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Hyderabad - Bhadrachalam on the Linea

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by narayankg, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. narayankg


    Just couldn’t wait to take the Italian beauty on the highway and decided to do a relatively small road trip. With no leaves left at work, it had to be on a weekend and I was waiting for an opportunity when my sister in law calls and says it would be nice to visit Bhadrachalam Temple.

    A little about this place:

    Bhadrachalam is a small town in south India on the banks of river Godavari, the town is famous for "Sri Seetaramachandra Swamy temple" which is the unique temple in India dedicated to lord Rama. Presently it is the biggest kshetra of Sri Rama after Ayodhya. It is the 17th century Shri Ram temple perches on a small hillock, encircled by the holy river Godavari flowing towards southern direction.Bhadrachalam attracts hundreds and thousands of devotees from all over the world.

    Bhadrachalam is most picturesquely situated in an area, which once formed part of the Dandakaranya forest, visited by Sri Rama,Sita and Lakshmana during their exile (vanavasam). The jungle in the vicinity of the temple was the actual site of Rama's retreat and it was at the parnasala (32 km from here) that he built a hut for himself and Sita and from where Sita was abducted by Ravana.The history of this shrine stands for the significance of Ramayana Era, and vicinity of the temple had its incongruous add mixture of another story which depicts the exigency of " Sri Mahavishnu " to manifest himself as Rama long after Ramavatara was to fulfill his promise to his Bhakta Bhadra (a mountain king), a sage who had been continuing the frightened penance to get grace of Lord Rama.

    Checked the map and figured that Hyderabad to Bhadrachalam is not too far. The distance is approx 330Kms and with a very judicious speed, it should take about 5hours We started from Hyderabad at about 11am and by the time we reached the NH 9 it was beyond noon..Thanks to the Hyderabad traffic.

    We decided to take the Khammam route as this was the shortest. With the roads being constructed, the drive was mostly a 2 lane throughout…well..almost ! Despite this, there were patches where one would have loved to zoom and reach good speeds to cruise. My onward drive was rather a test of patience and control on myself. Thanks to TFI, I knew I had to keep the car under 80kmph for the first 1000kms. This is very very difficult when you take the beauty on the highway. It is a beast once you cross 2000rpm and one would be extremely tempted to push it all the way. However, in my case, sense prevailed and I kept chugging slow @70 – 75kmph while cars like Santro, alto etc kept over taking me. GRRRR :uh :steering

    We stayed over the night in a place called ‘Surya Palace’ which was nothing close to any palace. Just a decent enough place for us to rest for the night. Food was pathetic and invariably I ended up having an argument with the manager as he had served vegetarian food on plates which smelt of Chicken & fish!! :punch

    Completed the darshan next day morning and headed back to Hyderabad. By this time, the reading had crossed the 1000kms and now there was no stopping. There were stretches where I was touching 100kmph and it was effortless. :redcar

    Most of the reviews that I had read before buying the Linea seemed like crap because there was a mention of the car not being powerful. This is incorrect. You can say that the Linea is not ‘peppy’ for city driving. You can’t expect to floor the gas pedal and get pinned onto the back of your seat hoping that the Linea takes off from a signal. The Linea is not designed for this. Its built for an elegant start and to drive in class. On the highway, the Linea is like a monster eating away the roads, while staying firm on it. I have driven the Esteem, City, Ikon & SX4 on highways and nothing is comparable to the Linea’s stability. The car is built like a military tank and it is amazing the way it handles on curves.

    However, my delight was short-lived as I exhausted the ‘good’ roads pretty soon and was back on the pothole filled ones. Some of the pot holes were deep enough to fit a small sized human. They could just crouch and hide into it without anyone knowing about it!!

    As we neared evening, we stopped over for a snack at a restaurant called ‘7 – Refresh, Rejoice & Restart.’ For anyone is doing a road trip on the Hyderabad – Vijayawada route, this place is at ‘Suryapet’. The food & service was very good and the atmosphere is clean. Great place to stop at if you are a cleanliness freak and are with family. There are hoardings and boards all over and you can’t miss the place unless one is blind or has his eyes fixed to the tar on the road ;) :drinks

    Reached Hyderabad at about 9pm and felt pretty good. None of them in the car complained of any body pains or tiredness which is common when you do a road trip. While I was the only one driving, I was fresh enough to hit the road again. :arrow:

    Hope you enjoyed reading this.

  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    Nice trip you had there, I learnt about this through Godavari movie. Do they still allow people to travel using the boat. Anyone here had experience, I would love to visit this place.

    Can you post some more pictures of Godavari and surroundings.
  3. narayankg


    Thanks Teky. Didnt take a lot of pics as I am currently between cameras. I am trying to upgrade to a DSLR from a film SLR ;)
    Have a picture of the temple I had taken though. (See attachment)

    Also, am sure the boat trip to this place still exists and is from Vijayawada or Rajahmundry. You can browse on the APTDC website

    Also in Chennai the APTDC office details are:
    Information & Reservation Office
    Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation,
    31/14, Burkit Road,
    T Nagar, Chennai. Ph: (044) 65439987 Fax: (044) 24353373

    They don't have a tour package from Chennai to Bhadrachalam per the website, but you may want to check with them.

    Bhadrachalam temple.jpg
  4. Narayan,

    Another road which is not congested and good Hyderabad --> Uppal --> Ghatkesar --> Bhonigir --> Jangoan --> Take a Right --> Tirmulagiri (40kms) --> Turn Left --> Torur (20 kms)

    From Thorur you can go to khammam --> Tallada and so on or else Thorur -- Humnabad --> bhadrachalam

    either way you shall skip the horrible VJA NH9
  5. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Hi narayan,

    nice writeup, I was there some 23 yrs ago and had the fortune of visiting temple and splendid rice fields in monsoon time. The area is certainly experience. I remember i went to top of a hill on other bank (back towards hyd) and here was a big statue of a "Godavari" and nearby a small ashram was situated. This area was heavenly with that statue on cliff, flowing godavari below and nearby ashram. The setup was fabulous. thankyou for shaking dust off my memories.

    BTW it is ur linea in picture. Ur signature says ur linea to be BNW????
  6. narayankg


    Hi Vijyant

    Thanks for your comment and also for point out the 'BNW'....after I read your comment, I may have been as puzzeled as you as I remember my Linea to be Medium Grey...Wonder how it changed... Anyways...Thanks for pointing out. I have now corrected it.

    BTW...23 years is a long time....I see that you are in the capital and guess work and other commitments have kept you away from making another trip to this place.

    Cheers !

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