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I feel like I am in Italy | even after 45000 KM in MaSenuti

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by srida, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Thanks Anoop and kedar. Even my favorites are the second and last pics mentioned by you two.
  2. 1500 KM Update

    My Baby has crossed 1500 KMs.

    100_2556.jpg Punto in Skycity 1.jpg Punto in Skycity 2.jpg

    1. I am getting a bit comfortable with the gear upshifting and maintaining the powerzone. Downshifting is still a challenge and I hope thats not too far away from getting comfortable.
    2. The drive is superb when maintained in power zone.
    3. The ride comfort gets better when the car is loaded with 4 / 5 people. When driven alone, the suspendion feel is kinda stiff but the ride comfort is not spoiled much.
    4. Brake is superb.
    5. Steering feel is bit heavier (since i have been driviing santro and swift). But I am liking it this way. Gives a feel of solidity and rigidity. Am sure my dad will not like it.

    My love on punto and fiat is really growing day by day even though I am facing few issues mentioned below

    1. The mileage has been on the lowerside. I made a Tank full today. The autoclose stopped at 39.7 Ltrs. The Trip B showed 450 Kms from the previous tank full. The Average has been 11.5. The AcB was 12.0. Am kinda worried and hoping to get bettwr in another 3000 - 4000 Kms on the ODO.
    2. Rattling from the Glovebox or from somewhere nearby. Very irritating when the tyre rolls on a rough patch.
    3. The Road noise is bit on the higher side except for the smooth roads which is very rare in chennai.
    4. The speakers are making a vibration when the Blue N me lady speaks.

    Today I gave my baby a nice Bath at Shell Petrol Station, Poonamallee High Road, Porur. The job done was good but still need improvement. The Car wash bay, the owner waiting area under the tree shade (on a lawn) was all good. When my baby was on the middle of the bath another Punto 90 HP FTAzure joined the queue. The owner was also a TFI member named Gopi. He was so nice and got himself introduced to me and we had a long chat about the Car, Fiat and others for about 2 Hours. I told him about the TFI meet and he was kinda intrested to join the meet with his 4 other fiat'ians if he was free. Below are the fotos I captured (sorry for the poor quality, that the max my E63 cud do)

    whitebox(156).jpg whitebox(157).jpg whitebox(158).jpg whitebox(159).jpg whitebox(161).jpg whitebox(162).jpg whitebox(164).jpg whitebox(165).jpg whitebox(166).jpg

    My Baby after Bath.

  3. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Seems like Link rod issue. Just get it checked . Nothing to worry about.
  4. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @Srida: If the rattling comes when the car goes over a rough patch, check the link rod checked. I had the same issue, and it took only 5 minutes to fix it.
  5. Thanks Anoop and Cinju. I will check it with the Service Center when I go there. Below are the items to be checked with the Service center

    1. Link Road. I dont know what is it, would b nice if someone cud gives some explanation.
    2. Boot lock. Some screw is broken I guess. A Screw like thing rolls when I open or close the boot. Also when going over the bumps.
    3. Short circuit kinda noise from the steering column like kirk kirk. I have no idea of why this sound comes.
    4. Seat Height Adjustment Lever Jammed.
    5. Windshield washer knob not alligned properly. Sprays watr on the wiper stack. I tried to fix it using a pin but didnt work.
    6. Accelerator pedal sometimes feels very light. When I am below 1500 RMP on Higher gears, when I am lazy to change the gear, the Accelerator pedal becoms light and goes down with a slight touch of the foot.

    Since I the Service Advisor asked me to come on a Weekday, I am not finding time to take my car to get these issues fixed. anyways will update once done.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2011
  6. srida sir,
    r u by any chance in porur?if so where?i stay in porur and sorry to hijack ur thread with a pic of ma car taking a wash from the same shell bunk on

  7. No I am from Nolambur. My father in law's house is in porur. My wife is in her house so just for night stay I go to nolambur. Most of the time I am in porur. BTW ur punto looks superb man. I have seen it on roads few times. R you regular to shell car wash ? I am planning to go there twice or thrice in a month.
  8. i ve been to shell wash twice in two yrs of owning ma punto.however i ve never taken ma figo to them.i actually have all the polish,rubbing,chamois leather,micro
    fibre cloth,1000 grit emery sheet. etc.so all cleaning,removing small scratches everything is by me.BTW i saw ur car now nr the same place(as seen in the last pic),
    opp to the VGN appartments.Can catch up sometime,i stay very close to the place where i saw ur car.ur car has a reg no.TN 20 xxxx.rite?
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    @Srida for seat height adjustment check if the lever reached max/min level. In this case lever we can feel that lever is jam.

    @ Vighnesh your car looks awsome :)
  10. @ vignesh
    you are rite vignesh. I just got into my car and I saw ur car passing mine . I thought it cud be urs and what a coincidence man.


    The seat height is in the lowest position. the lever is stuck and no movement up or down. The SA did check it and told me he may have to replace it. I am yet to take it to the s.station.

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