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I feel like I am in Italy | even after 45000 KM in MaSenuti

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by srida, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Yup - that means June 2011 manufactured car.

    Do not worry much about it Shrida, I too have got much worse marks on my wheel caps.
  2. Am Bak from a Long drive. Chennai -> Thiruvanamalai -> Chennai

    Total Distance Covered : 390 Kms
    Travel Time : 8 Hrs
    Average Consumption : 18 KMPL

    The Average was 16 KMPL for Chennai - Thiruvanamalai. I was worried so much that the average was too low for a Highway drive. I was doing +- 90 KMPH

    I thought the air pressure should be low which has spoiled the average. So when starting back from Thiruvanamalai, I filled up air with 32 psi all four tyres. Before the fill the air pressure was 28 in the front and 25 in the rear. When coming back to chennai, the average was 19.8. So the air pressure was the culprit. But with 32 PSI the ride was rough was bumpy at times. Heard mild rattles on the dashboard. The kirk kirk from the steering column is back, this time a bit louder. Also on pot holes the feel was bad. Next time I am gonna try with 30 PSI.

    This being my first long drive, I was not kinda too impressed and not disappointed. |The main reason being

    1. Not able to get the 5th gear. Was kinda hard. needed more strength to slot it.

    2. Downshifting. I hated the most. The RPM drops drastically when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. Shift down fro 3rd to 2nd, release the clutch, the RPM goes bellow 1000. I push the pedal, Nothing happens till rpm reaches 1500. The car lost all the momentum after releasing the clutch and till 1500 there was no difference. The car behaves as if the pull is fully dependent on turbo kick after 1500. This is how I wud feel with my santro with full load and A/c.
    Downshifting from 4th to 3rd is not that bad, but requires more push of the pedal to gain the momuntum a bit quicker.
    Because of this the I was worried all the time and couldn't enjoy this beast.

    3. Squeaks and rattles from the dashboard. The steering squeak was bit irritating.

    4. Bumpy ride on the bad roads. I was accompanied by my friend. He was like "I expected a much better". May be because I didnt slow down properly on the pits. But the whole streach was broken everywhere. Also the road noise was too audible. My friend says it was the wind noise inside the cabin. But I thought it was the road noise.

    I am not disappointed for the below reasons

    1. The AC cooling was superb with the ACC set to 22 Deg.
    2. I showed my friend nice overtakings, speeds and pulls on ramp. When I got into the 3 lane road, I was being overtaked by everyone. I was just doing 80. He was admiring all the other cars. I was controlling myself till the ODO reached 1000 KMs. Then I pushed the pedal , overtook santros and wagonrs. then Over took swifts and puntos. Then a Accent CRDI, then innovas and scorpios. The max speed was 130 KMs. He was blown away when i overtook a Getz and Accent crdi on a ramp going up. But I cudnt meet up with a skoda laura and a punto 90 HP.
    3. Braking. Simply superb.
  3. teky

    teky Esperto

    Regarding the disappointment I think you will be alright once you understand the gear ratios. You've got to keep her in the power band and she shall reward you. The car will enlighten you further as you keep adding miles.

    Type pressure recommended is 30 in front and 32 in rear.

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  4. Thanks teky. I will try the tyre pressure recomended in my next trip to yelagiri.
    Yes I thought since I am new to punto I am finding it difficult to maintain her in the right power band. But in my dad's swift I got used to it in just few hours. 1st and 2nd gears are really troubleing me a lot. Initialy I was very comfortable with my baby but now the things r different. I don't know y ? May be am since am not technically good.
    What wud be the right rpm to shift up the gears ? Am doing it @ 2k. @2.5 k am feeling good but is in't ripping. The engine note makes me feel so. Or shud I shift up based on the speedo ?

    My baby is now 1100 + kms old.

    BTW : I spotted 5 puntos today in my trip. The BNW 90 hp @ thindivanam was amazing, she simply vanished. I was @ envy.
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    2000 RPM sounds fine to me, I always shift up post 2.2 RPM just to keep her ticking.

    Also as you crunch miles the engine opens up a lot and you will understand it better, so give it sometime and you will be all praising

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  6. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @Srida I wholeheartedly agree with teky - it is your first highway trip, and as you drive more and understand your car, you will start enjoying more and more. Keep her in the rev band, and she will reward you beautifully. Drive her sedately, she will still reward you.

    One thing I have observed after getting used to my car is that, I can hardly drive other cars - Yesterday I had to drive my friends Ritz and man, I was cringing inside - it felt so pedestrian when compared to Punto.
  7. Yesterday while returning from Office, It was heavy downpour. I have to go through the water logs on the road. Suddenly I heard a Tak Tak Tak sound from the somewhere near the front right suspension. Since the traffic was heavy I could'nt stop the car. The sound was heard when changing the gears, to be exact, while releasing the clutch and pressing the A pedal and mostly when pressing the A Pedal. After a KM I had a space to park the car. When I switched off the engine I heard a loud Tak tak tak. I opened the door and the police guy shouted at me to take the car away. So I decided to move the vehicle further and switched on the engine, again a Loud Tak tak Tak sound. After that no such sound came. Examined under the hood , suspension no signs of damage or anything. Again after reaching home I did another examination under the car, suspension but nothing. I really don't know what cud have happened. May be some stick or stone should have got in to the underbody engine mask and got hit by something.
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  8. Few shots I tried with my baby.








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  9. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Nice snaps, @Srida. I especially liked the second Pic.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    nice snaps, I liked last photo. FIAT logo in Golden Ring.

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