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ICE Considerations

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by johnny, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Guys,

    Kindly suggest which out of the following DVD options is worthy and why:

    1. Roof mounted DVD Screen. [Might require change in HU which I do not want. Additionally, this may mean some damage to the roof, and that is a big no-no]
    2. Headrest mounted DVD Player and Screen. [No option for dual screen. Non messy but audio output through speakers will be not good due to the FM modulator.]
    3. Strap-on DVD Screen. [Option for dual screen available. But no good brands available in India which can also provide warranty. Messy wire work. Includes a conglomeration of multiple accessories which makes this vulnerable]

    Thanks to all for their inputs.
  2. vivekpunto


    thx bro...i m confused..
    can u shorlist me some good enclosures from any brand wich can produce good bass at loud volume n gr8 clarity..
  3. the people who do this will ask you ..so you can choose from them... and for the bass opt for bass tube..be it jbl or rock ford..or may be soomoku bass tube
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  4. vivekpunto



    thx buddy..
    my budget is 15k.. n i want good pair of speakers (u guys suggest comps or co axials) , amp (i am thinking of rockford) , n bass tube...
    help me am confused :A
  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    1. We can suggest you the brands, but ultimately you have to visit the shop, take demo and trust your ears, brands would not make much difference. For some Infinity sounds good but for others it might be very bright, for some polk gives smoothness, for others it could be very flat. Do some market reviews, come back with your likings and then we can discuss pros and cons so that you can judge around, no configuration is 100% perfect and best.

    2. 15K budget would not be ample to cover up all your requirements, so go step by step thats HU -> Front components -> Rear Co-axials - > Amplifier -> Sub woofer / Bass Tube -> additional accessories. Dont buy things in parts and then try to fix them up, built up one by one this would help you in better configuration of your sound setup.

    3. Brands are just good names, figure out what gives you best performance in your setup as per your liking once you are satisfied close your ears for others advice. For me Brand X might satisfy my need and I would keep going ga ga over it and there might be 5 others too ..so dont go by there words and ears, use your ears and decide. I use desi dual 10" woofers and I am very much satisfied with them because those provides me the beat that I want in my sound stage. It might not be best for others but to me it makes best for my experience.
  6. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Hi Guys ... Me needs a good amp and a good starting range Sub... Max budget should be 15k....
    Me already has Infinity Ref Comps in front and rockford r152 in rear..
    I know of absolutely no place where I can go and audition them..... suggest something for me what can go good with existing setup....

    Me is not a audiophile and need a decept thump for hip-hop and my rock songs.... :)
    so enlighten me....
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Guys I put BASS FX parcel tray on my ride. Believe me it works I am getting very good output from MY Alpine speakers. The tray also looks very good, price: Rs. 1100
  8. johnny

    johnny Regolare

    Greater Noida
    Greater Noida
    Grande Punto 1.3
    @vivek & also other potential 'ICErs',

    One important point that I want to bring out is that one has to have realistic expectations with respect to ICE, based on the car. You can spend a lot of money on ICE, but beyond a point, the 'law of diminishing returns' comes into play.

    I will explain this a bit. My nephew has an Audi A4 with a nine speaker (Bang & Olufsen) set up. Like me he also likes to listen to music at lower volumes (about 8 to 12 setting on the Emo Pack head unit). He had come to meet me a few days back, and we were comparing our ICE setups. What surprised both of us is that at these volume settings there was not really a very marked difference in the quality of music output, with the cars stationary and the engine off.

    Then we took the cars for a drive, in turn. Now there was a world of difference. In the Audi, there was practically no outside noise, and the music sounded just like it did with the engine off - rich and balanced. In the Punto it was a different story. There is a lot of noise - engine, tyre, and even the AC. The net result was that this noise made a big difference to the original quality of the music. Even cranking up the volume did not bring back the richness. Of course my nephew felt very thrilled about the whole affair.

    So irrespective of how much you spend on the ICE setup, the car itself will become a limiting factor.


  9. eyeguy


    @ johnny

    you seem to be the boss when it comes to understanding ICE so i would like to ask you a few pointers.

    first let me explain my music preferences-

    in my previous car (Santro-which i still have) i installed a pioneer HU with aux input in front as most of my music is on the pod. for the rear speakers i wanted to install it in the area provided by the manufacturer as i felt that cutting the tray would cause a lot of vibrations. but i wanted crystal clear sound not necessarily loud. as i drive myself the best sound had to be at the front. i really liked JBL sound and so i went with it. but the component woofers were fitted @ the back as that was the only place they would fit, the tweeters on the pillar b/w front and back seats and coaxials in front in the slots provided. now if someone sits on the rear seats and leans back the woofers are mostly what they would hear but but in my driving position i had perfect surround sound.

    the whole point of detailing this experience is to let you know that crystal clear sound @ low volumes is what I'm interested in. (not amps)

    now coming to my tjet plus...the ICE makes it tjet minus.
    my grouses:-

    1. many sounds/music instruments which i know are there in a particular song aren't heard at all.
    2. NO IPOD TOUCH connection at all!
    3. too much cabin noise @ high speeds (quite a bit at low speeds too)

    so boss! what do i do? I am very scared to fiddle around much with the car as i had a horrendous experience with my service centre and had to go to another one.
    min tampering + max sound clarity...how do i go about it?
  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well, may I give my 2 cents as well? Anyways, I will.. :)
    Min tempering+max clarity= comps in front door and co-axials in rear door along with damping. Damping prevents rattles in the sheet metal of door as a result of bass punch and improves the sound quality by creating a solid enclosure like space.

    Front comps: 6.5 inch Rockford Fosgate or the ones Johnny has got installed. There are ones that Sathya_sc got for his T-JET, they are good too. Avoid JBL as they need an amp for best results. I've JBL but I would they even they are awesome for an average listener like me.

    Rear co-axials: 6.5 inch co-axials can fit in. Same brand as the one for the front comps would be a good option.

    Skill of ICE installer is important otherwise they can leave a lot of rattles for us to bear with after speaker upgrade.

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