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I doubt if I can do better than THIS!!!

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by shikhar10882, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Finally the opportunity knocked to take my Jet on her second round to Highways and .. we (me and my Jet) pounced upon it...
    After working for 3 sundays in a row in August, I finally had the Sunday and Monday off, and we (me, wify and Jet) decided to go to Agra (where my parents reside)!
    As this was (only) 2nd Highway Trip of my Jet, she (obviously) had not tasted the newly constructed Yamuna Expressway and decided to go thru it.
    In last few days, I have been reading alot on Mileages on http://www.teamfiat.co.in/minor-issues-questions/205-fuel-efficiency-fiat-cars-india.html with astonishing 23 kmpl of J Ravi sir from his FIRE and also read Ansal11 getting 19.4 from his t-jet +, i planned to keep this drive to explore the possibilities of FE of T- JET and like her first highway trip http://www.teamfiat.co.in/street-travel-experience/6470-fe-oriented-first-highway-trip.html, i decided to keep this one FE oriented too.
    1. I plan to take her to mumbai in October end http://www.teamfiat.co.in/street-travel-experience/6929-query-delhi-mumbai.html
    2. I do not think I will ever find a better opportunity than an Empty Expressway to test her FE capabilities.

    With these points in mind, I started the journey from Ghaziabad on August 25th at 3:45pm. The plan was - go to Delhi, get her filled up, take the greater noida expressway to Yamuna Expressway and go to Agra.

    The drive to Delhi and frem Delhi to Mahamaya Flyover was nightmare. The yamuna bridge at Kalindi Kunj was jam packed both sides.. and it took me more than an hour to cross the bridge (to and fro time combined).

    I re-set my Trip B as soon as I started on Greater Noida Expressway...

    I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

    (Clicked as I exited the Expressway at Agra)

    The Distance I covered from Kalindi Kunj Flyover to Agra Exit
    To Agra Distance.jpg

    This picture will explain the title.. This is the average speed i achieved when i was constantly hovering the car between 80-100 kmph... never exceeding 100 and never dropping below 80 (except for @the 3 toll plazas of course)!!!
    To Agra Avg Spped.jpg

    Was I happy? No doubt!!! Was I delighted... No way!!! There were times when I have touched an FE of 18.0 kmpl on NH 2 (in my previous trip to Agra... for a shorter distances of course) and was expecting it to have touched 18.0kmpl!
    To Agra Avg Consuption.jpg
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  2. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats mate! :up Stunning looks, awesome handling, superb ride quality and now superior mileage also! What the hell people are doing with those petrol Vernas, Ventos, Cities & Rapid :anyone
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    17.8 kmpl is not far from what our Maruti 800 used to give :)

    Also, try and stretch the legs of the Jet on the highways. I mean drive it like it is supposed to be driven. You and the engine will like it. Cars hardly get to breathe in the city these days.

    I hope you're following the good practices of idling for a minute or two after a cold start, and same duration of idling before switching off a hot engine, especially after a highway run. These are good practices.

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  4. sungoa2010


    With that FE and with petrol price in Goa T jet can achieve the figure of Rs. 3.1 per km.:D
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  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow,those are serious numbers... nice to hear/see such figures from petrol segment.
    Have you tried accelerator pedal to metal ;)
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  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Fantastic FE of 17.8 kmpl, shikhar10882. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your Linea T-Jet+.:)
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  7. Thanks alot for the appreciation and encouragement:
    @ganges &
    @J Ravi Sir

    @Gurjinder: I was following the practices as mentioned by you. You are absolutely right about car hardly getting the breathing space in the city drive, especially in a case like mine, where the office is hardly 3.5 kms from the residence. However, while the following piece of manual confirm to your suggestion
    From Manual.JPG

    The following advice from ECODrive suggests that immediate start of drive (sedated of course, not aggressive) might be better for the overall performance

    @Ganges: PTM... did not try for a long time... but yes, while shooting off from one of the toll gate (read Mathura Toll Gate), i unleashed her acceleration potential.. and MAN!!! The words cannot describe the FEEL... the car literally pushed us back into the seats and accelerated like crazy... within seconds (read 12 second) my 110kmph speed alarm started flashing... !!!!

