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i20 petrol or punto petrol - Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by kb10, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Again, sungoa, it's your idea to compare punto with verna etc. to each his own criteria. you think on the lines of comfort and driveability. another person might think in terms of space. Or price. Or looks. Or brand presence. there could be people who think about buying a sedan (like me) and then come to a terrific hatch like punto. That doesn't mean I'm comparing the two, just means I got something better in my punto. Likewise, there are people who might start thinking about say, an i10 or an AStar, and then end up buying a Punto or an i20.

    Here I think kb10 is considering i20 and punto, and invariably, he's thinking about the segment in which cars like swift, punto, polo, i20, fabia etc appear. Jazz is also there, so is the new Sail U-Va. We have all bought Fiats knowing how these are the best ones in the segment. It could be easier for the thread starter if we limit ourselves to that segment. I brought up Jazz just in case he forgot that car.

    I think he should just go ahead and buy the Punto if his choices are limited to Punto and i20 only.
  2. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Just remember one thing, get a petrol now only if you are going to keep it for a pretty long time.Every petrol car's resale is getting pathetic day by day except alto/santro. If you want a fiat petrol, get a good palio 1.6, (i recently saw a GTX for sale in tbhp classifieds), or go for a diesel punto active if you plan upgrade down the line !
  3. I second nobrakes. From my 3 year and 20k km ownership experience, I can shout out loud that 1.2 is not under powered. Ofcourse it is not the quickest, but it is sweet car to drive in city and highways.
  4. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Wow...thanks to all for so wonderful and quick replies.I read each of them in detail.
    - TO average out the comments,1.4 punto is the suggestion when compared to 1.2
    I totally agree with this.But the point here is 1.4 punto is way too high priced and I think I can get 13.diesel for lesser price.However my budget is strictly lmited to 6.5 k max.so 1.4 punto is out of question.
    as varunrtr and soundar mentioned,I do not think I will be racing ahead of all in signals or so.It would be highways where the speed limits will be reached and Iam sure I will feel that pinch.But would that be a big point considering the price difference?

    - All of you voted out i20,so that give me some satisfaction and justification to rule it out:))
    - Jazz was also one of the options mentioned.I would have got for that ,but for 2 factors
    - base version of jazz starts with 7.05 lacs and they are not offereing any discounts for single paise
    - there is waiting period of 2-3 months
    surprising part is all the sales persons was promoting brio instead of Jazz!!.They told to look for brio instead which is readily available.THey say the waiting period of Jazz is due to huge backlog because of recent floods in Japan.Not sure if thts the real reason
    - Sail UVA - didnt like the looks as well interiors.DId not test drive though
    - Forg figo - good overall package but didnt excite me much.dont know why.Logically though it does makes sense to go for Figo in all aspects

    Some more additional questions:))
    - can I expect atleast 13-14 kms in city with 1.2 punto dynamic?
    - What else I can bargain for cash discounts?he is already providing free insurance and corporate discounts and 5k less for white or red color
    - Does that make sense to book a car in december for max discounts with the risk of the model being branded as 2012 on paper?
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Let me clarify here. Jazz is a great car. Very spacious and practical too. Honda is not making good profits with the Jazz after the price cut of around 1.5L. That is the reason why they are promoting Brio instead of Jazz. This is the real reason. If you like the Jazz, seriously think about stretching your budget to another 50k and get it. It is worth it.
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  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    I would suggest to stretch a bit more. since you are already spending 6.5 L, do not limit yourself for another 50-60k. if required , delay the buying by 2-3 months considering that will help u to stretch. generally people keep cars for atleast 3-4 yrs so delaying by 3 months is a good idea if that gets u a better car. you might have the extra cash after 3 months but you will not go and buy another car then... think about it.
  7. sungoa2010


    I agree with shams.
    When you sell the car it will be a 2012 model. Wait for 2-3 months and buy in 2013.
  8. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    What can I say..... Since last one year I have driven my 1.2 petrol for around 28K kilometre on Mumbai pune commutation. I am getting 15 to 17 kmpl in city & 19+ on highway. That on the limited speed only.
    Punto's handling is unbeatable & no one could come to match it.

    Before going for punto I had the TD of i20. What I found the car steering is not so responsive like punto's. If you have the TD of both the cars then you can able to make it out difference.

    If you want a driving comfort for you as well as a seating pleasure for your family members who will be joining you in your car then go for Punto.
    And if you want only driving comfort for you & don't want to bother about rest then go for i20.
  9. Just cuz driving comfort and stuff was mentioned, I should give you my two pence here. Before getting my Punto, I had a Zen, I still have it, and also driven Verito for long drives. After a say, 4-5 hours drive, I used to be thoroughly exhausted in the Zen. Verito was better. But after driving the Fiat, I tell you, the same person who cranked the engine comes out after the 5 hour drive. As fresh as he entered the car, that's for 200% sure. I'd get out and will be ready for a session of demanding time with a few kids who're the naughtiest you could find. Definitely worth your money if you're going to go for long drives at least once in a month or two. I guess the absence of body roll and the suspension helps you a lot here. I haven't driven the i20 for more than 5-10 minutes, so i can't say about that. But, if you buy Punto, you won't regret with regards to driving and energy levels.
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  10. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    my friend was looking out for a per owned petrol car and I test drove a 2009 1.4 dynamic yesterday.. being mjd owner
    honestly i was surprised, acceleration was better than i expected and climbed 3digit quite easily.more over it did even have that small grunt while accelerate. with an aftermarket filters and exhaust..it could sound amazing..
    the car was stable..even without abs and ebd.i felt confident..
    the cabin was very silent and no vibration which u can never feel in a mjd.. loved it..
    the build quality nad plastic were better, esp the cabin door handle was firm and strong..compared to my car..

    i'm just sharing my unbiased experience..i may not help u.. but it definitely helped me in picking the right petrol hatch

    even thinkin of buying one to replace my santro back home.
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