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Hyndai iTech i10 and Maruti Estilo Nlive special editions on sale

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by Surya, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Hyundai company is now offering a limited edition of the i10 model called as the iTech edition to celebrate its new sales milestone achievement on the other hand Maruti Suzuki is offering the Estilo Nlive edition to lighten up the droping sales of their hatchback. Both the cars get additional features and limited edition body graphics for a marginal extra cost.
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  2. Surya

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    upcoming lineup this year !

    TATA NANO Diesel
    Tata Motors achieved its target of making a car that is not only cheap but efficient. The Tata Nano is the cheapest car in not only India but till a point in time was also in the world. The Nano suited the needs of the Indian consumer and now the car is made available on demand by the company. There were talks about Tata putting a sub-1-Litre engine in its diesel variant and we may soon see the car being launched in India. The car will cost somewhere around 30,000 more than the petrol variant. The Nano is expected to deliver good mileage and like the other diesel cars from the Tata stable will pack in a fair bit of punch.

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Diesel
    For a company that dominates every other segment in the sub-four meter vehicles, There are rumours that Maruti will introduce a diesel version of their highly successful entry-level hatchback, the Wagon R.
    The Wagon R will compete mainly with the next generation Hyundai i10, which will be launched by the end of 2013. There is also a possibility that the diesel version of the hatchback will be introduced with yet another facelift.
    The existing 1.3-litre multijet diesel engine will be little big for the Wagon R and currently they don’t have a smaller diesel engine. However the chairman of Maruti Suzuki, RC Bhargava,said ‘At the moment, we have a 1.3-litre diesel engine. Fiat is working on 1,000 cc engines also. We don’t know the timeline, but surely, we will get these for our smaller cars.

    This 1.0-litre mill will probably be a three-cylinder unit, similar to the Chevrolet Beat diesel, which is also derived from the 1,3-litre multijet that was jointly developed by Fiat and GM. Without a diesel engine, Wagon R is comfortably selling over 10,000 units every month. A diesel unit can make it the new best-selling model in Maruti’s lineup. If Chevy Beat’s specs are taken as reference, this diesel mill will be around 900cc developing 59bhp and 150Nm of torque. With the weight of Wagon R, it will certainly be more fuel efficient, returning nothing less than 20 plus kilometers per litre. Though there is no official date regarding this models release, rumors suggest that it will be launched by mid-2013. The pricing difference between the petrol and diesel will be a bit high, considering it might be the first car to get this engine. The Wagon R diesel might start at Rs 4.3 lakhs, while the top-end version could be around Rs 5.2 lakhs.

    Bajaj RE60
    Once launched the Bajaj RE60 will be new cheapest car in India and in the world. The RE60 has been in news for a while. Originally, Bajaj was supposed to just manufacture these units, while the car was to be marketed under Renault-Nissan alliance. But half way through, the French-Japanese conglomerate developed cold-feet and the two-wheeler giant decided to proceed on its own. The RE60 was revealed last year at the 2012 Auto Expo and looks more like a safer substitute for the auto rickshaws than a proper car. In fact, Bajaj is expected to sell variants with 1 + 3 seating specifically for the commercial market. However, the company will also sell a version with 2 + 2 seating. The RE60 is expected to be the most appropriate replacement for two-wheelers. It is expected to cost less than most 250cc bikes available in India, have similar fuel efficiency and have ability to carry four people. The RE60 willbe powered by a 200cc DTS-i engine, the same mill that sat in the original Pulsar 200 motorcycle. The engine will produce 20bhp and propel the RE60 to a top speed of 70 kmph with a fuel efficiency of around of 35kpl.The production version of the RE60 will be pretty similar to what was shown at the Auto Expo except for changes to the rear.The glass windows will be replaced by a fabric cover and the metal hatch door will be replaced by a plastic one. The RE60 will have features like the central speedometer cluster, dashboard mounted shifter, folding front windows and 44-litre boot space. The private variant will sport alloy-wheels, but rest of the details are expected to be bare-basic. The RE60 has been spotted testing several times and we expect Bajaj to launch this model by the end of this year and prices of the RE60 are likely to start around Rs 1 lakh, while the top-end private variant will be close to Rs 1.5 lakh.

    Note: Source information available at carwale.com research and upcoming section
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  3. Surya

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    Namma Bengaluru
    Maruti Suzuki launches the WagonR Sting Ray in India

    Maruti Suzuki has launched a new variant of the hugely popular WagonR "Tall Boy" hatchback, in the form of the Sting Ray model. While the press material from Maruti Suzuki eschews the usage of the WagonR moniker on the Sting Ray model, the car is essentially a WagonR under the skin. The main highlights of the Sting Ray include the projector headlamps up front, a new grille and bumper.

    The car also gets side skirts, blacked out B-pillars, alloy wheels in a new design, new tail lamps and a chrome embellishment on the hatch lid. On the inside, the Sting Ray gets all-black interiors and a blue-back lit instrumentation cluster. The car also gets a factory fitted audio system with USB and AUX-IN functions while the leather wrapped steering gets audio controls on the VXi variant.

    The top end variants of the Sting Ray get a driver side power window with one touch operation, tilt steering and electric wing mirrors. The car also gets a multi-function display that reads out distance-to-empty, average and instant fuel economy figures. The 60:40 split rear seat for added utility is carried over from the regular WagonR.

    The Sting Ray retains the current WagonR's 1 liter K-Series petrol engine in a triple cylinder layout. This motor outputs 67 Bhp of peak power and 90 Nm of peak torque, and is mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox. While the regular WagonR is available with CNG-Petrol and LPG-Petrol dual fuel options, these options haven't yet been made available on the Sting Ray model, which comes in three variants: LXi, VXi and VXi (Option). The VXi option pack adds a driver side airbag and ABS+EBD.

    The Maruti Suzuki Sting Ray delivers an ARAI certified mileage figure of 20.51 Kmpl and the car can be specified in five colours: White, Grey, Red, Silver and Blue. While the LXi model is priced at 4.10 lakh rupees, the VXi and the VXi (Option) models sell at 4.38 and 4.67 lakh rupees respectively. All prices reflect ex-showroom Delhi figures.

    The Sting Ray LXi variant is priced about 22 thousand rupees higher than the WagonR LXi while the VXi model of the Sting Ray is priced about 25 thousand rupees higher than the WagonR VXi model. For the additional money, the Sting Ray brings projector headlamps, trendier styling and a new colour (Silky Silver).

    In the next year or so, the WagonR and the Sting Ray hatchbacks could be equipped with a new 800cc turbo diesel engine that engineers at Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan are developing for use in Maruti Suzuki's range of entry level small cars. This engine is expected to make its debut in the next generation Alto hatchback, code-named the YL7 (a possible replacement for the Estilo and A-Star models).

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    What a real stingray looks like:
    Real Stingray.jpg

    What Corvette believes an automobile named after this creature should look like

    Corvette Stingray.jpg

    What Maruti believes an automobile named after this creature should look like
    Maruti Stingray.jpg

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    This one is designed for the Indian Road conditions, MSIL is heavily concerned about passenger safely. They want cars to be as NON aerodynamic as possible, which inturn makes the cars slower which inturn results in far less accidents.

    I wonder what kinds of FE they would be able to achieve if they actually manage to make something aerodynamic.
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    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Here is Jumbo Sting ray :evilsmile

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