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i10 Automatic: First impressions

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by royj, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. royj

    royj Esperto

    A friend of mine recently bought an i10 Automatic. He had been using an Indica V2 for quite a long time and he shared his first impressions with the car. I am sharing it with you all (with his permission) as I felt it is pretty comprehensive, straight forward, and unbiased.
    Got the new car Friday afternoon (i10 Asta AT, silver). Couldn’t drive much during the weekend, but here are some quick first impressions –

    - Automatic really helps in Bangalore roads (For eg: there are eight humps in the span of just 2 kms between home and office)

    - On a light foot, it up-shifts early (managed to go to 4th around 45 few times. Normally, it upshifts to 4th around 55. 60kmph translates to 1500 rpm on 4th gear). But you do feel a “sponginess” in the first gear when you start moving

    - Even though shifts are smooth, you would know when it shifts (due to the engine sound and the feel on the pedal).

    - Engine sound doesn’t give you that relaxed feeling (may be you can call it peppy)

    - Keeping in line with the santro heritage, ride is bumpy on uneven roads

    - Steering is VAGUE, especially compared to the hydraulic PS of indica.

    - “Tilt steering” range is very limited (It’s almost like a feature included for the sake of it)

    - The steering wheel control switches are of good quality and has a nice clicking action

    - Driver seat gives you an elevated seating position when the seat height is adjusted to the maximum

    - Front seat doesn’t have ANY lumbar support, especially when the seat height is adjusted to the maximum. This is my major complaint about the car. But it does give you adequate under-thigh support.

    - Handsfree setup is basic (it gives the ability to accept a call, end a call and redial. It does show the caller name on the dashboard). I find it very useful, especially with the steering wheel control switches. The mic is mounted on the roof near the sunroof.

    - Reverse parking sensor has only audio warnings. The placement of 4 sensors are good (two of them are towards the curve of each side and can detect a pillar on the side)

    - The steering wheel control switches are not illuminated at night. Out of the four power window switches on the driver-side door, only the driver side power window switch is illuminated.

    - The front fog lamps illuminate road very near to the front bumper. Useful in conjunction with high-beam. The user manual warns about the indiscriminate use of fog lamps as it puts additional load on alternator (they are 27W bulbs)

    - The sunroof can be opened fully, but it’s an unwanted feature in dusty Bangalore

    - The music system can be termed as average, but better than I expected in an OEM setup in a small car. It has graphic equalizer and “surround (kind of)” configuration

    - It came with appolo accelere tyres. I was hoping for bridgestone. A magna delivered on the same day had bridgstone :-(

    - Out of the two car keys, only one is the foldable type with remote. The other one is a plain key

    - The user manual has pages of explanations on why the airbag didn’t deploy when you expected it to be :)

    - The user manual talks about LOT of sensors (for airbag deployment, seat belt pre-tensioner, ABS etc). It looks like a slight mis-alignment of the front bumber due to a small hit can affect all these calculations :-(

    - Shell REGULAR petrol costs Rs. 74.95 per litre in Bangalore :-(

    Except for the expected low mileage, high onroad price (7.32 lakhs without discounts, 7.04 lakhs after discounts) and lack of lumber support on the driver seat, it looks like an ideal car for Bangalore roads.

    Some photos attached.

    CIMG1905.jpg CIMG1907.jpg CIMG1908.JPG CIMG1909.jpg CIMG1911.JPG CIMG1912.JPG

    Some updates on the mileage:

    - The first tank full (shell) gave 9.5 kmpl (mainly on the congested roads in and around the office)

    - Filled HP petrol since shell was costly and recent top-up gave me 8.6 kmpl on similar roads. There was a perceivable reduction in engine smoothness compared to shell. (So, assuming a mileage increase of 1 kmpl for shell, a rough calculation tells me that I can tolerate an increase of up to Rs. 6 per litre for shell petrol)

    - Went back to shell since the prices have come down to 71.95 (while PSU petrol is at 70.45). Did a short run to a nearby waterfalls yesterday (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivanasamudra_Falls ) - close to 300 kms round trip. The mileage for the run is 14.4 kmpl. It was mostly a single line highway (NH 209) with traffic. Speed was always below 80 (crossed 100 briefly on the NICE ring road).

    Other points

    - It took 6 hours to cover close to 300 kms. It was a comfortable drive (Got some pain on the right leg as I am yet to find a comfortable driving position) .

    - “kick-down” works, but with some sponginess (I just hope the sponginess doesn’t increase as the car age). You can’t really get the jerky acceleration that we get in a geared car though (making it “feel like” underpowered in those situations).

    - It doesn’t like corners as much as the indica V2

    - There is absolutely no feedback on the steering. I really miss the hydraulic power steering of indica.

    - The above three points make it a boring (but comfortable) car to drive.

    - There is no engine specification in the user manual. They have all those width, length, height tank capacity, oils to use etc, but NOTHING about the engine.

    - The gear ratios for VTVT are not published anywhere on the net. In my car 90 kmpl translates to 2500rpm. Comparing with Justin’s numbers, the manual version has better gear ratios.

    - Car completed one month today. Odometer stands at 700km and overall mileage at 11.17 kmpl
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    One question to mods. Are we allowed to post reviews of other cars on TFI.

    @ RoyJ thank you for sharing this review. i10 A good car for city drive only.
  3. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    He u2Indeed the i10 is a deserving car. The auto has just made it even better, the convinience it offers in city driving is simply unmatched. My neighbour owns one(sportz) and have driven it quite often. The cars feels lik a toy within the city and is small enough to fit in gaps. Only problem is the super light steering and the rubber band effect shifts(more lik the auto scooties on ours roads).

    Views sure are unbaised and a big thanks to him, such contributions can help us gain more knowledge about other cars and hence a conparison with our rides becomes alot more easier.
    Only one thing I find is, the indica's steering is one of the most vague and lifeless steering of any car in india(in its category), i10 on the other hand has a precise steering, but owing to its light nature it feels lifeless.
  4. Does the new i10s come with grey/black interiors? Previous beige version's dash will reflect to much in the windshield.
  5. royj

    royj Esperto

    Got one more update from my friend on his i10. Sharing it below:

    Just drove to a nearby place on Sunday (krishnagiri dam). It wasn’t a planned drive, just ended up there.

    - Got a mileage of 17.52 kmpl for the run (237 km, tank-full to tank-full, filled on the same pump, auto cut off).

    - Speed was below 80 most of the time (except for the elevated highway where I tried just above 110)

    - Roads were good, but didn’t feel comfortable going above 80 – there were so many ‘U’ turn cuts and quite a few vehicles on the wrong side too.

    - Even for a Sunday morning (10.30AM), there was truck traffic till I crossed Hosur

    - The car is NOISEY beyond 80 (wind and tyre noise)

    - The sponginess in transmission does show up quite prominently in highways. I don’t remember feeling it in my civic or my cousin’s city.

    - Defogger switch is not timer based (in indica it was timer based. It used to switch off after 10 to 15 min). The same switch covers both ORVMs as well.

    - When I went home, I left the car in office parking lot. Rat entered the engine bay and chewed on the sound deadening material and washer fluid pipe. Did a checkup, the service guys say nothing else is affected.
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Thanks for sharing Roy. This also highlights the importance of Automatic gear which some people really do prefer and something which FIAT is lacking. 17.52 is an excellent mileage for an automatic car. One of my friend who had an i10 (the earlier version before kappa) got a maximum of 12 km /lt and in city he never got above 8 km/lt. This was in Chennai and he sold it because of the extremely low mileage.

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