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i20 petrol or punto petrol - Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by kb10, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Iam planning to book a car this weekend and after lots of analysis have zeroed in on i20 petrol( sportz) or 1.2 punto petrol dynamic.
    Here are my observations :

    Classic interiors
    good value for money ( sportz version)
    Sportz version has many feature ( airbags,rear camera,rain sensing vipers,auto climate control...and list goes on)
    didnt like much the external looks but ok
    bigger boot
    better rear seat ( transmission tunnel is not as obstructing as punto)

    1.2 punto dynamic
    emotional attachment( mesmerising looks)
    solid body
    equally pathetic interiors

    I know I cannot compare i20 sportz version with punto dynamic and the price difference is 85k.But I feel that if it is i20 then it has to be sportz version for good VFM.

    My questions :
    -This is my first car.SO Iam not sure how much the factors like excellent driving dynamics in punto or lighter steering in i20 really effects
    - what will be the cost of ownership for both the cars in terms of FE & maintenance
    - 1.2 Dynamic petrol version does not have ABS.
    - which one would you enjoy in terms of driving as well as passenger ( in terms of comfort ,pleasure and space)

    Please help me decide.I know this is a fiat form but I would still expect unbiased feedback.
  2. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    check out the discounts on punto 1.4emotion .. its really huge..

    steering feedback is indeed a great factor which i realised only now after getting to drive some of my friends other cars and i m wondering n thanking how i was blessed with a fiat as my first car!!
    1.2 might be underpowered, but 1.4 with 90Ps can never be underpowered...
    Its never so costly to maintain petrol cars,check out some fab reviews :
    Punto 1.4 Fire
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  3. kb10

    kb10 Amatore

    Thanks varuntr for quick reply
    - Iam in Pune and the only dealer Pandit motors sales person informed me that 1.4 emotion is not launched.I was to tell him that he was bluffing.Anyway Iam not sure why he did.Could be he did not have one of those or did not want to sell.
    - My budget is max 6.5.Iam not sure if 1.4 emotion will fit that.THe max discount I got for 1.2 dynamic was free insurance ( 13k), Corporate discount(3k) & additional 5k if you go for white or red color( Iam planning wine color).
    - What do you comment about interiors when compared to i20.My family seems to like i20 interiors but did not press much as I ws more inclined to Punto.
    - I have read few posts and also the ownership reviews of 1.2 Fire.Although they say its underpowered,where would it really effect? I guess only on highways overtaking?
    - Also your experience in maintenance cost and FE and interiors quality getting bad over a period of time? I know that the parcel tray gets looseend quickly.But the salesperson claimed that in recent models after april 2012,they have redeigned little and fixed it.

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  4. sandy.chegi

    sandy.chegi Novizio

    Hi Kb10,

    Well let me share my thoughts on your questions:

    1. Driving dynamics: Nothing can beat Fiat cars. Lighter steering might be pleasure to use in city conditions but as you reach higher speeds, you have a lifeless or toy wheel in hand. No feedback whatsoever.
    So with respect to this, it depends on where you drive more. City/ Highway. Punto good for both conditions. Yes i20 comes with loads of gadgets. Hence, it depends on what you are looking inside the cock pit.

    2. I have heard from Hyundai owners in other forums that Hyundai has increased the service costs considerably making it a notch above to maintain than the rest of the contemporary hatchbacks. Well, you may say Fabia, Polo are costly affair as well but Hyundai may not be considered in that league. Please no offense to Hyundai car owners.
    Punto, I understand that parts and servicing has been improved off-late and also, availability of spares are much much better.

    3. This is where, i20 scores for sure. ABS being available in mid variant (Optional I believe), I am sure about ABS being available in Sportz version.

    4. Never driven i20 but Hyundais are known for boat like rides for rear passengers because of the slightly softer suspension than Punto.

    So concluding, its about interiors/ gadgets vs driving pleasure. No doubt i20 is great car but old gen i20 is much better than new gen i20 for sure. With respect to Punto, you may go through the reviews by our fellow Fiatians on the Fire engine and take your decision.

    I guess I confused you a little more than you were earlier. These are purely my thoughts based on my understanding and knowledge related to i20 and Punto. So fellow TFIans can comment and give their 2 cents.

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  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I don't want you confuse you too much with technical data. But, get off from i20. Apart from the quality of interiors, nothing is there to cheer about i20.

    For Petrol, I would suggest you in the following order.
    1. Honda Jazz
    2. Punto 1.4
    3. Sail U-VA
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  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    I agree to Ramjn. Dont think about i20, except good interiors nothing inspirational in that car.

    Go as per the order suggested by Ramjn.

    I will suggest you Punto 1.4 Emotion. If you are tight on budget ask Rahul Joshi (sales rep at Pandit) about cars from 2011 stock. Who knows you can get 2011 diesel Punto in your budget.
  7. Hi kb10,

    if you will ask anyone, they'll just say to go for i20. People here in India has a habit of doing things what other people do (for example, many people think that they should opt for a swift or i20 just because its high on demand, they just think that there might be something in a swift or i20 that it's selling in huge numbers, but it's the other way round)

    No doubt i20 is a good car, it has classy interiors, long feature list, good resale value but it lacks performance, driving dynamics & overall feel which are more important for a car to have, u just don't buy a car for having good interiors, resale value & looks only, once u sit in the driver's seat of a car only thing that matters is how well the car responds to you & how well it performs & give u pleasure.

    i20 lacks that top end punch, it has the same engine which is running on a i10. The handling,braking & stability of i20 at high speeds is not upto the mark. I have heard i20 petrol owners saying that they don't get a milage more than 11-12 kmpl in city driving conditions. Moreover I have even heard people saying that i20 is high on maintanence (I'm not sure how true this is).

    Whereas even if Fiat Punto is Low on paper, it is actually not that slow. Punto has low end torque, best steering control, good driving dynamics, solid build, good suspension & good braking, the overall package of Fiat Punto is a just amazing.
    Fiat Punto has better driving pleasure, better seating comfort in terms of space, returns a good milage & is low on maintanence.

    Lighter steering in i20 is good for city driving but for highways it's just not upto the mark. Cars with hydraulic power steerings (Punto) are more stable on high speed & on highways than cars with electronic power steering (i20).

    Bro rest is up to you to decide what u actually want, before taking the decision go through the ownership reviews of both cars, take a long test drive of both cars & then decide. Good luck :)
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  8. royj

    royj Esperto

    1. Depends on your driving. If you drive a lot on highways, then the driving dynamics is a really important (I would say Critical for Safety) factor. Inside city too, it is good, but may not be that critical.

    2. From my 8 year experience with Hyundai, after the first couple of years, they are expensive to maintain.

    3. Better go for a higher version with ABS

    4. Punto can really smooth out bad roads, and the excellent dynamics lets you enjoy the driving.
  9. nithin.v

    nithin.v Amatore

    my choice will be
    1. Punto 1.4 : refined engine(tried and tested..), good high speed driving dynamics, excellet steering feedback, best ride comfort among hatches (got an average mileage of 13.5 aound Navi Mumbai traffic).
    2. Jazz : refiend engine (as its Honda petrol), classy interiors,lots of space,bouncy ride quality as usual as any honda, average high speed riding but lacks that feel, ..its more mechanical...i mean it will not generate passion
    3. Polo 1.6 : lots of power+ 0.6* Punto 1.4 (you will get 2011 version as it is discontinued)
    4. Fabia 1.6 : 0.7* Polo 1.6
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  10. albyspunto

    albyspunto Timido

    my choice is to go for punto emotion 1.4 fire petrol
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