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ICE Done for Linea T-Jet Plus

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Mithun, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. After a wait for 1 year, I finally got the ICE done for my car. I got it done from Street Customs, which is located near lalbagh circle, RV road. Mr. Asad from Street Customs helped me in the installation process. He is very professional and a friendly nature guy.The product pricing provided by Mr. Asad was very competitive. Before finalizing in Street Customs, I had visited several other stores in JC Road and Koramangla but dint find any store good enough. Most of the store i visited were trying to sell the products which were there with them. Other than these brands: Hertz, Polk Momo, JBL and Sony, nothing different was available. One of the shops in JC road quoted insanely about Rs 33,000 (without Damping) for the entire setup and they were insisting on Hertz as component speakers and Polk Momo woofer. I was surprised on the configuration and the pricing which they offered me. I discussed the same configuration with Mr. Asad, for which he was ready to install Hertz speakers and Polk Momo woofer within Rs 20,000. Finally after intense research, watching Discovery Turbo West Coast customs, checking on various feed-backs from different sources, I installed the below configuration in my car.
    1. Cerwin Vega (CV) H.E.D 6.5" Component Speakers - 2 units - Rs 11000
    2. ARC Audio Amplifiers - 1 unit - Rs 9800
    3. Diamond Woofer with wooden casing - D12 - 1 unit - Rs 6000
    4. High-Low receptor - 1 unit - Rs 1600
    5. Damping of all four doors - Rs 700
    6. HU was unchanged

    Post installation, I felt that the sound output of ARC Audio amplifier is simply awesome and Diamond woofer is the best. Sound output from CV is clear. One advise for all: please don't go blindly on the brand names, suggest to research on various other available brands and experience from the customers already availing the setup in their car. Note that the brands available in India are made in China and in the entire lot, I found my config sound effects total Paisa Wasool! (as commented by one of my friend after experiencing the ICE in my car).
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  2. carwatcher


    Congrats for your effort.
    Please post the pics so we can also gather courage to do so without disturbing our Blue n Me and HU.
    Thanks in Advance.
  3. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Congrats Mithun !!
    Even I was interested to do an upgrade without changing the HU, but most of the people suggest to change the HU for the best sound quality.
    Reading your post it seems you are highly satisfied with the sound output which gives me hope of upgrading mine too.
    Please post pictures and possibly the detail specs of the hardware.
  4. Guys trust me, we can get the best sound quality without hampering the B&M or the HU. But the components should be good and a Hig-Low receiver will do the job. Try CV, Arc Audio, Diamond or West Coast Custom speakers. They are really the best and CV Component speakers are in same range as other brands are. I will post the woofer snaps, however the components are replaced with the company fitted ones and they are not visible. I will also try to get the detail specs.

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    Here are the Specs:

    Cerwin Vega component: H.E.D. 6.5" Component | H.E.D. Speakers
    Arc amplifier: Arc AudioXDI804
    Diamond Sub woofer: As the product is 2010 model and its discontinued, below site will give the sufficient info abut it
    Diamond D112.2 Subwoofer - Car Audio Products - Performance Car Audio

    Snaps will be coming up soon
  5. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore


    is the subwoofer bolted in the boot?
  6. Nope, its a separate unit and can be removed if required.
  7. Uploaded two pics, one was taken during installation and the other one is the sub woofer unit



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