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ICE Considerations

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by johnny, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    What is the amount that you are looking to spend? Having the components installed without a suitable amp, you wont be able to extract the best out the installed components due to the headunit provided by Fiat. No doubt the components will sound better at lower volumes, but definitely at higher volumes the quality is going to deteriorate.

    If I may suggest, you can EVO in Cambridge layout. You need not buy from him, just mention your budget and he will suggest the suitable speakers based on what kind of music you hear. Then you can as well source and install it from any other place that you are comfortable with. I have been a customer to this store from post a few years and he has not disappointed me on the audio front with the budget I was ready to spend.
  2. savinvas

    savinvas Novizio

    Bangalore, India, India
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi nkrishnap,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will consider going there.

    I think you have seen my car and you helped me by tuning the amplifier once at KHT. Remember ???

    I had the default music system that time, but now I have changed it to Pioneer. Below is my existing configuration :

    HU : Pioneer DEH-2490UB
    Amplifier : Sony XM-GTX6042/Q1IN
    Sub Woofer :Sony XS-LE121C//Z1IN
    Speakers Front : Sony XSGTF16262/C1IN
    Speakers Back : OEM speakers moved from Front door to back door

    Regarding the budget, either the speakers I mentioned ( JBL GTO S649C and Infinity PR 6500 CS ) are costing me below 5K.

  3. winimation

    winimation Amatore

    Hi Guys..
    I need some advice on Subwoofers. I have a 2012 Linea Emotion Pack. My HU is the stock Blaupunkt/ Delphi. I have installed Front Speakers Blaupunkt Component Speakers & for Rear Co-axial Spears 60W to fill the cabin with sound centrally. Now The Blaupunkt Component Speakers give a decent bass but on some frequencies the ultra low frequency (<100 hz) thump is missing.Also with some deep bass, the doors vibrate a little. So I was thinking of installing a subwoofer in the boot & reduce the bass in the component so that the distortion is reduced. I don't want to do too much configuration so I'm looking for an active subwoofer (Amplifier + Woofer in a box- ready to use). I have shortlisted two products
    -Blaupunkt - XLF 200 A - 8 Inch Enclosed with Integrated Class-D Subwoofer (300 W)- MRP 13990/- Snapdeal Price- 11353/-
    -Blaupunkt - GTb 8 A - 8 Inch Active Subwoofer Enclosure (150 W)-MRP 9500/- Snapdeal Price- 7500/-

    Which would be a better purchase. I'm tempted towards XLF 200 A as it is a Classs D amplifier meaning lower power consumption & have really positive reviews. Please advise which one is better. Also I'm not aware of a good installer in Mumbai. So if I buy from Snapdeal, how would i install it & how much would a installer normally charge. Recommendation of a good installer in Mumbai welcome...
  4. winimation

    winimation Amatore

    Guys! I need your valuable suggestions please....
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Winimation, I believe very few people have an experience with an 8 inch subwoofer. 100% of the people to whom I have talked have always said that 8" subwoofer does not give good output and it is sure that a person is left wanting for more.

    One even went on the extent saying "your front component speakers already have a 6.5" woofer cone, why do you want to add an 8" subwoofer?" He was sort of saying this to highlight the inefficiency of an 8" sub.

    If possible, go for a 12" subwoofer only as 8" set up is not recommended.

    By the way, my JBL GTO608c used to distort until i got damping done. Low frequencies are now much better audible and the bass sound has totally changed.
  6. hello2anand

    hello2anand Amatore

    Winimation, Agree with Paddleshifter.....

    Only last week, I bought a Rockford 12 inch Sub (Prime Series). The product came along with enclosure. With installation it came to Rs 6K. I already had a 4 channel cerwin wega & bridged the rear channels to my sub. With a separate monoblock amp, it shouldn;t go beyond 10K. True, I had to compromise on the boot space but I am really satisfied with the sound quality & the bass....

    I am interested to know how less (or) big of a space does an active sub takes from a conventional passive sub...would like to know that...
  7. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    By the way, my comment is made based on the understanding that winimation doesn't want a very loud sub but just want to enjoy a thumping bass inside the car.
  8. avnsiva

    avnsiva Amatore

    Hello All,

    As replacing the HU with another unit can screw up the Blue & me and the Steering Controls, I am thinking why cant we just buy a 2.1 THX certified speakers and put it inside the car.
    The satellites are small enough to be replaced from the doors or tucked below the seats/dasbhoard.
    The Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and Logitech Z623 or Z2300 are powerful speakers.
    Can someone advice whether this option can be good?
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  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Someone has already done this. But the thing is that is the end result comparable to having speakers in all four doors? These speakers are meant to be used in a room, not inside a car.

