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ICE Upgrades and the options used

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by livelyyoungman, May 12, 2011.

  1. anirban130

    anirban130 Timido

    does the above iceing effected the blue n me technology and steering button controls???????
  2. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    No B&M. It's ditched. But steering wheel controls intact but for the Windows button. SQ improved by leaps and bounds.

    The call button in the wheel is to have worked too with the new harness; but still to set that up. Believe there is a connection issue in the CANBUS. Need to check that.

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  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Am still happy with my ice upgrade...going good past 3yrs now....:D:thumbup:

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  4. Vehicle Name: Punto
    Vehicle Variant: Dynamic
    HeadUnit: Eonon D1205 7 Inch Digital Screen Motorized 1 Din Car DVD Player.
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Hertz ESK 165
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Hertz DCX 130
    Amplifier(Make/Model): Arc Audio XXD5080 5-Channel Class D
    SubWoofer(Make/Model/NA): Rockford Fosgate Punch series P1S4-10"
    Damping: Yet to get damping done.
    Overall budget: Around 44k
  5. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    Vehicle Name: Grande Punto
    Vehicle Variant: 2011 90HP
    Head Unit: Stock
    Front Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): Rockford Fosgate R1652-S 6.5" comps
    Rear Speakers(Make/Model/Type/NA): DLS B5A 5.25"comps
    Amplifier(Make/Model):Cerwin Wega HED 600.4
    Sub Woofer(Make/Model/NA): Polk db 8"
    Damping: Noisekill
    Overall budget: 30k (IIRC)
  6. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    Vehicle : Linea
    Variant : TJet+
    Install conceived and supervised by : Prinston Pinto
    Installer : Babu
    Type of Install : Stealth
    Install location : Santa Cruz, Bombay
    Vendors : Chiragh Bir Singh, Dr. Nikhil Sharma, Bee Sounds, FM drives, no name vendors in Andheri, Santa Cruz & Lamington Road
    Head Unit : F199 IN, Delphi (OE)
    Front Component Woofers : Micro Precision series 3
    Front Component Tweeters : Micro Precision series 5, version 5.28 Mark II
    Amplifier Front : Genesis Series III, Dual Mono
    Rear Coaxials : German Maestro, Alpha AC6508
    Amplifier Rear : Celestra FA275
    Damping Metal : Dynamat Lite
    Damping Door Cards : Focal BAM XL
    Power wire : Monster 300 series, 4 gauge
    Ground wire : Stinger Pro series, 4 gauge
    Hi Low Convertor : Audison SLI4
    RCAs : Tchernov Cuprum Junior analog 2 channel
    Speaker Wire (Amplifiers to Crossovers. Crossovers to OE socket & to tweeters) : Monster 300 series
    Speaker Wire (OE socket to front components & to rear coaxials) : OE factory wire
    Fuse holder : AVI, mini ANL inline
    Fuse : AVI, 150 amps
    Distribution blocks power & ground : Stinger Pro Crome series, 4 gauge
    Power Connector : Kicker, spade type
    Grounding Lug : Stinger Pro series compression type, screw less
    Connectors : 3M connectors and appropriate male female sockets
    Cable ties : 3M
    LED Lights : No brand name with 3M backing tape
    Insulating tape : Polyamide construction, no brand name
    Amp board : 1/2" MDF
    Trim : Colour matched, fire retardent pile carpet
    Steering Controls : Intact & Functional
    Blue & Me : Intact & Functional
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  7. Arkin

    Arkin Amatore

    That's one long list! Dent to pocket?
  8. khoj

    khoj Amatore

    'Ouch' does not even begin to answer your query :D

    All I will say at this time is that quite a few of the bits used were either left over from the Cedia upgrade and then some were acquired over the last couple of years, yet others were new purchases. Will give a detailed account in my ownership thread.

    The fun bit is that till date I have neither seen nor heard the setup. However Prince (Prinston) was happy with the sounds and so was Parimal who flew the Jet from Bombay to Dilli. He says and I quote " The system in my car (Parimal's Punto sports) does not even reproduce lots of frequencies that are clear and detailed in the Linea's system. I find instruments missing in the songs from the same USB stick that was used in the Jet wherein they were absolutely clear and detailed."

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  9. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Amplifier: JVC 3104 - 300 rms 4 channel
    Wiring Kit: Scorche
    SubWoofer: Infinity ref 1220 SE preloaded enclosure
  10. drvivekmd

    drvivekmd Timido

    Vehicle Name: Punto.
    Vehicle Vaiant: Dynamic.
    HU: JVC KD-X50BT
    Front Speakers: Infinity/pr6500/Components
    Rear Speakers: stock
    Amplifier: JBL 4 channel(dnt remember the model number)
    SubWoofer: JBL 12'' bass tube GT-X1250T DSC_0170.jpg
    Overall budget:28K (with installation)

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