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ICE Suggestions for 1.6 GTX

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by bharath0016, May 25, 2014.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Bharath thats an awesome system. Make sure never to upload a pic of this GTX without masking its number plate now!! hahahaha.. :p
  2. harryaviator

    harryaviator Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    this is by far the best palio in existence !!!
    kudos.. have been following the dragon from the very first day.. and trust me, my heart swells up with the kind of passion and effort that goes in!!

    PS- the envy factor on being able to lay ur hands on a virgin 1.6 hasnt gone till now.
  3. bharath0016

    bharath0016 Novizio

    Hello Guys filling some space again after a long time.

    After the Sexy hot AUDIO Set Up I am still unable to enjoy the max out of it. The car is being used for an Medical Emergency by my Dad and Family.
    Its been like 2 weeks since I got a chance to drive except for a a cpl of trips from Indranagar - K R Puram.

    Initially in the 1st week after the set up the Car Audio has become a center of attraction at the Office as we used to Audio Testing in the parking lot.
    The security personal was like "Where is your car" think even he was missing the WoW factor of the Palio and the ICE

    The whole Audio set up was a perfect match made in heaven and lot of casting eyes or I am not sure the 8" HAT SUB could not take the kind off attention and broke down with in a week of install.
    I was very dejected why did this happen and call up no just whatsapp'ed the DUO RAHUL and PIYUSH from HARMONIXX regarding the issue with a sample of noise it was making.

    The analysis was done and finalized that the SUB gave up and was broken.
    I started worrying as it did not have warranty and I was Doomed and was about to hit COMA and there was a message from RAHUL " DOnt Worry Bro" we will replace as we STICK TO OUR WORDS and not some shit on Papers.

    Unlucky I was unable to find a 8" SUB again in his stock and with no doubt went for the 12" - GLADEN RS12. and had to just pay the Extra for the few Inches and the Box for that.
    This was swapped over night since he had the stuff in the stock. Yes it was done post 1AM midnight as I was busy with the Family Medical Emergency. I wanted to wait and get it done but these guys has that pinch why did this happen and were more hurried than me. I think these guys never sleep as me so there is always that extra breathing space and not like 9 - 6 kind of business. They are pretty much like the OVERHAULIN A Team crew.

    Initial 2 days I was unhappy with the set up as the output was not of my taste. It was not tight as 8" and was too boomy. For a moment I asked them should I change a car itself now

    One Night I was at Manipal Hospital as my uncle is admitted doing the Night Rounds.
    Both of these guys gave me a call and we caught up at out usual time 12ish midnight in the Parking lot of the Hospital. They had bought the RTA Tuning Mic and for me they looked like Doctors trying to fix a patient.

    Ok then for the next 3 hrs they operated on the car and finally at around 3AM the operation was successful. The set up was fixed and tune on ICE is just perfect and I feel I am sitting in the studio. The next morning when I left hospital I did not take the short route to home but took the longest one listening to THE STUFF

    The 80PRS is just a jewel in the box .. as my new 128GB Pen Drive / 32O GB HDD just reads without any issues
    I love this Pioneer Piece and playing the HQ audio.

    I have to say that the amount of Trust, Business Ethics, Commitment and the Casual approach of HARMONIXX Audio Duo is definitely outstanding for me.
    Its like business with Blue Jeans/White T Shirt rather than sophisticated Suits and I appreciate it ...

    Usually people say Know Devil is Better than Unknown Angel but the Unknown Angel turned out to be a Guardian Angel to my ICE :cool:
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  4. testdrive

    testdrive Amatore

    Great setup could you let us know the price breakup?

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