    By the way, you can retain the steering controls if you buy a Connects 2 Canbus interface. Costs around Rs 5k.

    The shortcoming in the HU and Blue&Me can be compensated by buying a BT HU like Pioneer 8550BT or JVC X80BT/X90BT etc. and many more depending upon budget and preference.
  10. winimation

    winimation Amatore

    Thanks a lot guys for ur feedback.
    @paddleshifter,You are right that I don't need a loud sub in which people can hear the vibrations form outside. I just need a decent thump for low frequecies even at low volumes. My components are already giving tht bass but certain frequencies are not amplified adequately which a sub can offer. Also I don;t believe 8" or 12" matter. It's the quality of the product & the design. Also comparing 6.5" component to 8" may not be a right comparison. the products are designed for different use. Blaupunkt have multiple options at 8" at different price points but that doesn't mean they all are the same. The quality would differ based on the model.
    How much did you pay to get the damping done on front doors?

    @hello2anand: The reason to go for an active sub was not to save on space but the ready to use functionality & the optimization between the amplifier & the speaker. I have a Linea & a punto so space is not a constraint. The objective was the product has been assembled in a factory & would have been optimized for performance. Also being ready to use, I can switch the woofer between Linea & Punto whenever i like which would not be possible if I have passive woofer & an amplifier (here space & weight may be a constraint for a punto). Also I don;t know a good installer in Mumbai & don;t want to pay a fortune for it. So i want to reduce on the risk of mistake by buying a ready to use product.

    Can you please provide individual prices for the setup you have done if the damage was within 10 k? Also would'nt a Class D amplifier make a difference consdering it can drain the batter of the car. I have heard people saying because improper connection in their Linea & Punto, the amp keeps on drawing power from the battery.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    I'm posting features of this product..

    • Active Subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-D Amplifier
    • Small dimensions: 340 x 71/79 x 225 mm, therefor easiest mounting,
      e.g. even under the front seats

    • Digital Amplifier with high power output: 150 Watts RMS / 300 Watts Max.Power

    • 200mm/8” Subwoofer with Aluminium Compound-Membran

    • Perfectly matching subwoofer with high rated and peak power handling
    • Easiest connection – only 12 volts/ground signal + the signal from the speakers or pre-amplifier required
    • Automatic power-on via high level or RCA/Cinch input – no remote signal required

    • Housing material: aluminum die-cast/fiberglass reinforced ABS

    • EPC compatible: easy connection via optional cable for power, ground and speaker signal (Easy Power Connection EPC)

    • Closed subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-D amplifier
    [h=4]Description Amplifier[/h]
    • Type: Class-D (Digital)
    • RMS Power: 150 watts
    • Max Power: 300 watts
    • Frequency response: 20 – 150 Hz
    • Signal/Noise ratio: >92 dB
    • Input sensitivity: 0.1 – 9V
    • Low-pass filter crossover frequency: 50–150 Hz
    • Phasing control: 0 - 180°
    • Audio-in: 2x Cinch/RCA, 2x Highlevel
    • Automatic power-on – no remote signal required!
    • After 60 sec. without any signal the amplifier will automatically switch off
    • Operation indicator: dual-color LED (green / red)
    [h=4]Description Speaker[/h]
    • Diameter: 200 mm
    • Cone material/-color: Aluminum Compound / blue-metallic
    • RMS power handling: 150 watts
    • Peak power handling: 300 watts
    • Impedance: 0.6 ohms
    • Frequency response: 20 – 150Hz
    • Sound pressure level 2.0 V/m: >92 dB
    [h=4]Subwoofer Housing[/h]
    • System: closed box
    • Material: aluminum die-cast / fibreglass-reinforced ABS
    • Housing color: dark silver
    • Dimensions W x H x D: 340 x 225 x 79 mm
    [h=4]Scope of delivery[/h]
    • Subwoofer enclosure
    • Adapter cable for highlevel, power supply and ground connection
    • Fuse 10A
    • User manual
    • Installation material: metal strip, special screws
    • Easy Power Connection-Kabel (7607001547001)

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