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ICE Upgrades and the options used

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by livelyyoungman, May 12, 2011.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    French + Tamil !!!!

    Vera yaarukum puriya koodadha? :D

    Translation : Shouldn't others understand.

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  2. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    T-Jet went through a rather major sound upgrade in November 2013. The current lineup is below:

    Vehicle Name: Linea T-Jet Plus
    Head Unit: Pioneer 80PRS with BT
    Front Speakers: Micro Precision (Series III 2-way components and tweeters)
    Rear Speakers: Rainbow DL X6
    Amplifier for Front & Rear speakers: Mosconi One Line 120.4
    Mono amp for dual subs: Digital Designs CM 1000
    Wiring kit: Rockford Fosgate (Dual amp 0 gauge kit)
    Subwoofers: Design by Seas - L26ROY 10" sub woofers (2 of them) in a 1.5 cu ft sealed enclosure
    Damping: 5 sheets of Dynamat Extreme + 1 bulk pack of Dampmat
    Steering wheel control harness: Connects2 CTSFA004
    Speaker & subwoofer wiring and RCA's: Monster Pro / AIV / Gladen Zero / Rockford Fosgate
    MDF board for both Amplifiers and crossovers etc
    Overall budget: Stopped counting after crossing the rather stupid six figure amount! Audiophile grade HU planned for next year (P99RS) and possibly a 3-way active setup. We shall see when I succumb to the temptation!!

    What's gone out from the previous setup - JVC 925BT HU (available for sale)
    Bull Audio 4g amp kit (sold to a friend)
    Gladen Eco RCA and Rockford Fosgate twisted pair RCA's from the amp kit (sold to a friend)
    Kenwood KOS A-300 (available for sale)
    10" sub enclosure (available for sale)

    Been very busy these past few weeks. Still playing with the setup to get musical nirvana but I'm very close to getting there. :cool:
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  3. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Stage 2 done... albeit after 3 long years !! still a little more left !!!

    Auditor RIP250S 10" subwoofer sealed box.
    JVC ax3102 2 ch amp....
    Wiring: MTX streetwires.
    rocking beats now :car:devil
    later will transfer this amp to front comps and get a mono for the sub !!
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  4. arunabhis

    arunabhis Timido

    Vehicle Name: Linea
    Vehicle Variant: Emotion.
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Focal ISS 165 2 way Component Speaker Kit 2014 Integration Series ISS165
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Focal Co-axials IC 165
    Amplifier(Make/Model): NA
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): NA
    Damping :- Ft Self-Damp AL 100 on all four doors
    Overall budget:15,300


    This is probably the easy way to enhance the sound , the integration speakers and tweeter fits into the stock speaker locations and the speaker itself .

    The sound has definitely improved i would say it's different now and much better.
  5. albinbenny

    albinbenny Timido

    Vehicle Name: Grande Punto
    Vehicle Variant: Sports 90HP.
    Head : Sony MEX BT4150U HU
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Ground Zero Iridum Series GZ A61C Components
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Ground Zero Rear Speakers 280W
    Amplifier(Make/Model): Ground Zero 4 Channel Amplifier Iridium Series GZIA 4115HPX
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): JBL 8" inch GTO Sub Woofer
    Damping :- On all four doors
    Overall budget:36,000
  6. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Vehicle Name: Grande Punto
    Vehicle Variant: Dynamic 2012 MJD
    Head : Pioneer DEH 4590BT
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Auditor Components
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Auditor Coaxial speakers
    Amplifier(Make/Model): Yet to install (next upgrade)
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): NA
    Damping :- No Damping done

    Considerable increase in the sound quality after upgrading the speakers.
    Can someone help me with a contact for damping doors? What will be the cost of damping all four days (Dampmat or dynamat etc).
    Enquired in Torque and Evo they charge 2.2k per door.. Looks expensive.. As I am planning to add Amp/Sub-Woofer I would like to damp all the doors.. Or if there is any dealer where I can buy the damping material?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Dampmat is Indian and should be cheapest solution. Though not cheap in quality.

    Send these guys an email and ask about buying the whole pack. You could use left over portions in areas like floor or rear boot door etc. It would still work out to be cheaper, just pay the labour charges. Remember to buy that roller or see if your installer has one. It will ensure no bubbles and the adhesive bonds well.


    Bangaloreans, any lead on Dampmat dealers/installers..?

    Why no sub @nand_nand? :) Underseat should do the trick. Or a small active 8" for boot like Blaupunkt GTB8 or 8200.
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  8. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I contacted them.. They gave the guys phone number.. I tried reaching him several times he never picks up the phone..:(
    Amp and Sub are my next upgrade.. Actually I am upgrading one by one and not at a stretch due to budget constraints..:)
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  9. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    You can also get if from here - http://www.purplekart.in/categories...ent-Installation-Material/cid-CU00085330.aspx

    or from their online ebay store if you have some ebay coupon

  10. Sanjeev Ashok

    Sanjeev Ashok Novizio

    Linea Classic
    Hi Friends, Chosen from with components & back with co-axials. Is a perfect combo, my hunger for subwoofer gone on. These speakers does wonder.

    Front - Blaupunkt Component Blue Magic
    Rear - Ground Zero 3-way Co-axial 300W

    Superb Effect
    Few of Ground Zero installation

    Stock Speaker on position
    IMG_1619.JPG IMG_1620.JPG

    Stock Speaker Removed

    Replaced with this ground zero

    Ground Zero on Position

    Couldn't take the component's pics as light fall-off. It was attractive blue in colour
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