    She is making me fall in more and more love with her with every drive I take with her!!!!
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  8. However... The SAGA of the journey continues!!!

    The drive in the City of Agra .. was as Expected... :traffic
    Lots of disoriented traffic....
    Lots of Pot Holes on the roads..
    and FE dropped drastically!!!

    There were two concerns faced by my jet in the City...
    1. I was already facing problems with the driver's side door locking... http://www.teamfiat.co.in/electrical-systems/7045-door-locking-first-time-wrong.html... and once while opening the lock, the lever inside finally refused to go back to its original position, after being pulled for opening. I called up my dealer at Ghaziabad and they refered me to the FIAT service centre in Agra. The drive from Dayalbagh (where my parents reside) to Nunhai (where the service center was located) is (as a lesson for future) to be avoided. however, my love for my car was much greater than the discomfort of driving in the Agra City and I went there. they checked and said that the spring inside the assy. is broken as they expect. The spring is not available as a spare and therefore the whole assy. will require replacement. Further, mine being a jet, with chrome inside levers, they said that the chrome levers were not in the stock and will require (as expected) 15-20 days to order and receive the material. As I was to push off the next day (thank fully) i asked them not to worry about it!!!
    I came back yesterday and got it looked into by Urmil Motors... only to find that the lock wire had come off from the groove and it was re-installed in two mins by the mechanic.

    2. The left rear window suddenly started making sound while rolling down, as if rubbing against some obstruction. This was also looked into, and was identified that there is a need for lubrication. Synthetic lubricant was sprayed from top, after removing the chrome strip. I am yet to check, as it has been raining in Ghaziabad since last night and while wet, it is not making any sound.

    My mother and wify immediately tied a lemon with mirchi on the bumper... saying the 'nazar lag gayi' ;) and while I do not know of the truths behind that belief, but if it is true, the car is definitely a magnet for all kinds of 'buri nazar'... a downside of owning a masterpiece. :D
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  9. 17.8kmpl on TJet is just amazing.
    I suggest you send this picture to Fiat India. Let them use it as a marketing tool :D (As per FiatIndia's website,efficiency of the TJET is 14.6kmpl !!) :uh
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  10. Now comes the part that I shall be proud of for a long time to come...
    (and I hope this one does not cause another 'NAZAR' on my car.. as mentioned in post #8 of the thread)....
    This is to share the capability of the car with the fellow TFIan... FIATians...

    I started from Agra at 12:30 noon....
    I was skeptical of taking the Expressway again as... to be very honest... the drive was BORRRIIINNNNGGG!!!!
    There was nothing to do.. no lane change.. no cars to overtake... no change of lanes... nothing...
    This is a route where you can just switch on the cruise control (if your car is equipped with one) and literally doze off to a long long sleep...
    But yeh... this was definitely an opportunity for testing the capacities of the engine...

    The expressway is actually a continuous roller-coaster ride...
    Dont get me wrong.. this is not abut the adventure.. but the fact that the expressway comprises of 133 small and medium bridges. It is continuously up and down ride...

    What I did?
    I fixed my foot angle on the accelerator..
    On flat surface this was giving me 2200 rpm... and a speed of approx 90kmph...
    the speed used to drop to 80 on inclinations and increase to 95kmph on slopes...
    This did not matter and I kept the accelerator pressed at a constant angle....

    The results???

    Here they are:

    1. I got a better average speed than the journey TO Agra....
    From Agra Avg Speed.jpg

    2. As this was exclusive test of the Engine Capabilities, with an intention to avoid the impact of 'Driving Conditions', I had reset the trip meter at the entry of the Expressway... so, the total distance covered is lesser than in journey TO Agra:
    From Agra Distance.jpg

    3. And the FINAL JUSTIFICATION to thread topic... AS i doubt if I ever can achieve this AGAIN in my life... and I do not know if it was just by chance.. but one thing for sure... Whenever I will look at this snap ever in my life.. it is gonna make me show my teeth (read make me smile)... keeping my fingers crossed... but guys.. this is to tell the world.. FIAT can do wonders!!!!
    From Agra Avg Consumption.jpg

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