cost 750)
  4. santhukp

    santhukp Amatore

    Today i changed my Stock Head unit to Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT for 5.5K for my Punto Emotion
  5. Abh1nav

    Abh1nav Timido

    New Delhi
    I finally went ahead and got the Sony MEX N5070BT installed at a local shop. Total damage came out to be 8300. 8000 for the HU and 300 for Wiring / Antenna.

    Could have saved a few hundred bucks if I had ordered from Snapdeal, but the difference wouldn't have been much!

    Coming to the HU, it's quite good and feels VFM for the features offered. It also has NFC, which makes connecting the phone to the HU a breeze. Just one tap, and I was done in under 20 seconds! 3.gif Variable colors and 3 RCA pre outs were other features that resulted in Sony's favor!

    The User Interface is pretty decent and lets you play around with a variety of settings.

    Overall, happy with the purchase!

    So now, my ICE setup includes Rockford Fosgate 1675S components at the front, 1675 co-axials at the rear and the Sony MEX N 5070BT head unit.

    hu1.jpg hu2.jpg
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  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Good setup @Abh1nav, any plans for an amp and sub. A four channel bridgeable atleast. Does your Sony have the DM+ feature, please report back. It really brings the digital files to better fidelity sound.
  7. Abh1nav

    Abh1nav Timido

    New Delhi
    Thanks asimpleson!

    No immediate plans to add an Amp / Sub, but maybe a few months down the line!

    I don't think that this one has the DM+ feature, but it does seem to offer a Clear Audio + tech, along with their advanced sound engine. So maybe they've changed the terminology? Here's a picture for your reference!

  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Yes that's a similar sound enhancement feature to DM+, that option is better than the preset EQ options. What it does is augment audible signal data/levels and thereby gives a cleaner sound from MP3s etc.

    If you are going for SUB later, do look at Pioneer Champion series 10" DVC or Infinity Kappa 10" subs. Better overall Sub frequency and do not overpower your component sounds. 12" is also overkill if you are not too much a BASS lover. Make sure the amp. impedance matches and has similar or more power capability than Sub rating. Subs take a lot of power.
  9. Abh1nav

    Abh1nav Timido

    New Delhi
    Thanks for the tip! Will surely consider these options once I decide to go for the next audio upgrade!
  10. selwyn.a

    selwyn.a Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Just got done with the 2nd customization on my ride - added some thump, and this one too was all DIY !

    Had already upgraded the door speakers within a week of taking delivery, so I had Pioneer components in the front, and GroundZero 3-way at the back.

    The OE HU leaves a little lacking though, so decided to do something about it.

    Parts piled on:
    Sony Xplod 2channel amp bridged (snapdeal),
    Pioneer 12" DVC Champion Series (ebay),
    8gauge amp wiring kit (ebay)
    ISO connector socket and plugs (got these so I dont have to splice into the factory wiring. Figured out I will need these after going through dozens of threads on TFI and other forums :D ), sealed enclosure (accessories shop)

    Used 2 allen keys to pull out each side of the HU. Had to jiggle them a bit, but it came out clean.
    Inserting the key into the holes on the HU releases the tiny toothed metal locks.

    These are the factory wires which one shall not interfere with

    This is what helped get the speaker level output from the HU. The black part goes onto the factory harness, and the other 2 into the HU

    The wire ends all stripped clean, had to do a bit of soldering to join the socket and plugs IMG_20150123_185715.jpg

    Soldered the blue speaker wires too into this DIY harness

    Sub waiting for its new home

    Brand new enclosure, with a sloping back to fit against the seat back

    Screws came with the sub itself, so the next step was child's play (big child). One power tool and a philips head bit later, it was firmly set into the box. It's a thing of beauty! :smuggrin:

    The next step took a few hours of trial to get the power cable from the battery down the left side of the car to the back just below the boot light, and the speaker cable from the HU down the right side till the back. Also found the grounding point with a bolt just below the LHS taillight. Had to strip back some of the lining material on the left wheel well. (Dont have any pics of this step due to all the contorting and acrobatics to get the wires through the firewall). But finally got it all in place, and it was well worth the trouble! Turn up the volume and this thing makes the whole car boom, the rear wiper , number plate and all start buzzing too :woot:

    Quite satisfied with the end result, and the amp was even helpful enough to not require the 12v Remote-on wiring. High-Level-Sensing Power On does the trick. IMG_20150129_134920.jpg

    View attachment 77124

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